Life Hacks and Tricks to Lose Weight Fast: Let’s Sweat Out All Those Flabs

Is weight loss possible without any instrument? Well! Let's take a look at how to do that. We have also debunked some of the more disturbing weight loss myths here.

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Life Hacks and Tricks to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight: Let’s Sweat It Out

If there is a loss that makes us happy, then it surely is weight loss.

A slender waist, flat belly, toned arms, and shaped legs are worth going to great lengths. The mantra is eating right and being more & more active. And this is no secret right?

We know what to do, we should do a regular workout, drink plenty of water, and take a balanced diet; it’s just we don’t follow through with any of these. It’s now easier than ever to get into a routine, especially now supplements from Gundry MD (check out the Gundry MD reviews) and similar companies are readily available to assist with digestion and weight loss. 

So let bygones be bygones and start afresh.

Now when the rampant spread of the COVID-19 virus sent the entire country into lockdown mode, this begs the question how to lose weight during lockdown because all the gyms, swimming pools and parks are closed due to the pandemic safety measures and little do we know when life would return back to normal.

Don’t worry! Where there is a will, there is always a way. If you look around, you will find thousands of ways to win the battle of bulges at home.

Little smartness can convert every nook and corner in your house to a mini gym. All you need is some patience, persistence, and passion.

And do you know what is the positive side? Lockdown has brought us plenty of time that we always crave for. So why not utilise it industriously? Why not get rid of those nasty calories rather than cursing 2020. That’s more like it.


Reasons Behind the Massive Weight Gain

You cannot fight with a problem without knowing the root cause. It is very crucial to know the science of weight gain. Let’s explore where we are going wrong.

Is there any change in your daily schedule? Have you added or removed any particular food item in your diet? Have you reduced the water intake?

Reasons Why We Gain Weight

Sedentary lifestyle, food addiction, sleep pattern, genetics, age or above all an underlying medical condition holding you back.

Water retention is another cause of your weight gain. When there is an imbalance between your water intake and body requirement, it leads to water weight as well.

There is a simple rule of weight loss that you need to burn more calories than you ingest and when you do so, your body system gets compelled to preferentially breakdown the lipid store for the energy required for body functioning.

A proper diet, adequate exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are the integral elements of weight loss mechanism. They all go hand in hand to make your weight loss journey a success. Let’s zero down on these factors and reboot our weight loss plan to stay fit and prim.

Superfoods that Help You to Loss Weight at Home Easily

Superfoods that Help You to Loss Weight at Home Easily

When we hear the word diet, our mind automatically relates to eating less. On the contrary, diet never means eating less. It means eating right and having a healthy relationship with food.

Now again, the term ‘healthy’ clicks a picture of bland and tasteless food which is not at all true. There is no written rule that healthy food cannot be delicious.

Whenever you are on a weight-loss mission, it’s obvious to think that food is your worst enemy to own that perfect beach body.

While there are thousands of calorie-laden foods that mercilessly add kilos to your weight, there are some godsend food items as well that contain natural weight loss supplements that actually help you to drop some weight. These superfoods are listed below:


These cute white ovals are a great source of Choline which turns off the genes responsible for belly fat. Eggs contain high levels of lean protein and are nutrient-dense that keeps you satiated all day long when savoured in the morning.

So make some delish breakfast be it omelette, scrambled, baked eggs, or stuffed eggs. Eggs are satiating in every form.

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy greens are a great way to make your plate fuller. Veggies are dense in fiber and low in fat. Carbs. Iron, calcium, vitamins, and minerals are some of the other attributes of leafy greens.

Kale, spinach, and arugula are leafy greens that are full of nutrients. So, add more greens to your meals and gorge on to your heart out.

Green Vegetables Eating is a Must to Lose Weight

Dark Chocolate

A sweet surprise! Yes, it is true that dark chocolate which contains 70% or more cocoa content aids in weight loss.

According to research, when dark chocolate meets the gut microbes of our stomach, it gets fermented and encourages the production of polyphenolic compounds. One such compound is butyrate, a fatty acid that boosts the consumption of body fat as fuel.

To speed up the fermentation, you can team up dark chocolate with fruits. Now, who is going to feel guilty for this kind of indulgence?


