• Do not rub or scrub the affected area no matter how intensified the itching feels
  • Stop using a remedy if you feel irritation
  • Rashes often occur from bad cosmetic ingredients. So, always make sure to read the label of cosmetics properly. The ingredients that are written on the label helps a lot to understand the product.
  • Keep a check on your food habits. Eat foods & fruits that are loaded with minerals and vitamins. It is always better to avoid junk foods (which are indeed tasty but nasty at the same time :P)
  • Keep drinking water. The more hydrated your system remains, the faster your skin rashes would heal.
  • Wear comfortable fabrics and clothing. Cotton fabrics are my favourite.
  • Try to maintain proper hygiene
  • Keep an eye on your lifestyle. Overdrinking or stress is often found in reasons behind skin rashes.

Although we are confident enough about all the tips and remedies. But if these do not work and the irritation worsens, consult with an expert dermatologist as soon as possible. Remember, there is nothing to be ashamed of skin rashes. Everyone experiences these and these are healable too.

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