11 Elegant and Trendy Hime Cut Hairstyle You are Going to Rock This Year

Explore the trendiest hime cut hairstyle, its history, maintenance, and many other tips about one of the most popular hairstyles ever.

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Trendy Hime Cut Hairstyles for Every Facial Shape

Hime Cut: One of the Trendiest Hairstyles of All Time

Over the years, the fashion world has seen an evolution in hairstyles. With time and age, fashionistas have rocked different hairstyles. But, one hairstyle that has only evolved to stay forever is the Hime Cut.

Inspired by Japanese royal women, hime cut is also known as The Princess Cut. Well! There is a high chance that this unique hairstyle actually represents hairstyle of your favourite anime character.

Bangs were already popular, but this ancient haircut along with bangs has created its own fresh & modern persona. Hime cut not only makes you look elegant, but it also makes you look much younger.

There are a number of popular hime cut hairstyles to try out.

If you are looking to rock a Hime Cut hairstyle with gray coverage hair color, there are a number of popular hime cut hairstyles to try out.

So, if you are trying to don this haircut anytime soon, check out this guide of unique hime cut hairstyles that you are going to fall in love with.

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Hime Cut: The History of the Royal Hairstyle

In Japanese, Hime means Princess. So,hime cut (or, Hime Katto in Japanese) was the hairstyle meant for the princesses. It all started in the Heian era. In those days, royal women used to portray this beautiful elegant hairstyle. It is said that to maintain such hairstyle was pretty costly. And thus, women from regal and wealthy families only could maintain such a style.

During that era, hime cut style was pretty common among women of all ages.

Here are some of the common features of hime cut

  • Frontal fringe
  • Straight sidelocks that touch the cheeks
  • And, the entire length of the hair should remain straightened and long

According to Wikipedia, popstar Megumi Asoka made Hime Cut popular in Japan during her era in the ’70s. Isn’t it phenomenal how an ancient hairstyle made its way to Taylor Swift and millions of other women around the globe?

11 Most Popular Hime Cut Hairstyle of All Time

1. Hime Cut Ponytail

Chrissy Teigen in Hime Cut Ponytail Hairstyle

It would be a crime if I do not start the list with this tweaked hime cut. These days, if you feel bored with the monotonous ponytail, then it’s time to tweak the regular pony style. Give your pony a trendy vibe with this hairstyle.

Features of Hime Cut Ponytail

  • Frontal fringe
  • Sidelocks should just touch your cheeks
  • Instead of the regular straightened look, give those sidelocks a curvy shape

2. Hime Cut Bob

Hime Cut Bob Portrayed by Kylie Jenner

Not every girl loves a traditional long hime cut. For women like me who love to portray short hair, hime cut bob can be an excellent choice. This hairstyle is just a tweaked version of the traditional bob cut.

Features of Hime Cut Bob

  • No frontal fringe
  • Short sidelocks that sit beautifully to enhance the facial feature.
  • Looks beautiful on every face cut

Hime Cut Long Bob is just another version of this hairstyle where the sidelocks are maintained a bit long, curvy, and soft. For people who love thick frontal bangs, this haircut is just the perfect one.

3. Layered Hime Cut

K-Pop Celebrity with Layered Hime Cut Hairstyle

Definitely, it looks similar to the traditional hime cut, but in reality, it is quite different from that! This hime cut style adds loads of layers to your hair that look lovely on teenagers.

Features of Layered Hime Cut

  • Frontal fringe
  • Layered sidelocks
  • Looks pretty cute yet attractive on teenagers

4. Chin Touch Hime Cut

Chin Touch Hime Cut Hairstyle with Middle or Side Parting

Undoubtedly, this hime cut hairstyle is pretty popular. It looks a bit different from the rest of the hime cut styles.

Features of Chin Touch Hime Cut

  • Frontal bang might be or might not be there; looks good in both the cases
  • Frontal hair is cut shirt till the chin and the back ones are the kept long
  • Middle or side parting looks good with this hairstyle
  • On days, when you want to flaunt long hair, bring all the long hair in the front. On other days, you can simply keep the chin touch hime cut style
  • Even middle-aged women can look flattering in this hairstyle

5. Brow Touch Hime Cut

Hime Cut Style Touching Eye Brows

To the rest of the world, this hime cut hairstyle might look odd, but the Japanese loves it. With just a bold glossy red lipstick, you can look enchanting in this hairstyle.