Toss them in your salad, make a smoothie or munch as a snack, berries always do good to your body whether it is your skin, hair, or immunity. When it comes to weight loss, berries have a high Polyphenol profile that helps in blasting existing fat and prevents the accumulation of new fat.

Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant is found abundantly in berries family and has a great potential to convert harmful white fat into brown fat.

Another advantage is that berries satiate your sweet tooth without imposing much sugar content. You seriously need to grab some now!

Did You Know Spices Also Help to Lose Weight?

Indian Spices that Help to Lose Weight

Who knew there is a connection between a spice and weight loss? At least, our ancestors did! The endless benefits of aromatic spices were the reason they were widely used in almost every Indian dish.

It is imperative to eat healthy for weight loss and spices do the same by kickstarting the metabolism. Not to mention the flavour they add to the food. So, let’s spice up your weight loss regime with the following spice.


This warming spice is a potent source of curcumin which is anti-inflammatory and contains thermogenic properties. Inflammation slows down the weight loss process and turmeric counteracts to combat inflammation.

Also, it increases body heat which boosts metabolism and thus helps to lose and later maintain weight by suppressing the development of new fat tissues.

The dietary fiber of turmeric, when combined with milk, accelerates the weight loss process. Add a pinch of turmeric to a glass of milk to prepare your golden drink and get your ticket to a slimmer waist.


The flavourful cinnamon contains a significant amount of coumarin which is highly effective to treat water retention.

Piping a hot cuppa of cinnamon tea helps to chop off visceral fat, builds metabolism, and regulates blood glucose levels. All these factors lead to a healthy weight loss.

Cayenne Pepper

This mouth scorching spice has amazing weight loss properties. This pepper is packed with a compound named Capsaicin that specifically targets abdominal fat. Cayenne pepper also acts as a natural appetite suppressant.


Our body is made up of 60% fluid. This number clarifies how important the fluid is for our body. Specifically, if you are on a weight loss regime, any deficiency of fluid in your body slows down your metabolism.

Morning time plays a crucial role in determining the day ahead. So do it right by swiping your cup of joe with a health drink for weight loss.

Green Tea

Beverages like Green Tea aids to Lose Weight

Green tea tops the chart as a weight-loss beverage. This brilliant fat fighter is a storehouse of antioxidants. Most effective among them is catechin flavonoid that revs up metabolism and inhibits the further accumulation of fat.

So add this elixir in your diet plan and give a solid punch to that unwanted fat. For more of a kick, add a few drops of lemon and honey.

Lemon Water

This is the most common and simplest trick to escalate the weight loss process. A simple twist is to add cumin seeds powder and honey to make it even more effective.

To prepare this concoction, take a glass of warm water, add a dash of lemon, sprinkle some cumin powder, and add some honey.

Never add honey in hot water as it kills the good enzymes of honey. Rather add it in lukewarm water.

So start your day with this magic potion to spark the fuel that blazes up fat chunks.

Apple cider vinegar water

For you, it’s a bottle of apple cider vinegar, for dieticians it is a bottle packed with probiotics and acetic acid which comprises a plethora of health benefits.

Taking a swig of ACV water empty stomach in the morning keeps you full for longer and regulates the blood sugar. A regular intake of this water reduces the visceral fat which in turn reduces waist circumference.

Slimming Detox Water

Detox water is more than just a flavoured beverage. It melts off stubborn fat deposits. This infused water has subtle flavours of fruits and herbs and really tastes divine.

As simple as the recipe, take cold water in a one-litre jar, add four to five julienne of ginger, add four to five slices each of lemon, cucumber, and orange.

Add eight to ten mint leaves and refrigerate the jar overnight. Your aromatic detox water is ready to sip on in the morning.

If you want to know how to lose weight in a month, give these superfoods a try.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind to Loss Weight Fast

Here are a few things that we need to keep in mind in order to lose weight fast. Weight loss is a scientific process; there is no rocket science involved in it. And these following points help us more to understand the entire process.

It’s All in Your Mind!!!

If you think that food cravings generate from the stomach, ponder again because researchers don’t believe so. Most of the time it’s our brain who compels us to eat certain food items.

