Bid Goodbye to Dark Circles with These Under Eye Creams!

Do you want to ditch those big panda eyes? Know a compilation of the best under eye creams in India to treat the stubborn dark circles.

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Best Under Eye Creams in India to Reduce Dark Circles

Best Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles in India

With a fast lifestyle, dark circles under the eyes have become real problems. I was around 25 years of age when dark patched started bothering me.

Constant eye-straining due to mobile surfing, harsh climate, tough schedule, etc. used to give me real headaches back then.

Eventually, my nickname became The Black Eyed Girl, Panda Babe, etc. Instead of trying under eye creams, I thought to rely upon the traditional remedies.

Well! Obviously, nothing gave me a significant result. And eventually, I gave the under eye creams a try.
If the cosmetic market is observed closely, then we can see that a number of under-eye creams are available across the globe.

But as I always say that not everything is the best. The formulation differs from brand to brand. With different formulations, the efficacy improves or lowers.

In the following section, I have compiled a list of the best under eye cream for dark circles in India that are quite potent.

But before revealing this products, I will talk a few words about dark circles. In case, you want to jump to the list directly, here you go. So, let us start our journey for a flawless smoother under the eyes.

Reasons Behind Those Stubborn Dark Patches Under Eyes

Reasons Behind Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles have got millions of reasons. But it has been seen that there are a few commons agents that cause these. Let’s check those out.

1. Sleep Deprivation

Are you ditching your routine bedtime these days? Are you surfing mobile late at night? Well! Welcome to the Panda club.

Sleep deprivation is believed to be one of the most common reasons behind dark circles under the eyes.

Actually, when you do not sleep or rest much, the skin becomes dull. As a result, the blood vessels and dark areas beneath the eyes become more visible.

The puffy eye is another problem that occurs due to the lack of sleep. Fluids accumulate beneath eyes due to sleep deprivation and thus, eyes look puffy.

2. Long Hours of Work

Is your office schedule is stretchy? Do you often work for more than 9 hours continuously? If the answers are ‘yes’, then certainly you are going to find dark patches under your eyes.

When we do something at a stretch sitting in front of a computer or a tab or a mobile, the blood vessels enlarge themselves.

As a result, the skin surrounding the eyes look darkened. In order to ditch dark patches, a deep slumber is a must.

3. Is Your Skin Exposed to the Sun for too long?

Well! Believe it or not, this is another major reason behind most of the dark patches.

Due to a tough work schedule or for any other reason, if your skin gets exposed to the harmful rays of the Sun for too long hours, then it can give you dark patches.

Sunrays cause excess melanin production and thus, the skin around the eyes seems blackened (and that is why I never forget my sunscreen). 

4. Aren’t You Drinking Enough Water?

Not drinking enough water or dehydration can easily make sure under eyes dark. Without water, the cells surrounding the skin look dull and sunken.

Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It keeps your skin profile and other systems healthy. 

In order to maintain a healthy skin profile, we definitely need quality cosmetics. But, relying upon cosmetics is not enough.

If you really want to make a change from the inside, you need to sleep properly, eat properly, and drink a sufficient amount of water.

Just a slight modification to your lifestyle can bring a significant change in your skin profile. 

8 Best Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles that You Need Today to Treat Those Black Panda Eyes

1. The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream 

The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream Best Under Eye Creams in India

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When it comes to formulation, The Moms Co. is another brand worth mention. When this eye cream was introduced into the market for the first time, it became instantly popular.

It is formulated with active ingredients like Coffee oil, Chia Seed Oil, Vitamin B3, and Chamomile.

Take a look at what else makes this eye cream one such best under eye cream in India to treat dark patches.


  • Roller applicator that can be used to massage the skin around the eyes
  • Under area feels rejuvenated and cool after application
  • The formulation is quite hydrating
  • Thick creamy texture that is suitable for Dry and Normal skin types
  • Works decently for fine lines too


  • Nothing significant

2. Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark Circles Eye Cream

Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark Circles Eye Cream Best Under Eye Creams in India

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Mamaearth had always been an amazing brand. The ingredients they put inside their bottles are worth every penny.

