How To Make Nail and Cuticle Oil at Home: Simple DIY

Happy Rainy Monday my angels! I know that many of you are frowning at me right now. But, I love Monsoon and each season comes with its own pros and cons. 

I am sorry for this delay in writing a blog. July is gonna be the busiest month of this year for me. Actually I have an exam in August, so gearing hard for that. Anyways, today I am gonna share a simple DIY to make Cuticle Oil easily at your home.


I never understood the importance of a cuticle oil until recently I was trying to find a remedy for the peeling and cracking of my nails. 
To make this, we need such an oil that is full of Vitamin E and antioxidants. I immediately jumped upon my Almond oil from Mitti Se. You might have read about this brand on my last blog. This almond oil is just amazing. The aroma is kinda amazingly sweet. These days, I am using it in many of my DIYs. I am gonna share about a magic hair mask very soon. 


  • Almond Oil: Vitamin E and antioxidants are abundantly found in this oil. I have also taken this because it is easily found. But alternatives are: JOJOBA oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil etc. 
  • Lavender Oil: Whenever I think of Lavender, my mind freshens up. In this recipe I have used Juicy Chemistry Bulgarian Lavender Oil which is one of the highest grades of Lavender Oil. It is very very potent. Lavender oil has strong anti bacterial property. But alternatively Lemon EO/Rosemary/Tea Tree EO can also be used.
I took around 10ml of almond oil and nearly 2ml of Lavnder oil (40 drops). Simply just mixed the two. Tada! It is ready. I think this was the most simple DIY I have ever made :)). 

I am using this oil for the last 1.5 weeks. Honestly, my nails look more healthier and shiney now. They have started becoming stronger and also the growth rate has increased a bit. I am just amazed at the result. 

I hope you like this DIY. That is all for today. Take care. Love you all my angels. I would be back very soon. Celebrate womanhood with me. 
Thank you for reading. Do you love DIYs too like me?  Please share your thoughts here. Love you all.
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