SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal Review

|| SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal Review||

Hey Angel! Today I would review SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal. So, it is the 1st of September and today it is my birthday. Well! I have just found the coziest corner to write here amid of all the celebrations. As many of you know that Cosmetics Arena is my dream project and I love to write here. Writing here provides me the perfect rejuvenation for my mind and body. So, my association with SUGAR Cosmetics started when the brand launched their first liquid lipsticks. My first liquid lipsticks were from SUGAR; I just loved them so much that I instantly bought 3 shades. This intense kajal came into the market just 2-3 months back. Till now, they have released only one shade that is Black which is everyone’s favorite. I recently purchased it and since then I have been using it almost every day. So, here I am today to write my genuine experience with SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal 01 Black Out.

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SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal Review

Basic Information about SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal:

Price: INR 249 for 0.25g

Shelf Life: 3 years

Buy From: HERE

What Does the Brand Claim about SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal?

Are you bored with the same kajal? Give your monotonous look a gorgeous sultry touch with this luxurious, intense, super pigmented kohl or kajal eyeliner. It is 100% opaque and super creamy in texture that stays on incessantly for 12 hours.

It comes in a deep black shade. The formulation is basically wax based and is free from parabens. Forget about sharpeners as it comes in a retractable form. Get ready for an ultra sensuous look that is smudge free and bold.

SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal Packaging

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Ingredient Analysis of SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal:

So, SUGAR has mentioned all the ingredients on their website and on the carton as well which is pretty impressive. The formulation is basically wax based and is free from parabens which is great. Well! The ingredients are mostly new to me, but I have researched and analyzed all of them. Let’s talk about the ingredients of SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal to know whether it is safe or not.

  • Cyclopentasiloxane: It is a moderately hazardous ingredient which is used as a skin conditioning and hair conditioning agent.
  • Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Wax: Another low to a moderately hazardous ingredient which is used as a binder or a viscosity increasing agent.
  • Iron Oxides: It is a moderately safe cosmetic colorant.
  • Polybutene: It is a light colored liquid which is used as a binder and viscosity increasing agent in cosmetics.
  • Synthetic Bees Wax: It has the same functionality as Polybutene or Microcrystalline Wax. I only wish they had used natural beeswax instead of the synthetic one.
  • Trimethylsiloxysilicate: It is basically a synthetic polymer which is used as a skin conditioning agent and an antifoaming
  • Black 2: It is basically cosmetic colorant which consists of carbon particles. It is moderately hazardous.
  • Paraffin: This ingredient is basically used as a thicker in cosmetics.
  • Talc: I hope it is free from asbestos. This component is a naturally occurring magnesium silicate mineral. It is used as an absorbent or as a skin protector.
  • Carnauba Wax: This addition is definitely great here. It is the hardest natural wax ever available in nature. It helps to keep oil and water separate in an emulsion.
  • Triethoxycaprylylsilane: It is a silicone-based binder which is safe.
  • Tocopherol: This is another name for vitamin E which is a great emollient.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: This is a great natural emollient which is devoid of any fragrance.
  • BHT: It is a masking or fragrance ingredient which is a moderately hazardous ingredient.

Overall, I think the formulation of SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal could have been improved, some of these ingredients are not in the good book of Cosmetics database. So, I feel I would go with a 3.5 rating out of 5 separately for the ingredients.

SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal Black


The product comes in a retractable packaging which is absolutely awesome for all the busy bees. I loved the matte finish of the jet black body. It looks sultry and bold.

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Texture and Aroma:

Well! The texture of SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal is pretty creamy and glides on smoothly. It does not form any lumps. It has no such particular aroma which is a boon for all the sensitive nose people (just like me :P).

SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal Tip


Somehow, I felt the pigmentation of SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal could have been better. The color is black indeed but not jet black. It forms an intense black color after applying 2 to 3 times.

My Experience with SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal

So, as I said earlier that I have been using this kajal every day; whether I am going to the office or to a dinner, I used it. I am a big fan of both eyeliner and kajal. And, SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal serves both the purposes.

SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal Swatch

When I applied it as a kajal that is along my water-line, I noticed that the color stays on for the whole day but smudges and fades a bit at the end of the day. After 6 to 7 hours of application, when I am about to remove it with a makeup remover, I saw that the color has already started fading a bit. It was indeed disappointing to me. The kajal does not irritate the eyes which is great.

The color would stay for a straight 12 hours only when you have not touched your eyes or rubbed your eyes. The downside is serious; if you rub your eyes for any reason, the color would be smudged heavily instantly.

SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal Application

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Is SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal Waterproof?

Umm, it is water resistant but not water-proof completely. After applying water, if you rub the place, the color smudges and may fade eventually. As I said already, the performance could have been better.

Pros of SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal:

  • Pretty affordable.
  • The quantity offered is great.
  • Retractable and travel-friendly packaging.
  • No aroma.
  • Beautiful black color.
  • Semi-matte finish.

Cons of SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal:

  • Color does not stay intact for long.
  • It smudges if applied water or rubbed moderately.

Final Words:

SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal 01 Black is an affordable daily wearable kajal/eyeliner which comes in a travel-friendly retractable packaging. It has a semi-matte finish which looks good, but it does not stay for long and smudges very easily if rubbed. Overall, it is not something must try but if you are bored with the same brand, then this is something you can switch on to. 

***CA IMPRESSION: 4/5***

Would I Recommend SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal?

Yes! I would recommend only if you are bored with your old kajal and you are a big fan of SUGAR Cosmetics (just like me :D). Otherwise, this is not something you must try.

Would I Repurchase SUGAR Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal?

I might not actually. Rather, I would go for some other brand like Faces Magnet Eyes or Lakme Eyeconic Kajal.

So, that’s all for today. I hope you like the review. If you did, then don’t forget to subscribe to Cosmetics Arena. Much love from the bottom of my heart; take care. I would meet you soon with another post.


  1. Oh no, it is exactly what i did not want it to be…i hate kajals which move allover if you touch or rub a little, the downside is really disappointing 🙁 i wish it was a tad bit better in performance then i would have ignored the [igmentation point…

  2. I love the way you review products.Especially the ingredient list section.I am too lazy to do it but love that you do it..

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