What I love the most about this brand is the efficacy of the products. The products do exactly what the brands claim.

It is enriched with the extracts of Daisy Flower, Hawk Week, Peptides, Cucumber, etc. The ingredients are well-researched.

All of those are safe both for the human body and the ecosystem. Let’s check out what else makes this the best under eye cream for dark circles in India. 


  • Excellent choice of ingredients
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Gives a cooling sensation that feels quite soothing
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for all skin types including the sensitive ones


  • Pricey in comparison to the quantity provided

Overall, Mamaearth Eye Cream is one of the best under eye creams that indeed reduces dark circles and improves the skin under eyes. 

3. MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Under Eye Cream

MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Under Eye Cream Best Under Eye Creams in India

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Not many brands in our country promote real coffee beans in their products. MCaffeine products are entirely based upon the benefits of coffee in skincare.

This eye cream is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid which is known to be a boon for ageing skin and it also has pure Arabica Coffee known for its rich antioxidants.

Apart from these two, this eye cream is also loaded with the extracts of Water Lilly, Sweet Almond Oil, and Vitamin E. What else does the best under eye cream for dark circles offer? Well! Let’s check that out.


  • SLS and Paraben formulation that is also dermatologically tested
  • Gives a minty refreshing feel to eyes. Trust me! On a tiresome day, it works like a magical charm.
  • Amazing aroma
  • Works the best for dry skin beauties
  • Makes the eye area visibly smoother


  • Might give a burning sensation for the first few seconds of application. And thus! I would not recommend this eye cream to people with sensitive skin.

4. Juicy Chemistry Damask Rose & Coffee Organic Eye Cream

Juicy Chemistry Damask Rose & Coffee Organic Eye Cream Best Under Eye Creams in India

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For the past 3 years, I have been using Juicy Chemistry products. So far, the products have worked for my skin pretty well.

The all-natural formulation is one of the biggest mantras of success for this brand. This eye cream is formulated with Juicy Chemistry Lavender Oil, Chia Seed Oil, Rose Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, etc.

Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter form the base of the product. Here goes a number of salient features that make this eye cream the best under eye cream in India.


  • Enriched with Coffee Infused Oil
  • The skin around eyes feel cool and rejuvenated
  • Excellent formulation that works for real
  • The infusion of coffee helps to reduce puffy eyes


  • Pricey in comparison to the quantity
As per the formulation, this eye cream is indeed one of the best. If you want to improve the efficacy of this eye cream, then try out Juicy Chemistry Eye mist from the same range. Trust me! The eye mist is amazing.

5. Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Eye Roll-On

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Eye Roll-On Best Under Eye Creams in India

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When it comes to affordable and effective skincare products, Garnier can definitely bag the top spot

. Around 7 years ago, this roll-on eye cream came into the market. And since then, it has been one of the top preferences for many.

This roll-on eye cream is enriched with Panthenol and Sodium Hyaluronate. Both of these ingredients are pretty popular for their anti-ageing properties.

Take a look at the salient features of this eye cream.


  • Hydrating and refreshing formula
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • The roller helps to give a good massage
  • Reduces puffiness to a great extent
  • Helps to reduce dark circles
  • Affordable yet effective


  • Contains Paraben
Well! I must say that if you are looking for an affordable eye cream, then Garnier Eye Cream is indeed one of the best under eye creams for dark circles in India.

6. Raw Rituals Green Tea & Coffee Infused Under Eye Cream

Raw Rituals Green Tea & Coffee Infused Under Eye Cream Best Under Eye Creams in India

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Well! If you have been following my blog for a few months now, then you might have noticed that I have an affection for harsh chemical-free products.

No matter how many commercial products are available for a particular problem, I would always try to find the one which is not harsh. Ingredients play a major role to determine the efficacy of a particular cosmetic.

Raw Rituals is one such brand that is absolutely free from harsh chemicals. The ingredients are all sourced naturally and do not have harmful effects.