You can mix these cravings by controlling your mind and not hunger. Here are some hacks to trick your brain to eat healthy food in moderate quantity.

Interesting Tips to Differentiate Between Appetite and Hunger

Learn to Differentiate Between Hunger and Appetite

If you have a sudden urge to eat a specific food item, it is more of craving rather than hunger. Whenever you have a craving for junk food, try to distract yourself.

Take a walk, talk to a friend, listen to some music. And, if nothing works, then feed yourself a healthy alternative.

You could also look into supplements which can help suppress your appetite, meaning you may not feel the cravings at all!

If this is something you are interested in, you may wish to start by reading these Nucific reviews, as well as reviews from a few brands, so that you can choose the best option for your individual needs and goals.

Take Time to Chew Food

Chew and chew your food slowly. This process has countless benefits and one of them is apparently weight loss.

When you thoroughly chew your food, it not only helps better digestion but also sends a signal to your brain that your stomach is full and saves you from overeating.

Give Prime Shelf Space to Healthy Food

We all have come across this. You opened the fridge and that box of sweets is right there. Earlier, you had no craving to eat it but now you want to consume it right at the moment.

So a better option is to store all high-calorie food away from your sight. Store that nutrient-deficient junk food out of sight in a non-transparent closet so they are less likely to catch your eye and you will be spared from an unwanted random snack.

Studies have proved that keeping healthy food in front of you influences your brain to munch something healthy.

Chop Your Food in Small Pieces

This simple yet effective hack will increase the volume of your meal and tricks your brain that you are eating more than usual.

Stop ‘Eating Amnesia’

‘Eating Amnesia’ refers to the term where you eat unconsciously and end up overeating.

So while having a meal, pay attention to what you are eating and set boundaries with electronic gadgets and other distractions.

If you are indulged in other activities, you might inadvertently eat 10% more than you would have otherwise.

Understand Meal Portions If You are Keen to Know How to Lose Weight

Check Out Your Portion

Take small servings at a time when you are going to have a high-calorie food. This way you will ingest fewer calories without even noticing the difference.

Colour Therapy

Decorate your pantry and dining table with black, green, purple and blue shades. These hues are very effective to curb the appetite and save you from munching mindlessly.

Convert Negatives into Positives

Don’t tell yourself that I don’t have to eat that chocolate cake because the more you try not to think about that triangular piece of cake melting in your mouth, the more you will want it.

Instead, ask yourself, have I taken my portion of fruits and veggies today? How can I bring taste to healthy food?

A positive attitude will help you to outsmart cravings and chuck all the bad eating habits.

What about a Touch of Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy Helps to Lose Weight

Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit have a tendency to curb appetite and activate brown adipose cells.

The aroma of coffee also manages the impulse. Also, there are some essential oils like lemon, peppermint, lavender etc that help to corner the cravings.

Apart from these, here are some other science-backed tips that will help you to lose weight in the long run. 

Increase the Intake of Viscous Fiber

Add beans, oats, cereals, brussels sprouts, asparagus, oranges and flax seeds in your meals as these replete with viscous fiber.

This special fiber when comes in contact with water, converts it into a gel. This gel has a high power of absorbing nutrients and keeps your tummy fuller for a long time.

Another huge plus is that this fiber is rich in glucomannan, a weight loss supplement.

Consume Carbohydrates

Surprised!? Yes! It is true that some good carbs help you to ditch some weight. It’s just about choosing the right one.

Carbs do not always equate pasta, bread, and oils. It is also found in fruits, veggies and dairy products. The catch is to sub out simple carbs to complex carbs in your diet.

Complex carbs do not get digested too soon and help keep you full for longer.

Intermittent Fasting

This is the trendiest fasting amongst fitness enthusiasts. At its core, this fasting is based on the principle of living on body fat in the duration of fast.

There are several ways of doing this fast. One easiest and effective way is 16/8 protocol which comprises a 16 hours fasting & also limiting the feeding window to 8 hours.

For example, you have dinner by 6 pm and do not eat anything till 10 am in the morning. This way you are on intermittent fasting for 16 hours which is a good duration. You can pick the time of your choice that is best feasible to your lifestyle.

