25 Types of Bra that You Need in Your Wardrobe

Know about all the types of bra that you need as per your outfit and body shape. Also, know the right size and the right type of bra.

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Types of Bras You Need to Know About

Types of Bra that You Need in Your Wardrobe

So, when I hit my puberty, I started wearing bras.

Well! My first bra was a teenager bra. I must tell you that back then, I had a faint idea about bra types. In fact, I used to wear the wrong size of bra.

The society from where I belong, bra talk was pretty uncommon and kind of taboo there. Many women in my area used to wear bras of the wrong size.

They did not even know the types of bra they need. Worldwide, many women face this problem. And thus, it is important to talk about bras.

It is not a taboo topic anymore. Brassiere or bra is such a piece of fabric that we wear all the time and thus, we have every right to know about it.

So, without much ado, let’s begin with 25 types of bras that you must know about.

Calculator to Know the Right Size of Your Bra

Bra Size Calculator

You Will Need To

Wear a Simple Pad-Free Bra

Stand Straight in Front of Mirror

Take a Measurement Tape

Underbust Size

Enter Your Band Size (in cm):

The value entered is out of range ({{ minBandSize }}-{{ maxBandSize }}cm). Please measure the band size in cm and enter again

How To Measure Your Band Size?

1. Wrap the measurement tap near the band of your bra (as shown in the Picture).
2. It should be comfortable, do not enclose too tight or loose.
3. Note down the size.
4. Round off the number into the closes even number if the value comes in fraction.

Overbust Size

Enter Your Cup Size (in cm):

The value entered is out of range ({{ minCupSize }}-{{ maxCupSize }}cm). Please measure the cup size in cm and enter again.

How To Measure Your Cup Size?

1. In this step, wrap your measurement tape around your breast (as shown in the picture). Make sure your tape is placed not too tight surrounding the nipple.
2. Take the value in the closest whole number.
3. Take a note of your size.

Here is the Result
You Need a Bra Size of:
{{ braSize }}

25 Types of Bra that Every Woman Should Have in Their Wardrobe

25 Types of Bra that You Never Knew Existed

In the following section, I have compiled 25 types of bras that every woman must know about. These are essential and are fit for different body shapes. Most women prefer only one type of bra and they wear that with every outfit.

But the one that is perfect for T-Shirt might not be suitable for Saree or Salwar. So, we need to understand the requirement and wear accordingly. Let’s begin with the guidelines so that you can buy the right bra for you the next time you go shopping.

1. T-Shirt Bra

T-Shirt Bra Best Types of Bra

When I started researching a little bit about bras, I went for T-Shirt bra. These bras are seamless molded cup bra.

As these are designed to be seamless, lumpy bumpy textures would not be seen from outside which is amazing. Especially when you wear tight fit clothing or a T-Shirt or a bodycon dress, a seamless bra is essential.

A T-Shirt bra usually does not come with padding but it entirely depends upon the brand you are buying from. A padded T-Shirt gives you rounder look. Try out interesting t shirt design template to create an attractive look.

It gives you a good cover for your nipples and of course, your breasts look a size bigger. Likewise, a T-Shirt can come with underwire too thought it is not mandatory.

If you are looking for such a bra that would give you a nice natural round look, then you definitely need T-Shirt types of bra.


Always go for cotton T-Shirt bras for more comfortability.

2. Push Up Bra

Push Up Bra Types

Do you have a small cup size? Does your breast look downward? Do you want to lift your breasts without any surgery? Well! Push up bra is what you need.

These seamless bras are designed to give smaller breasts look one size bigger. Push Up bra types make the appearance of breasts bigger and also lift those. So, it gives you a fuller look and also lifts the breasts.

With these bras, your cleavage looks more sensual. Especially if you are someone who loves to wear low cut dresses, then push up bra would help you to look more sultry by giving your breasts a beautiful definition.

There is a variety of Push Up bras to choose from like padded push-up bra, double padded push-up bra, Demi-Cup Push Up bra (It helps to pull both the breasts together and creates a beautiful cleavage), pad removable Push Up bra, and cotton Push Up bra.

From my personal experience, I can tell you that I have worn these types of bras only once in my life. If you are someone who has heavy breasts then wearing this bra can feel pretty uncomfortable.

Push up bras come in every cup sizes, so anyone can give it a try. After all, who doesn’t want a sensual look?