Features of Brow Touch Hime Cut

  • The frontal fringe touches eyebrows and are kept thick
  • Sidelocks are kept thick too and usually cut till the chin-length
  • The longer hair is put on the back portion

6. Dissociated Hime Cut

Trendy Dissociated Hime Cut Hairstyle for Teenagers

Well! As the name suggests, all the parts of hime cut hairstyle lie separate or dissociated from each other in this cut. Not only this hairstyle gives you a modern vibe but also makes you look cute.

Features of Dissociated Hime Cut

  • The frontal bangs never blend with one another
  • Sidelocks, bangs, and the side bangs, all stay separate
  • Looks trendier on teenagers

7. Hime Cut Minus Sharp Ends

Selena Gomez in Hime Cut Minus Sharp Ends Hairstyle

Sharp edges are one of the salient features of hime cut. But, not everyone is a big fan of sharp ends. This hime cut hairstyle would definitely look great on such women.

Features of Hime Cut Minus Sharp Ends

  • soft frontal bangs
  • The sidelocks would touch shoulder
  • Smooth and soft bangs and sidelocks
  • round ends
  • Looks amazing on people with long hair

If you can maintain this beautiful creative hairstyle, then it would add a lot of drama to your face for sure.

8. Hime Cut with Side Parting

Hime Cut with Side Parting Hairstyle Portrayed by K-Pop

Usually, hime cuts do not come with any side partings. But, trust me! If you have the aura and the attitude to carry this hairstyle, then you are going to rock among the crowd.

Features of Hime Cut with Side Parting

  • Looks great on people with thick mane
  • Hair remains quite short in this hime cut style
  • Side fringes and also the back side of the haircut look pretty short
  • It might resemble boy cut
  • The side parting and the short fringes make this hairstyle the best out there
  • To add more drama to your hairstyle, you can also colour your hair with vibrant colours like burgandy or purple highlights, etc.

9. Thick & Thin Hime Cut

Taylor Swift Portraying a Thick Bang and Thin Sidelocks Type Hime Cut

This hime cut style is as unique as its name. People all over the world have fallen in love with this hairstyle. If maintained properly, this style can make anyone look gorgeous and cute.

Features of Thick & Thin Hime Cut

  • Thick frontal fringe or bangs
  • Thin sidelocks pointing inwards
  • People with thin tresses can easily flatter this look

10. Baby Doll Hime Cut

Baby Doll Hime Hair Cut for Your Little Princess

If you have a round face, then you are going to ace this type of hime cut hairstyle. In fact, it looks equally good on people with an oval face cut.

Features of Baby Doll Hime Cut

  • Thick frontal bangs
  • Sidelocks should not cross your cheeks

You can also colour your hair to give it more vibrancy. And, guess what! You have just found out the hairstyle of your favourite manga

11. Sheer Bang Hime Cut

Sheer or Thin Bang Hime Cut for Sweaty Foreheads

Bold bang is one of the most beautiful features of the hime cut. But, it looks no less amazing if you keep sheer or thin bangs.

Features of Sheer Bang Hime Cut

  • Sheer but close-packed bangs; major difference between the sheer bang and the dissociated one
  • All the long and soft sidelocks need to fall beautifully
  • This hairstyle adds drama to any facial shape
  • This hairstyle is perfect for people with sweaty foreheads

A Few Interesting Tips to Maintain the Hime Cut Hairstyle

Well! I would not lie about it that if you don’t have straight hair naturally, then maintaining a typical hime cut can be quite difficult. The sidelocks need to stay at their place.

The frontal fringe must look straightened or at least, well-combed. Frequent touch-ups are necessary to maintain the look.

How to Maintain Hime Cut Style without Curlers

You can use natural ways to straighten your hair or you can use hair curlers or the hair straighteners as well.

Not all shampoos can protect straightened hair. So, you need to use a special shampoo for your straightened tresses.

The bangs and the side locks would not complement each other if those look harsh or rough. So, make sure to use proper hair serum or hair conditioner for softer and bouncier hair locks. Once a month hair spa can also improve the quality of your hair.

On days when the humidity is pretty high, you will find that your curler is refusing to straighten your hair. To save your date or party night, all you need is a hime cut wig. There are thousands of hime cut wig sellers around the market; choose the best.

At present, hime cut is popular in the United States, South Korea (where K-Pop artists frequently portray the hime cut style), Japan, and in many other countries. Pixie and Bob Cut, both are modern-day hime cuts that are quite popular in western countries.

Last but not the least, hime cut styles do not have proper names or definitions. There are hundreds of patterns or styles that can be created with every single hime cut. So, ‘dear princess’, cut your hair the way you like it.

That’s all for today! If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Follow us on Instagram for more such interesting stuff. Take care; celebrate life.

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