4 Reasons Why We Need More Homemade Cosmetic Brands Like Vanaha Botanical

Check out the basic reasons why we need to keep more and more homemade cosmetic brands on our shelves.

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Why We Need to Promote More and More Homemade Brands

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So, in December, last year, I found an organic skincare brand on Instagram. And, right you are! I am talking about Vanaha Botanical Skincare.

The brand is all about balanced formulations using ALL Natural ingredients. The products contain zero harmful ingredients and are full of benefits.

Back then, I tried out their Green Leaves Night Repair Balm and Orange Manjistha Face Scrub. I was so moved by the efficacies of the products that just a few weeks back, I ended up buying a Hair Nourisher from their newly launched website.

Reasns Why We Need to Promote Homemade Indian Brands like Vanaha Botanical Skincare

While ordering the products, I felt that brands like Vanaha Botanical Skincare need more exposure. Well! We need to promote more of such brands and the reasons are many in number. And no! Natural Ingredients are not the only reason behind my notion.

So, let’s wrap up all the intro; it’s time to pick up 4 reasons to demonstrate why we need to appreciate more such brands.

1. You Get Exactly What You Pay For

I know that it’s a bit controversial to say that. But, I am going to be absolutely honest with my account. Whenever I purchase skincare or a hair care product, I do not pay for additives like perfume or colour or branding or glamorous packaging. Instead, I pay for the nourishing ingredients and the effective formulations.

While saying so, I also cannot deny the fact that many of us purchase a product solely driven by the brand value or the celeb factor or because of the glam/cute packaging. But, those people are quite nominal in number. So, it is obvious that the majority of the people want to pay for the good ingredients only. Brands like Vanaha Botanical, Raw Rituals, etc. ensure that.

All Natural Made in India Products do not Have Harmful Additives

But, here comes another question. Are all-natural products the only good ones? What about brands that do not use additives? Undoubtedly, there are numerous brands like Vilvah, Rustic Art, etc. that use minimal ingredients and do not use any kinds of additives.

My answer to this question would be pretty simple. I am not against using chemicals. Even water is a chemical too. The battle is between good and bad chemicals. And, I am always with the good and harmless ones. As long as a product offers me the right formulation, the best ingredients, and also the perfect efficacy, I am with that brand.

With homemade brands like Vanaha, at least you know that all your money is retrieved as the ingredients are pure, organic, and harmless.

2. Make in India, Made in India

At this point in time, my closet is full of Indian brands and their amazing products. I have stopped using international brands.

Haters might say that I cannot pay for such fancy products.

The truth is when I know that there are so many amazing Indian products always that can offer the same efficacy as the international ones, then why would I invest my hard-earned money in those.

Rather, we must promote homemade brands more and more so that people can again trust their Indian counterparts. Three cheers for Make in India brands and Made in India products.

3. You Can’t Always DIY All-Natural Products

With the ever-expanding popularity of Youtube and other platforms, people are all into DIYs these days. From cooking to skincare, they love to do everything from scratch.

So, whenever people hear about All-Natural products, they often think that such products can be easily DIYed. And thus, it’s a wastage of money as per them. Trust me, that’s not true!

All Natural Homemade Products are not Equal to DIY Products

I, personally love the hype too. But, not everything is great. I have seen numerous DIYs where they show how one can use lemon, readymade aloe vera gel, Lavender Essential Oil, and vitamin E tablets to prepare a night cream. Honestly, applying lemon directly to the skin can do more harm than good.

In fact, it is quite risky to use essential oils as well without knowing the proportions properly. EOs are concentrated and if those are not used in proper ratios, they can damage your skin to a great extent.

As a whole, if you are not trained or not a pro formulator, you cannot formulate such products just like that. It requires great skill and years of training too. And, people need to understand that homemade natural products are not just simple DIYs.

4. More Promotion, More Encouragement

In this fast-pacing world, low-budget good brands often do not get the spotlight they deserve. I have seen so many brands get lost with the time that I cannot remember the number even.

Whenever someone shares or talks all good about such a brand, it gives the formulator a lot of boost up. Thus, I say that the more the promotion, the more encouragement the brand gets.

Sustainability is a lot in today’s world. So, it is important that we talk about such homemade Made in India brands more and more.

All Natural Homemade Products are not Equal to DIY Products

Since the last year, I have almost made a habit to promote mini-scale brands that formulate effective products through my blog articles.

In fact, I do not ask for free products from them. I buy such products with my hard-earned money and test those.

So, if you ever find such an amazing product while strolling through a cosmetic store or even in a flea market, don’t feel shy to give a huge shout out to that. It really means a lot to such brands.

That’s all for today! If you find this article interesting, do share it with your friends and family. Take care; celebrate life. And, don’t forget to wear a mask.

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