If you have heavy breasts and you still want to try Push Up Bras, then go for Demi Cup ones.

3. Sports Bra

Sports Bra Best Types of Bra

There was a time when I was kind of an exercise freak. I used to jump at least 3000 tikes every day with jumping ropes. Overall, I was totally into a high-intensity workout.

In my initial days, I used to do everything in a regular T-Shirt bra. But soon I realized my mistake. I could feel pain around breasts.

Well! That is the time I realized that not everything can be solved with a T-Shirt bra. And, I bought a Sports bra.

Our chest section has muscles but breasts do not have muscles. So, it is highly possible that with HI workouts, loose breast tissues would get wear or tear or damaged.

Sports bras are designed to give immense support to breasts during workouts. Generally three types of sorts bras available according to the types of activities.

If you are engaged with low impact workouts like Yoga or Stretching, then go for Low Impact Sports Bra. For medium-impact workouts like cycling or hiking, Medium-Impact Sports Bra would be perfect.

For high impact workouts like running, jumping, aerobics, or dancing, High Impact Sports Bra would be great. There was a time when Sorts bras were boring.

But now, interesting designed Sports bra have hit the market like Criss Cross back, Racerback, Pullover, etc. So, choose such bra types that suit your needs the best.


Go for wide straps for more comfortability. For better support, go for lightly padded and racer back style Sports bra.

4. Minimizer Bra

Minimizer Bra the Best Types of Bra

Honestly, not everyone longs for bigger boobs. Women with bust size like 38C or onwards often long for smaller sizes.

Well, ladies! A minimizer bra is what you need. These bras are designed in such a way that your breast tissues are evenly distributed and thus, breasts appear or at least look smaller.

These bras provide super support and the cups are made with stretch free fabric so that breasts do not feel saggy. The bust does not feel or look bouncy.

You can easily sport Minimizer bra types under your formal shirt. Trust me! You would not have to worry about those insane gaps between two buttons anymore.

The back bulge is another thing that gives me nightmares. Those flabby nasty bulges are enough to make any outfit go wrong.

Worry not! Minimizer bras would take care of that too. These full cup bras evenly distribute tissues and provide full support. So, bid adieu to bounces or bulges. Enjoy all types of outfit.


Just because it is a full cup support bra doesn’t has to be unfashionable. It is available in printed style or even lacy fabrics. Choose what defines your personality and the need.

5. Strapless Bra

Strapless Types of Bra

So, do you want to wear an off-shoulder top in the upcoming wedding? You just need a beautiful strapless bra.

These bras are perfect for a strapless or off-shoulder dress, tank tops, racerback or criss-cross styled tops, scoop or square necks, etc.

As these bras are without the straps, so the necessary support comes from the band and the padding. It is said that if a bra comes with a great band then straps are useless.

Well! If you want to buy a minimizer strapless bra then it is practically not possible. A strapless bra does not contain enough fabric to make the bust look smaller.

Always go for a wired strapless bra otherwise you might end up looking like a uni-boob person.

6. Backless Bra

Backless Stick On Bra

In early 2000, people used to love those colourful bra straps. Back then, it was the craziest thing ever. But with time, fashion has indeed changed.

The new trend says a woman should have at least one backless bra in her wardrobe. This types of bra give you the support you need from a bra but do not make you feel like you are wearing one.

The world might think that you are going braless but your breasts are all together, well-supported, and well-covered as well.

Usually, backless bras come up with there own adhesives. All you need to do is to place the cups separately on your breasts. Adjust the cups vertically for an instant lifted look.

Now, clip the cups together for a fuller and rounder look. These are available in lacy designs, printed style, and also in a nude shade. Trust me! These are extremely trendy and comfortable at the same time.


Make sure to wash off the cups separately once you are done with those.

7. Bralette

Bralette Bra Types

Bralette is such an undergarment fashion that has recently been pretty popular. These types of bra are beautiful blend between a bra and a crop top.

Bralettes are sexier than bras as they come with lots of lacy detailing. Usually, these are non-wired and non-padded. Unlike bras, these do not offer much support, but bralettes are pretty comfortable.

Bralette is such an amazing undergarment that you can wear as outerwear too without double thinking.

If you are someone with smaller breasts, then give bralettes a try. I am sure that you are going to like it. But, on the other hand, for people with large breasts, bralettes do not provide much support than a bra does.