You can do it daily or twice or thrice a week. When you are fasting, your body gets time to repair cells and robs the required energy from adipose tissues.

This method supports the body internal clock which is a circadian rhythm that ultimately induces metabolic health, reduces insulin resistance and releases fat-burning hormones.

If you are worried about how to lose weight in a week or so, intermittent fasting is surely going to help you.

A healthy, calorie-controlled diet is the crux of weight loss. If you want to know how to lose weight without workout, what can be better than a balanced diet. But don’t overstretch yourself.

Occasionally spoil yourself with your indulgence. A total cutdown is more likely to backfire.

Another crash diet would not give permanent results but establishing healthy eating habits will. So be a smart eater and bid adieu to those extra inches forever.

How to Lose Wight at Home Fast without Instruments

More and More Exercise

Imagine the condition of a machine which has not been operated in a while.

Will it work properly?

No!! It would get rusty, jammed and will start developing problems.

Same happens to your body if you lay down lethargic. If food is fuel then exercise is the lubricant to drive your body smoothly without any friction.

Without exercise or any physical activity, your body will be deconditioned and your mood would be distressed.

Having said that, hitting the gym is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, there might be certain conditions or responsibilities that might hold you to go to the gym.

But, Is Gym the Only Solution!!? Isn’t it Possible at Home?

The gym is not the only option to workout. So how to lose weight at home with exercise?

Don’t worry. Losing weight at home is simpler than you think. There are so many exercises that require little or no props.

Design a strategic workout plan that stimulates hormonal and metabolic response within your body.

It might feel hard initially to set a rhythm without a trainer but some discipline and persistence will help you to find your feet.

A workout session as small as 15 minutes in your morning rituals is enough to make that flat tire around your waist history.

So no excuses, please! Help yourself with the exercises you can do at the comfort of your home:

The Warmup is Necessary Too

No matter how short your workout session is, always make some room for warm-up.

A warmup session is essential before starting the regular exercise to raise the body temperature, increase range of motion and prep your body for the extra workload.

It is a low key cardiovascular activity that involves pushups, squats, side lunges and planks.

It increases body temperature so your joints become lubricated and your muscles become more flexible and you are more likely to go into the workout mode.

Cycling is Amazing to Lose Weight Fast

Let’s Go for Cycling!

A bicycle ride in the fresh cool breeze is anything but boring. It is a great workout that gives you toned thighs, belly, waist and bum and works great to reduce those stubborn love handles.

Pedalling daily for 20 minutes can lose a considerable amount of calories. It specifically strengthens the hamstring and quadriceps muscles. And, also builds endurance that helps you to do other aerobic exercises more efficiently.

Jogging has Got No Chill Too!

Jogging is a great all body intense workout whether you do it indoors or outdoors. It specifically targets the visceral fat which is the main culprit to give you that beer belly.

A 20 to 30 minutes of jog five times a week lits the fire that starts burning the fat as fuel. So, discover your nearest jogging track and start from today. Your abs are going to love this workout.

Aerobics: Indeed a Fun Way for Weight Loss

Aerobics is a rhythmic dance-like exercise better done with music.

It can be performed with different levels of complexity and intensity.

The session starts with a warmup, then proceeds to cardiovascular activity, strength conditioning and ends with stretching and cooling down.

This energetic and fast way is good enough to get rid of those clinging pounds.

Youtube is already brimmed with hundreds of aerobics sessions, take cues from there. A 20 minutes aerobics session should do the trick. So hit the floor with your rocking moves and make your way to a slim trim figure.

Shall We Dance?

Now it’s time to add another feather to your personality while returning in shape. Classical, jazz, or salsa doesn’t matter.

Play some upbeat music and just shake your legs to get groovy.

Your every move will act as a match to spark the body’s fuel-burning capacity.

Add in some twisting moves to trim off your internal and external obliques. A half an hour session two to three times a day is great enough.

Dancing is Another Way to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Also, you sweat a lot while dancing, so it helps to remove water retention. So dance is a great option if you are searching for how to lose weight at home in a week.

Do it alone or find a partner, it will leave no stone unturned to refresh your mood and smash those fat chunks.

