Here’s What the Hair Industry Isn’t Telling You about Anti Hair Fall Shampoos

Know what the hair industry isn't telling you about the anti hair fall shampoos. Also, know how Traya Free Hair Test can help you to know the root cause of your hair fall.

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Your anti-hair fall shampoo is a sham! Here’s what the hair industry isn’t telling you but Traya reviews are…

For as long as people have been trying to prevent hair fall, the hair care industry has been claiming to fix it. But, how often have shampoos failed you as a hair fall treatment?

This is because the hair industry positions the hair fall problem as an umbrella term for breakage, tangles, and split ends, which has got people to believe that the only solution for this hair fall problem is shampoo or a serum.

Breaking Hair Fall Myths with Traya Free Hair Test

Well! In reality, hair fall whether genetic or not is aggravated 90% of the time because of internal conditions like hormonal imbalances, stress issues, irregular sleeping patterns, poor levels of metabolism, and much more.

This is where Traya comes in and defines the actual reasons behind hair fall which is unanimously seen through traya reviews. Find out the reasons behind your hair trouble through the FREE Traya Hair Test!

What do Shampoo Companies Claim?

Most shampoo companies claim to reduce hair breakage, nourish hair fall right from the first wash and most importantly reduce hair fall by 99%.

But the truth is that these shampoos were never meant to treat hair fall in the first place. Shampoos are meant to clean the dirt and dust off the scalp and not actually control hair fall.

These shampoos contain molecules called surfactants a.k.a soap which when mixed with water washes off the dirt and sebum (oil) from the scalp. 

Traya brings out the truth behind the shampoos that they have a very short period of contact with the scalp so it doesn’t have enough time to stimulate hair regrowth or prevent hair loss.

This means that the shampoo does nothing to reduce hair fall but just works on cleaning the scalp.

Even the numerous traya reviews mention how a single shampoo or serum didn’t help them with their hair fall problems but a holistic treatment like Traya’s helped them see visible results in 5 months. 

What is the Actual Reason Behind Hair Fall?

The 50k+ traya reviews depict that many individuals face hair fall that is caused due to digestion issues, nutritional deficiencies, low metabolism levels or even hair fall due to stress.

In such cases, shampoo can’t help fix digestion issues, reduce stress or improve your vitamin, iron or haemoglobin deficiencies.

Therefore, hair fall needs not just shampoo but a treatment that helps manage all the root causes behind hair fall. 

So, How Exactly Do I Fix My Hair Fall?

Hair fall is often thought of as a one-dimensional approach that can be treated with a single solution. But if you browse through traya reviews, you will notice that they don’t just treat hair fall using a single science but with a unique 3 science formula i.e Ayurveda, Allopathy and Food Science.

This approach is the ideal solution since Ayurveda allows you to fix the root causes behind hair fall, allopathy provides FDA approved medications that are clinically proven to target various types of hair fall while the right diet plan would help in providing the right nutrition that is required for overall hair and health.

If Traya reviews are anything to go by they have given the brand a 93% success rate in treating hair fall. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to stop using your basic anti-hair fall shampoo to treat hair fall that is just meant for scalp cleansing purposes and switch to something that works to manage your hair fall condition instead.

You can check out the interesting traya reviews to find out if their treatments are actually reliable or not or you can take the FREE hair test here to know the reason behind your hair fall. 

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