Well! It does not mean that you cannot try bralettes. You can always wear a backless top to show that sultry lacy bralette back or you can even wear a black jacket over a back (or red) lacy bralette in case you want to show skin. Overall, a bralette is for everyone!

8. Maternity Bra

Maternity Types of Bra

People often think that a maternity bra is unnecessary or it is a complete wastage of money. But, believe me!

Maternity bra types are pretty essential especially during the last trimester of pregnancy. During this stage, breasts feel heavier and sensitive as well. So, you need something stretchy enough to hold your growing breasts.

Maternity bras do not come with pull-down clips as those are necessary during the nursery stage.

During pregnancy, cup sizes change rapidly so it is pretty harmful to fit your growing breasts in your old bras. In the end, you are damaging your breast tissues.

So, give your bosoms the care it deserves during this crucial stage. Go for a maternity bra and protect your breasts.

9. Caged Bra

Cage Bra Types that You Need in Your Life

As the name suggests, the design of these types of bras looks more like cages. Caged bras are pretty appealing and attractive.

Lately, these particular designer bras have set a new trend in the market. These are multi-strap bras that come with beautifully designed back and neckline.

Caged bras are perfect for low cut dresses and also for dresses with transparent back. The additional straps form a cage-like structure.

Talking about support, this particular bra does not provide any such thing. Well! That does not mean that your breasts look saggy.

These are meant to give your upper body sultry look. So, are you ready to show off some skin?


Whether you are a small chested woman or a broader one, caged bras would make your body curvier and more defined. These are available in all sizes. So, pick up what suits you the best.

10. Longline Bra

Longline Bra Types that You Need in Your Closet

Not every bra is functional yet stylish. Well! The Longline bras are such types of bras. These are super-supportive bras and provide super coverage from bust to the belly button (a few inches above to be specific). Isn’t it exotic?

Some of the longline bras are designed to give the waist-line a proper shape. The band is extra wide and it provides a sleek sexy look. From bridal wear to regular wear, longline bras are fit for every outfit.

Longline bras are available in various lengths. But, all of those are longer than the usual bras. If you are looking for extra support, then these are perfect for you.

These extended bras are designed to absorb the bust weight. Classy yet practical design, isn’t it?

Bonus Tip

If you are a corset lover, then longline bras would not disappoint you.

11. Cami Bra

Cami Bra or Camisole Types of Bra

Cami bra is a beautiful combination of Camisole and a bra. I am a big fan of Cami bras. These types of bras are pretty comfortable, stylish, and functional at the same time.

These days, Cami bras come with underwire bras that eliminate the idea of wearing a bra beneath these. A Cami bra comes with full cup support.

In some designs, the bras also come with padding. Honestly, there are multiple ways to design these bras.

These bras are supposed to expose the midriff as these are shorter in length than a chemise. Cami bras are available in various fabrics like lycra, cotton, spandex, etc.

So, choose according to your need and the level of comfort you are looking for. Overall, Cami bras are stylish and functional enough to sport as outerwear.

12. Plunge Bra

Plunge Bra Sexy Types of Bra

If you are someone who loves to wear plunge necklines, then you need these types of bras. Usually, Plunge bras are not supposed to give you full coverage but you would not miss the support though. These bras are amazing beneath a low-cut dress or top.

The cups are angled here so that you do not end up showing your bras peeking through your dress.

Plunge bras might come with pads although padding is not an essential part of the design of these types of bras. But padding gives your cups a smoother and even look.

After all, who doesn’t want extra coverage for nipples? These bras would lift your breasts and also give an impression of sensual cleavage by creating a deep ‘V’ neck.

Plunge bras provide excellent support for women with big cup size even. Go ahead and plunge into these bras as per your shape.

13. Balconette Bra

Balconette Bra Types

The fun fact is that balcony bra is another of these types of bras. Balconette bras designed to create an impression of cleavage.

With a low cut dress, a balcony bra would go perfectly well. You get a natural look and a more rounded cups with balconette bras.

Wide straps are features of these bras. Trust me! If you want to rock a hot date or a girls night out, you need these bras to flaunt your low-cut neckline dress.

Usually, Balconette bras give full coverage or 3/4th coverage. It means you get coverage for nipples and half of your breasts. And thus, half cup bra is another name of this bra.

Get ready for a sultry and attractive look with this sexy lingerie.