Jumping Jacks

Do you have fond memories of jumping jacks in childhood? This super energetic cardio workout has the capability to burn 100 calories in just 10 minutes.

As the name indicates, this workout involves jumping up with hands and legs coordination. Stand straight with hands down, now jump and spread your legs landing shoulder-width apart and clap above your head.

Now again jump and stand straight with hands down. This will complete one circuit. This cardio exercise activates the whole body, enhances metabolism and works on your legs, arms, abdomen and butt.

Cool Down Yourself

To calm down after an intense workout is really important to return your body to its pre-workout condition. Breathe deeply and do some stretching.

The warm muscles would be adequately lubricated after the workout session so stretching would be feasible and return your heart rate and body temperature to the normal level.

So take your time to relax your muscles by doing your favourite stretching moves.

If splashing out on the gym is a mundane task for you and you keep googling how to lose weight at home with exercise, the above exercises will bring the same results and bring some variation in the routine workout.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind While Exercising

Stay Hydrated

Take small sips of water before, during and after the workout to compensate for the water lost as sweat. Being hydrated always peps you up.

Stay Hydrated to Lose Water Retention

Keep your posture right: The core of an exercise is to do it in a proper form. Any straying from the correct position might cause serious injury.

Exercise or No Exercise!

When you are feeling under the weather, follow above the neck rule. If you are experiencing nausea, cold, cough or headache, then you can do the workout.

On the other hand, if you are down with fever, body ache or these kinds of symptoms, then you should avoid the exercise till you recover.

Keep Breathing

Holding breath while exercising is not recommended. Breathing deeply while exercising allows the oxygen to reach your body tissues and conditions your body better.

Breakthrough the Plateau

Keep switching between the exercises. There are several tutorials galore on how to lose weight at home with exercise, take cues from them.

When you do the same exercise for a long time your muscles become used to it and you burn fewer calories. And yes bringing variation beats the boredom too.

Exercise is not just for releasing the fat. There is more to it. It flushes out toxins and disease-causing bacteria from your body, improves your physical & mental health, and strengthens the immunity.

Keep in mind that exercising merely for some weeks or months will not help you to maintain the desired figure. You need to inculcate it in your routine just like having your morning tea.

Now, who says you cannot lose weight at home especially when you can push the bar with these kinds of fun workouts.

Hope you won’t miss your gym sessions much after doing the above exercises.

Lifestyle: It Is Not Only a Mere Choice 

Now we know about proper diet and some specific exercises; and, you will certainly achieve the desired results. But what about maintaining it further?

If you change your lifestyle you can keep those extra inches off permanently.

During the covid pandemic when you have no access to gyms, lifestyle change is the best option in case you are wondering how to lose weight during the lockdown.

Let’s see what options are available!!

Yoga is One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight Healthily


Despite several forms of fitness programs available in the world, this posture based fitness technique always ranks favourably in the list.

Yoga has its roots in Rigveda and has effectively paved its way to becoming an innovative fitness therapy.

It rejuvenates your mind and body, induces flexibility, improves metabolism, reduces stress, lowers the risk of heart diseases. And, before you think it couldn’t get any better, there’s more! It aids in weight reduction!!

So if you are wondering how to lose weight and belly fat, give yoga a try. You can easily do yoga at home. It does not require big setups or equipment. Just a yoga mat, some fresh air and you are good to go.

All yoga poses benefit your body and mind one way or another. But some specific asanas help to break fat bonds.

If you are among those who love the athleticism, yoga does not disappoint you here as well. There are power yoga and hot yoga that flows with a rapid change from posture to posture. Start practising easier ones and gradually upgrade to advanced ones.

Power Yoga

This modern form of yoga is truly a calorie buster and thoroughly rejuvenates your body and soul.

It flows in a rapid change of postures that not only tones up your muscles but also relaxes your mind. So get ready to work hard towards the lean body you are after.

Hot Yoga

This form is practised under hot and humid temperatures up to 40 degrees centigrade to replicate Indian weather conditions.

This way it expels out all the toxins from your body through excessive sweat.

So before you take the plunge, keep in mind that this form of yoga requires a lot of fortitude to bear the heat and is not for everyone.

