Bra size calculator: Issues of Wearing Wrong Bra Size and Methods to Avoid It

Know how having the right bra size calculator can solve various breast-related serious issues. Also, know the health risks if you don't bother at the right time.

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Those uncomfortable nudging and tucking your bra brings another level of discomfort. Who likes to be caught doing such action in public? And imagine if you face severe pain in this area because of your underwear, it’s even more problematic.

Know the Importance of a Bra Size Calculator

So today, let’s understand why your bra does fit so weirdly and the drastic effects it can lead to. We will also discuss the best ways to avoid this discomfort and learn something about the bra size calculator. 

The effects of wearing wrong sized bras 

There are some severe side effects of wearing a wrong sized bra. Whether it’s due to the visual appeal or the attractive rate, if the size is wrong, you will face these issues for sure. 

Breast Pain

One of the most prevalent adverse effects of wearing a reduced bra size is breast pain. The bra tightens and pushes against the breasts, causing pain and discomfort in the breasts.

Back Ache

This is a typical symptom amongst women with large breasts who want to use smaller bras. This results in a lack of strut in the chest and a tendency to stoop. If you wear an excessively tight bra, you will experience hip discomfort, and your rib cage will be affected. If you’re wearing a bra that’s too small for you, switch it out.

Sagging Breasts

The objective of a decent bra is to maintain the contour of the breasts. If you’re wearing a loose bra that doesn’t adequately support your breasts, you should replace it immediately. Your breasts droop and become quite heavy.

Lymph Node Blockage

The lymph nodes in the breasts are small, delicate, and readily squeezed. The lymph valves and veins close due to wearing a reduced bra size. The lymph nodes are negatively affected if you wear a bra with a one-size-smaller cup. Before you go out and buy the right bra for yourself, make sure you take accurate measurements. You can check if the website or the online store offers you a bra size calculator.

Breast Cancer

If you’re wearing a one-size-smaller bra, be cautious. It obstructs blood flow, which may result in breast cancer. This is not a distinctive side effect, but it has recently become an issue for many women.

Blisters around the breasts

Injuries around your breasts and shoulder straps are ordinary while wearing a too-small bra. They become pretty unpleasant as you continue to wear the same tight bra. Change your bra to reduce the discomfort.

Ruins Posture

Your posture is ruined by wearing a bra that is the wrong size. If you wear a bra that is too small and too tight, you may have severe pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. It will eventually lead to disaster.

The method to avoid the bra size issues

If you want to avoid all the above-listed issues, refer to a bra size calculator to evaluate the right size of your shoulder band and bust. Also, taking a trial of the bra helps you avoid any such problems later. 

The right bra size doesn’t just make you look presentable but also gives you a confident personality. If you use the right tricks and hacks to pick your bra, your health and physical appearance are impacted! 

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