14. Convertible Bra

Convertible Bra that You Must Need

Well! These types of bras are like magic. A convertible bra offers a multi-way solution. And, that means you can convert your bra to a criss-cross back one, a strapless one, and a lot of other ones. You can portray any style you want to and that is possible just with a single bra.

Basically, the position of the straps of this bra can be changed as per the style you want to create. You can also remove the straps entirely to convert this bra into a strapless bra.

Apart from this style, this bra can also be converted into halter style or crossover style. Some bra designers design these in such a way that can also be converted into backless ones.

You would like to know that convertible bras are available in various styles like a longline bra or sports bra.

While you are going to buy these bras, chalk out the level of comfort & support you want, the coverage you are looking for, what convertible styles the straps are offering, and also the dresses with which you want to wear these.

Convertible bras are perfect if you are wearing, a shirt with racerback or racerback, an off-shoulder dress, a deep neck top, a long gown (convert into longline bras), halter neck top, low back dress, etc.

I think you must have at least one convertible bra in your wardrobe. Trust me! It is a game-changer.

15. Front Open Bra

Front Open Types of Bra

So, are you tired of those clasps at the back of your bras? Do you want a change in your undergarment style? Here comes the front open bra.

Well! As the name suggests, the clasp in these types of bras is in the front section i.e. between the breasts. The design is not only versatile but also look pretty appealing. Just like a convertible bra, a front open bra is such a thing that you need in your wardrobe.

Often I have seen women face difficulty in reaching the back to close the clasp. Front open bras solve the problem. These types of bras are extremely comfortable and easy to use.

When you wear a traditional bra beneath a bodycon dress, the bumpy feeling at the back does not look pretty good. A front open bra can solve the problem.

It gives you a smoother look. The centre-line is lower in these bras, so you can easily wear a low cut dress if you have these. Front line bras come in many styles like T-Shirt bra, Racerback Bra, molded or non-molded cups, wire-free or under-wire bras, etc.

In fact. these bras are convenient for mothers too who are breastfeeding. These days, front open sports bras are popular too. Choose the one that goes well with your wardrobe style and personality.


Like traditional bras, you cannot adjust the clasp of these bras, so it is better to buy a size smaller. The more you use it, the more stretchy it becomes.

16. Halter Bra

Halter Neck Types of Bra that You Need

Halter bras are an excellent addition to the lingerie styling. This bra has one strap that ties around the neck and one strap that ties at back.

This is the fundamental design. But, there can be many variations like instead of the back strap, you can buy a halter bra with stick-on cups and a halter strap.

Halter bras are best suitable for tank tops and also halter neck dresses. And as I said earlier that convertible bras can be converted into halter neck bras too.

Here is an interesting thing I would like to share. You can convert your strapless bra into a halter bra too. It’s simple! Simply take the back strap and tie it around your neck. Voila! Your strapless and also backless bra is ready to wear.

17. Bandeau Bra

Bandeau Bra for Strapless Dresses

Welcome to the new age bra design! A bandeau bra is one of the best types of bras that are made for the fashionable you. This strapless stretchy piece of fabric has a spectacular grip.

It has got a thick band both at the top and also at the bottom so that it can give you better support. Of course! The concept is similar to the strapless bra minus the closure clasp. Bandeau bra has got no such thing. So, you just need to slip on it.

These bras are quite versatile in design. Most of the bandeau bras come with pockets so that the consumer can insert padding as per need. In case you are wearing a bodycon dress and you want extra coverage for your nipples, you need padded strapless bandeau bras.

Well! This piece of fabric is not only a strapless bra; there are many things you can do with this. You can pair this bra with a neckline shirt.

Make sure to choose a colour or a pattern that suits your need. You can also pair your favourite bandeau bra with a contrasting jacket.

Let the zip open so that you can show some skin in vogue. Oh! Did I tell you that you can also style your bandeau bra as a crop top? Just pair your bandeau bra with a high waist skirt so that you can show those appealing mid-riff.

Fashionable, isn’t it? Trust me! You can slay this look in a sunny summery day. Overall, you need a bandeau bra in your wardrobe.

18. Bridal Bra

Bridal Bra or Honeymoon Bra

It is said that what you wear outside is a reflection of what you wear inside. So, it is important to buy the best lingerie during the wedding.

But, buying the best bridal lingerie is sort of a challenge. You need to buy bras that go well with both your wedding and your honeymoon.

Trust me! It is a tough job. The bridal bras come in satin fabric to give the bride a buttery smooth feel. To play with the texture more, laces are also a great addition to the bridal wear. Laces on satin fabric look killer and are enough to elevate the quality of your trousseau.