Power Yoga Helps a Lot to Reduce Fat Easily

This yoga helps you to get rid of water weight so if you want to know how to lose weight at home in a week without exercise, try this yoga form and see results yourself.

If you want to stay connected with the holistic spiritual approach, there are plenty of yoga poses that also contribute effectively to lose weight like warrior pose, downward dog pose, plank pose, triangle pose etc.

Downward Pose

This pose engages your core and aims your belly fat. Sit on the floor bending your legs keeping heels below your hips.

Now lie down stretching your hands with palms down and keeping your forehead on the ground.

Now raise your body and put all the weight on palms on the floor, your hips pointing to the sky and toes touching the floor.

Hold this position for 15 to 20 long breaths.

This pose works great to flatten the belly fat. So if you are wondering how to lose weight and belly fat, do this pose daily for a few minutes.

Plank Pose

Holding this pose actively tones your core muscles and burns belly fat to give you a tighter tummy. Lie down on your stomach and put your arms perpendicular to the floor.

Tuck your toes and step back with your feet keeping your body and feet in one straight line. Breathe deeply for upto five long breaths.

To release the pose, lower your knees and come up to the child pose.

How to lose weight and belly fat is no longer a tricky question with this yoga pose. Avoid this pose if you are suffering from an arm or leg injury.

Warrior Pose

This pose is great to shape up flabby arms and fatty belly. Bend in downward dog pose, step your right foot parallel to your right hand.

Now stand up bending your right knee to the right angle. Keep your hands parallel to the shoulders pointing right-hand parallel to right feet and palms facing the floor.

Keep your head straight and hold this position for a minute. This pose stretches your arms, legs, stomach and groin and fills you up with new energy.

Triangle Pose

This single pose frames the fat of your belly, arms, thighs and waist altogether.

To perform this asana, stand straight keeping your hands aligned with the shoulders pointing towards extreme ends and legs wide apart.

Now fix your gaze to the sky and bend to touch your right feet with your right hand. Hold this position for a few seconds breathing deeply.

This asana traps the fat deposits and strengthens thighs and hamstring muscles along with improving balance and concentration.

The best time to do these asanas is early morning or early evening. Yoga is all about postures and deep breathing. It maintains your core mental and spiritual health too.

Incorporating yoga in your lifestyle will fill you up with new energy. Practice deep breathing and meditation that will give ancillary support to keep up your determination, elevate mindfulness and control hunger pangs.

It forges a strong mind-body connection and keeps you fit and sane. So if you’re wondering how to lose weight without workout, is there anything better than yoga? Go for it.

Let’s Go for a Walk

If your body doesn’t allow you to do strenuous exercises, then walking is the best option to incorporate in your lifestyle.

It is the best exercise for each age group. To make it even more doable, invest in a pace counter, get your earphones and wear running shoes to turn the walk mode on.

But just strolling around would not do the needful. You need a strategy here as well. Devote 20 minutes each in the morning and evening five times a week.

Maintain a slow pace at the start and gradually increase the difficulty level as days pass on. Also, walk at a varied pace to break the monotonous speed. Like walk slowly for ten minutes then walk briskly for another five minutes and so on.

These short bouts keep challenging your body and it will work harder to adjust to the speed intervals. As a result, your body will shed 20% more calories.

Posture is Important in Yoga to Reduce Unnecessary Injuries While Exercising

Posture is Important

Keep your head up with your chin parallel to the ground. Torso and shoulders should be straight and spine should be elongated.

Don’t slouch or you might end up having shoulder or back sprain. Swing your arms back and forth by the sides.

Always stride the ground with your heels and then roll up to the toe. This will prevent you from flat steps.

Now you know how to lose weight by walking, but if you find yourself literally counting down the minutes left in your walk, that implies that you are getting bored. So here are some tips to make it more intriguing

  • Keep all nearby parks to your radar and take your four-leg buddy along with you. This will benefit you both.
  • Don’t miss whenever you get a chance to walk uphills. It will not only refresh you but also exhaust more calories than a random sauntering. Slightly bend forward to avoid unnecessary strain on your spine.
  • Accompany a friend and share stories and anecdotes. This will surely make you forget the time.
    Amble around unfamiliar places and discover new things like new shops, stores and other places.