This particular eye cream is enriched with Bees Wax, Green Tea Infused Almond Oil, Coffee Infused Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil, Turmeric EO, etc.

Doesn’t the ingredients sound exotic? Check out the other features of this eye cream. 


  • Rich formula
  • Easy to blend
  • Under eyes feel hydrated
  • Reduces dark circles to a great extent
  • Soothing aroma


  • Tub packaging is not hygenic 

Overall, from the aspect of affordability and the choice of all those beneficial ingredients, this eye cream is the best under eye cream for dark circles in India which is harsh chemical-free yet effective. 

7. St. Botanica Pure Radiance Under Eye Serum

St. Botanica Pure Radiance Under Eye Serum Best Under Eye Cream in India

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When talking about well-formulated cosmetics, St. Botanica never ceases to amaze. The ingredients put inside the tubs are quite well-researched.

Most importantly, St. Botanica cosmetics are effective and in most cases, the products behave as per the claims by the brand.

This eye serum is no exception as well. It is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl 3000, Caffeine Powder, Vitamins, Botanical extracts like Gotu Kola, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil etc. Hyaluronic Acid is indeed one of the best elements for ageing skin.

Let’s check out except the ingredients, what else this eye cream offers. 


  • Sulphate free and Paraben free formulation
  • Easy to apply
  • Provides a soothing sensation
  • Helps to reduce dark circles to a great extent
  • Helps to reduce puffiness 
  • Skin feels hydrated and nourished


  • Mostly, huge discounts are given online for this eye serum; yet, the price tag is pretty high as comparison to the quantity provided. 

Overall, this is the best under eye cream for dark circles in India for all types of skin. 

8. Khadi Natural Under Eye Gel

Khadi Natural Under Eye Gel Best Under Eye Gels in India to Treat Puffiness

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Khadi is one of the most popular brands in India when it comes to Paraben and Sulphate free brands with affordable products.

This eye gel is one of the best selling products of this brand. It is enriched with ingredients like Sandal Oil, Almond Oil, Jaiphal Oil, etc.

Let’s check out why this is also called one of the best under eye creams in India. 


  • Soothing and hydrating
  • Nice aroma
  • Gel like consistency that is easy to apply
  • Reduces puffiness and makes the under eye skin calm
  • Non-sticky texture


  • Might feel burning sensation and thus, it is not recommended to sensitive skin beauties

I believe that this list cannot be the final one. Apart from all of these eye creams or gels, there are many other brands that are formulating unique products. 

Brands like Farsali, Re’equill, Dot & Key, etc. have come up with products that are pretty effective. So, choose the one that you know has safe ingredients. Here is a brief guideline to read the ingredients of cosmetics

Tips to Reduce Dark Circles Fast

  • Make sure you have washed off your face properly before applying eye creams or gels or serums
  • Do not leave the eye cream just like that; make sure to give a light massage surrounding your eyes
  • Wash off immediately if the cream gets into your eyes
  • Discontinue application the moment you feel irritation or a high degree of burning sensation
  • If you have sensitive skin, make sure your eye cream does not contain ingredients like Clove, Alcohol, Fragrance, etc. 
Last but not the least, there are many DIY recipes available online that claim to reduce dark circles.

Well! As an influencer, I can tell you that applying random DIYs would only make the situation worse. Skin differs from person to person.

And thus, one recipe that is helpful to an individual might not give the same result to another person with the same problem.

So, even if you are applying a DIY recipe, make sure you know the source & the effect of every component used in the recipe. And, if you don’t feel confident enough, then it’s better to stick to the readymade ones.

Final Thoughts

I am pretty sure that all these tips and the information are going to help you in real.

Always remember that your eye cream would work only if you sleep properly, drink plenty of water, and do not give unnecessary strain to your eyes.

Try to live a healthy life. Only then these eye creams would start showing the magic. So, are you ready to grab your Holy Grail Eye Cream?

Let us know in the comment section below about your favourite eye cream. Take care; celebrate life. 

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