To make things more charming, I would suggest you play with Black and Crimson colour more rather than pink. Well! Pink looks more girly rather than appealing.

A black or crimson bridal bra with lacy designs is enough to make sultry hot.

Bonus Tips

For your honeymoon, don’t forget to bag a beautiful & appealing nightwear, a shapewear, a strapless bra, a front open bra, and also a backless bra.

19. Full-Figure Bra

Full Figure Bra Types

Women with bigger breasts always find it difficult to find something that is stylish yet functional. Well! For those curvy women, the full-figure bra is a solution.

These types of bras give full coverage and also great side coverage. While wearing, you would not experience any spillage and you would look no less than flattering.

The high neckline of these bras is designed to cover all the breast tissues. Just like other bra types, full-figure bras are available in molded cups too.

You also get these in seamed cups which add a new fashion quotient to the bras.

These days, not only large-busted women but also women with medium busts prefer these types of bras. The high neckline he’s to create a smooth line when you wear shirts or tops.

If you have shallow-top breasts, then the full-figure bra is not for you as the cups would not fit properly.

If your bra is of the right size and giving you the right coverage, then it would be pretty supportive as well. Get ready to give your breasts a flattering look.

20. Transparent Strap Bra

Transparent Strap Bra Best Types of Bra

Are you someone who does not want to go strapless in parties or occasions? Well! Worry not. Transparent strap bras would cover you.

These are one of the basic bras that have transparent plastic straps in the back and on the shoulder. Those transparent steps are almost invisible and work well with party parties.

Transparent strap bras do not offer much coverage like their contemporaries. Women irrespective of any outfits are going to love these.

Transparent strap bras can be padded or non-padded. These bras might also come with underwire or wire-free style. The fabric of the cups can be cotton, lace, or even polyester.

Make sure to choose the fabric wisely. If it is uncomfortable, then you would not be able to wear your outfit entire day or night.

This stylish transparent bra can be best suited to only specific breast shapes. If you have round breast shape, you can try almost all variants within this transparent bra.

However, if you have athletic and asymmetric breasts, you can try a transparent bra with the padded variant. Further, those with a teardrop and heavy bust can also try this style but in bigger bust size one.


  • Go for satin fabric to feel comfortable inside and outside.
  • If you have asymmetric breast shape, then you should go for the padded variant.

21. Nursing Bra

Nursing Bra Types Best for Mothers

Once women become mother, they forget to take care of them. During that phase, the life of a mother revolves around the baby 24×7.

But hey! Self-care is a part of life and it would be foolishness to ignore that. It is because a baby feels good only when its mother is good both physically & mentally.

Nursing bras have been tailored keeping in mind the comfort of both the baby and the mother.

Nursing bras are entirely different from the rest of the bras. During the maternity period, the breasts get filled with milk and then milk is emptied by the baby.

And that means the size of the breasts get changed throughout the day. So, these types of bra are designed in such a way that it adjusts itself as per the size of the breasts. Isn’t it marvellous?


Often it is seen that nursing bras come with underwires. But, underwires are not quite comfortable especially during nursing period. So, it is better to not buy nursing bras with underwires.

22. Silicone Bra

Silicone Bra Types that You Need for Occassions

Lingerie is no longer just undergarments. Fashin and functionality both play important roles for the best lingerie. Silicon bras are the newest trend that is in vogue in the market.

This type of bra is quite multi-purpose. Silicone bras are strapless and backless. Moreover, these bras also come with adhesives. So, you just need to stick on to fit your busts inside the cups. These supportive bras are made with silicone. The gel gives the bust a seamless and smooth look.

In most of the cases, Silicone bras are available in padded variants. The bra makes you feel as if you are not wearing any. Due to its bouncy nature, breasts feel natural.
The gel texture is easy to wash and is also reusable. Generally, this types of bra are available in four cup sizes namely A, B, C, and D. Various styles of silicone bras are available like Stick on, Deep Plunge, Shape Enhancer, etc.

23. Demi Bra

Demi Bra Types that You Need

In French, Demi means half. Well! This explains everything. Demi bras cover half of the breasts and that make these types of bra extremely sultry.

The cups are low all over; the cup goes half above the nipple. The shoulder straps are wide that gives you pretty good support. Usually, Demi bras are available in many fabrics but the satin ones look the best.