So now you know how to lose weight by walking, here is the rundown of some dos and don’ts. 

List of Do’s

  • Wear a comfortable pair of shoes that fit exactly to your feet
  • Keep a water bottle handy as sweating might cause loss of fluids in your body
  • Wear clothes according to the weather for more comfort

List of Don’ts

  • Never walk by the side of a busy road. This way you will inhale a co2 laden air. Not to mention the risk of potholes and traffic.
  • Never wear ill-fitted shoes as it might cause foot deformities.
  • Stay away from secluded places or areas where stray dogs roam around.

How to lose weight at home during lockdown is no longer a big concern if you make walking a part of your lifestyle.

To add more steps to your walk regime, take stairs instead of the elevator, park your car at the farthest end of the parking lot, and walk during work breaks.

The idea is to incorporate more and more walks in your daily activities. This aerobic activity not only chews up calories but also wards off heart diseases, rejoices your mood and revs up your metabolism.

Household Chores

Feeling too lazy to work out and want to know how to lose weight without workout? Address the elephant in the room.

Yes, it is household chores. Love it or hate it. But you have none other safe option than doing the household work all by yourself during the pandemic.

That being said, most of the housewives crib about not having enough time to take care of their body due to a never-ending list of household chores.

But you cannot outsource these tasks due to safety measures so how to lose weight at home during lockdown is an obvious question.

Here our daily chores only come to the rescue. You can smartly convert your everyday chores into fat-busting sessions.

Household Chores is Another Amazing Way to Burn Fat at Home Easily

Here is our pick of chores that are as effective as an average gym session

  • Whatever you do at your home be it cleaning, cooking, or laundry, do it fast, faster and fastest.
  • Maintain a pace fast enough to get your heart pumping and make you breathe harder. Play some upbeat music to raise your stamina while you do all your daily activities.
  • It will increase your metabolic rate and thus torch your calories and work towards shrinking your waistline.
  • We burn more calories when we are in a standing position so try to stand up most of the time during the activities.
  • Keep frequently using items and boxes in the lower shelf so that you can use the opportunity to squat again and again which is a good exercise in itself. So from now onwards, instead of bending do squatting.
  • Cleaning and dusting also torch a great number of calories
  • Play with your kids and destress yourself while burning a whopping 300 calories
  • Cook some delicious healthy dishes. The efforts you put in cooking food will cut the flab and the aroma of food will curb your appetite. Plus what can be better to lose weight if you swear by home-cooked meals.
  • Sweeping is great news for those who are vacuum cleaner deficient. Take your broom and sweep the floor in a squatting position. Keep your stomach muscles tight and stretch your torso while cleaning those hard to reach nooks and crannies.
  • Mopping the floor is also a great exercise that engages all your abdominal muscles. So get on all your fours and clean the floor sparkling clean to your way to a flat tummy.
  • Scrub the dishes for 15 minutes and by the time you will clean the dishes, your body will be cleared off of 18 calories.
  • Other household chores like laundry, making the bed, gardening, tidying up the room and setting up the furniture also work up a sweat. These simple household chores can be doubled up as calorie busting moves and can help you reach your weight loss goals.
  • Do you want to know how to lose weight fast? Take a good night’s sleep. There is no point in losing your sleep over the dream of an hourglass figure. Lack of sleep may disrupt the appetite-regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin.
  • Another hormone, cortisol, becomes elevated when you’re stressed. Having these hormones fluctuate can increase your hunger and cravings for unhealthy food, leading to higher calorie intake.

Over Exercising is Harmful in Case of Healthy Weight Loss

Some Interesting about Burning Fats that Not Many are Not Aware of

Studies claim that sleeping in cold temperatures can help you shed some pounds. Shocking but true. There is some brown fat in our body which is also known as adipose tissues, helps our body to get acclimatise to the surroundings.

When you are in cold temperature, this fat gets activated and serves as a heat jacket to keep your body warm. So exposing your body to adequately cold temperature while sleeping can actually help recruit brown fat cells to chop off extra pounds.

Merely sleeping pattern is not the coping mechanism to manage weight. You need to club it with an adequate amount of workout and follow a proper diet plan to get the optimum results.

