Why CNN International Featured ‘Me’ in Their Latest Edition

Yes, you have read it right. CNN featured 'me' in their latest edition. But, why? And also, how did that happen? Well! Know everything in this article.

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So, the day was 15th November. I woke up with at least 100s comments on my site. I opened a particular comment and found that I have been featured on a special report by CNN.

Well! Honestly, it was a lot for me to digest. At least 6 million people have read the article so far. Never in my wildest dream, I had thought that my message would be reached to millions. That also, on the platform of a multinational news bulletin.

Question is, why and how did it happen? What is this report all about? Well! In this piece, I am going to talk about it all.

How did It happen?

On 31st August, this year, I received an interview request from Pallabi Munsi who happens to be a CNN journalist.

Basically, this year, CNN has started a campaign called ‘White Lies’. As the name suggests, this campaign exposes the various dangers of skin whitening.

Many of you might know that in 2020, in an article, I shared my experience on how in order to become fair, I applied a topical steroid. And, it eventually destroyed my skin barrier. Pallabi read that article.

And it somehow moved her. So, she sent the interview request that I accepted. We met online and I shared further details, the trauma, the various experiences with her. She journaled everything in the article.

Why and How CNN Featured Me on Their Recent Edition

In fact, CNN also sent a photographer to my house who clicked all the pictures. The article was all ready to get published.

On 15th November, the article was published. It was titled ‘Fairness mania’ is Fueling a Dangerous Drug Dependence in India. I was amazed to see the response of people.

I received several emails from all over the world sharing how Topical Steroids have damaged their skin.

What did I Learn?

The article was an eye-opener. The doctors shared that what my skin suffered from is called Topical Steroid Withdrawal. Itching, burning, acne, zits, etc. are common whenever one tries to stop using these steroids.

I also came to know that Corticosteroid creams are usually prescribed by dermatologists. Such topical steroids are always prescribed for short durations. These creams are used to treat Eczema and Psoriasis in India. So, a valid prescription is a must to purchase these.

But in India, pharmaceutical stores sell these to women without asking for a prescription. In spite of knowing the fact that women use such creams usually to lighten their skin tone.

Different Topical Steroids that are Popular for Skin Whitening

If these ointments are applied for a long period of time, these can definitely lighten the complexion but at the cost of damaged skin. Sad, isn’t it?

In all these years, I have come across a number of women who regularly use these steroids. As I have gone through a similar situation, I can easily recognize them. If someone uses these for a long period of time, the person would look totally ‘red’ in sun. The person would have thick facial hair on both sides of the face.

Let’s Start a Movement!

19 years back, I had no clue what I am applying on my face, that is a medicine with a purpose. I never knew the importance of reading and knowing the ingredients until then.

6 years ago when I started Cosmetics Arena, I did it for a purpose. It was to create an awareness that how important it is to read the ingredients of the cosmetics that you use. No matter whether it is a face wash or a shampoo, you must know the ingredients.

It is a habit that is going to stay with you and also going to save you. Do not buy anything and everything. Spend your money wisely.

And, last but not the least, the concept of fairness is like a mindset. It is only going to eat your thought process. Being fair is neither beautiful nor advantageous.

It does not give you an identity or extra wings. Don’t believe what others tell you! Let’s pledge to love ourselves and love our complexion. Let’s start #FightingWhitening.

If you find the CNN article helpful, make sure to share it with your friends and family. The message needs to be spread. The movement needs to get started. Take care; that’s all for today!

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