Just imagine a satin Demi bra tailored in lacy design; isn’t it hot enough? You can find varieties of Demi bras as per need like Demi T-Shirt Bra, Padded Demi Bra, etc.

Often these bras are confused with the Balcony bras. The difference is not much but quite sharp. Demi bras offer better coverage than Balcony bras.

And moreover, balcony bras are cut at the same level throughout the breasts. Because of the quirky yet fashionable appeal, these bras are perfect for any top.

And, women with any breast type or size can pull off these. So, are you ready to give it a try this weekend?

24. Unlined Bra

Unlined Types of Bra

These bras do not have any lining or padding. Unlined bras are free from layers of padding. And thus, this types of bra is in most of the cases look sheer.

But, not all the unlined bras are sheer. In some of these bras, you would find an opaque bottom and lacey top. Sultry, right?

As these bras do not have layers of lining or padding, the cups do not sculpt breasts but rather let the cups make the breasts look natural.

Many women prefer these bras over anything because of the lightweight. In case, you are worried about nipple coverage, I would suggest wearing these underneath thick fabrics.

The brands offer a range of styles like Unline Demi Bra or Unline Full-Cup Bra. Overall, if you are looking for a low coverage lightweight bra, then Unlined bra is your answer.

25. Built-In Shelf Bra

Built in Shelf Bra that Every Woman Needs

Well! There is a reason that we have put this bra at the Last in the category of best types of bra. Are you tired of wearing the same tank tops again and again?

Then, it is time to try out something new. Checkout, a built-in shelf bra attached to a camisole. The design is not only cool but also brilliant.

Usually, these bras are like singlets that are attached to camisoles or swimsuits. The support system of these bras is an elastic band that makes these bras extremely comfortable.

Sometimes, built-in shelf bras also come with padding as well for extra comfort.

So, would you like to ditch your regular bra sometimes?

Tips You Need to Consider to Buy the Right Bra: Your Bra Guide

Tips to Buy the Right Size of Bra

So, now when you know the size of bra you need and also the bra types, you need to purchase the best pair for you. Here are a bunch of tips that have always worked right for me. Here you go.

1. Locate the Right Store

In order to purchase the right bra, you need to go to an authentic store. If your local store is hoarding loads of bras, it would be better to dodge that off. Well! Specialization matter.

So, it would be better if you go to a brand store or at least an authentic lingerie shop.

2. Know Your Need or Occasion

Window shopping does not sound right for bra shopping. We buy bras when we need them. So, chalk out your need. If you want daily wearable bras, then go for T-Shirt bras or Front Open bras.

But, you have an upcoming occasion, then go for bridal bras or strapless ones. Overall, chalk out your list as per the need so that you do not end up getting confused.

3. Have You Measured Your Bra Size Lately?

Well! You might be surprised to know that bra size changes as per our age and body fat too. If you have put on weight lately, then definitely your bra size would not be the same as 2 years ago.

In fact, bra size can vary due to many reasons. So, make sure that before you hit the store, you have measured your right size.

In case, you are confused from where to start, here is our Calculator to Measure Your Bra Size.

4. Keep on Trying

Trying a bra is just like trying a top or a dress. Keep on trying unless you find the right fit. Different brands have different sizes.

So, instead of sticking to a particular brand, I would suggest going for the right fit. This tip has indeed saved my life.

5. Comfort Comes First

While trying a new bra, stretch your hands above and sitewide. If your strap feels too tight or loose, then you need to change it.

Always remember that before the price tag, comfort comes. So, go for the bra that makes you feel comfortable.

Final Thoughts

So, now when you know everything about brassieres, it is time to summarize your need. Here are my thoughts.

1. If You Have Small Breasts

Just a layer of padding would make your breasts more attractive and beautiful. Try out Demi Cup, T-Shirt, Halter Neck, Strapless bra types.

2. If You Have Medium Breasts

Medium breasts are always beautiful and are believed to be quite proportional as well. To make those more powerful, try out the T-Shirt, Push Up, Longline, Bandeau, Backless types of bras.

3. If You Have Large Breasts

Most women long for large breasts and thus, to make your breasts look more perfect you need to try T-Shirt, Plunge, Minimizer, Demi bra types.

So, that’s all for today! I hope you find this article helpful. If you have more queries regarding bra and bra size, then let me know in the comment section below. Take care; keep celebrating womanhood.

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