The most important factor in losing weight is leading a sustainable lifestyle. So if you wish to know how to lose weight in a month to get a hot body which is here to stay, do the above changes in your lifestyle and keep pedalling towards a slender figure.

What are the Don’ts of Weight Loss?

Now that we know so much about what to do to reduce weight, it is equally important to know what not to do. After doing strenuous exercise and having a strict diet religiously your weight scale is not moving? Let’s see what we are all collectively doing wrong.

Over Exercise

Undoubtedly exercise exerts amazing results on your body however overboard is not recommended in any way.

Excessive exercise leads to physical burnout which can jeopardise your health.

An overstressed body might lead to sleeplessness, irritability, body aches and heart problems. So don’t be an extremist and always listen when your body asks to stop.

Eating in Small Intervals

This is a common misconception that if you eat in small intervals your metabolism would be stronger. But when you eat this way you cannot estimate the portion size of actual hunger correctly and you tend to eat more.

Skipping Meals is Not a Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Skipping Meals

Simply put, a healthy person should eat three meals a day. Neither more nor less. When you skip a meal, you are more likely to consume even more calories in the next meal which wreaks havoc on your whole diet regime.


Noshing mindlessly can compromise even the best of weight loss plans. Resist the urge to finish everything on the plate.

You don’t even realise how innocently the leftover food on your kid’s plate can contribute to unnecessary fat. So think of your waist before food waste.

Myths Related to Weight Loss that Need to be Debunked

Now it’s time to debunk the myths related to weight loss. Look beyond opinions and focus on science.

If you are curious about how to lose weight fast, you should not let the myths mislead you in the name of weight loss. Few of them are listed below.

Myth #1: Starvation is the best and fastest way to lose weight

Let’s be real. How many times you read that losing weight has nothing to do with starvation, you still return to devoid yourself of food.

As a result, when you are extremely hungry you make a snap decision to order the meal which often leads to calorie-loaded belly-bloating food.

Starvation is Not the Way to Lose Way

So please be gentle, it’s your own body. Radical changes in your diet would not go long term. Try to adapt to healthy eating rather than not eating at all.

Myth #2: Sweating causes weight loss

Sweating does not translate to a svelte physique. It just reduces water weight. This is the reason when you start doing a workout, you lose a good amount of weight but soon it hits the plateau.

This initial weight is the water weight which is reduced by sweating. That being said, work out a sweat if you are wondering how to lose weight at home in 1 week.

Myth #3: All kinds of fats make you fat

This is indeed one of the biggest myth of all. Not all fats are bad.

The fat present in coconut and olive oil helps to make you skinny. Triglycerides when teamed up with lauric acid, gets combusted as energy instead of storing as fat in coconut oil.

Another dietary miracle is oleocanthal present in extra virgin olive oil which reduces inflammation and suppresses appetite.

Myth #4: You can eat more calories if you are exercising

This is a popular misconception that if you are exercising hard then you can binge on your favourite food.

Nevertheless, it is simple math. Burn more calories than you consume. Any failure to do so would result in weight gain.

So, What are the Takeaway from All These Tips and Suggestions…

Getting rid of the bulge is quite a task and there are so many factors to demotivate you during the lockdown.

Being a person who always keeps on toes, you suddenly have to spend a sedentary lifestyle. This makes us clouded with self-doubt and we kind of get a lackadaisical feeling about our body.

Now I have to stay indoors so why should I hassle myself to look good. When it all settles down, I will resume my weight loss journey.

But somewhere deep inside you know this procrastination is not right. Weight gain not just only dents your beauty, but also becomes a host of medical issues.

Healthy Way to Reduce Weight Without Any Instrument

Switch your perspective from ‘l would not be able to do it’ to ‘how l can make the most of all l have’. Staying at home is not that bad.

And now you know there are saner options than struggling with that equipment at the gym. So work towards a scientific transformation to become a fitter you and melt away in the pleasure of fitting back in your wedding apparels.

Remember, there is no tomorrow to start your weight loss regime so do it now! Right from the moment.
An occasional setback is okay but try to compensate for it by starting fresh the next day. The payoffs will be worth it. Get going!

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