Why pH Value Check is Must for DIYs? A Brief Intro

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A warm welcome to Cosmetics Arena my dear friends. Today I am going to discuss a very sensitive issue. I think this is something which has already started prevailing upon the Cosmetics Industry. 
Before digging up further, I want to ask something my dearies..do you Google a lot for DIYs and love to try them at home? If the answer is yes..then my angels..it is an alarm.
Skin and its relationship with pH 
pH means potential of hydrogen ions in a solution. The more hydrogen ions, lesser the pH value. No..😛I would not make it a science class..😄😄😄..it is much simpler than that.
The pH scale is divided in three parts. 
If the value is within 1 to 7— the solution is acidic
pH = 7..neutral solution like water
pH greater than 7 indicates basic solution.



Now, what is the relation?
Our skin lies in the acidic zone, generally it is 5.5, but it may vary. Typically the value ranges from 4 to 7. 
That means if we use anything greater than pH 7, it may damage our skin. That is the prime reason behind why we should not use soap (basic) on our face.


How to determine pH at home?

There are several methods, like you can buy a pH meter at home or you can use universal pH indicators. I use Blue Litmus paper which are available easily in the local chemist shop or online..😊😊. Litmus papers are quite cheaper also..😊😊..I bought 100 strips only at Rs.30..yay..😃😃😃


Relationship between pH and DIY
We all love DIYs. They sound healthier, more natural and also very inexpensive. But, they also come with a potent danger.

Many of you might have heard of no-shampoo DIY i.e. Baking powder-Apple Cidar Vinegar rinse. The whole internet stormed over that. Simple it was..wash your hair with Baking Powder, then rinse with Apple Cidar Vinegar. Many bloggers believed that it would replace the conventional shampoos. It could have done so, but alas!!! Here are the pics of Litmus paper after dipping into the two solutions..shocking..😱😱

Baking Soda Test: No color change indicates pH>8, extremely abrasive to skin
Vinegar Test: Pink color indicates extremely acidic
As I had discussed earlier in my Home made Chocolate scrub DIY that Blue Litmus papers become red or pink when the pH value is within 4.5. From 5 to 8, it becomes purple and remains blue in basic solution that is greater than 8. Well, it is a con that Litmus papers can only indicate the nature of solution, but can not measure an accurate value..😒😒
Now, imagine what may happen if we imbalance our scalp pH within such a short frame of time. Same thing happened to many beautiful ladies. They disrupted the pH balance of scalp and eventually went through serious hazards.
There was another hack: rub menthol based toothpaste on your black heads, they would be clean and clear. Oh gosh!! it is absurd, toothpastes are extremely basic, pH is way more than the standard skin pH.
So, what I mean to say is quite simple. My friends, use DIYs at home. But do not blindly depend on any methods. Some very popular xyz website and respectable personality has prescribed the DIY, so it is safe..one may say that. But, NO! That does not prove its authentication. In fact, I would say that my angels, counter question this article as well dearies. Cross check every details. I have attached the pictures, but double check those at home..😊pH checking is a must. Because ultimately, you love your skin more than anyone else do..😄
pH value and Cosmetics
The same rule is applicable to Cosmetics also.  If you frequently change your brand, then my dear at least check the pH to know what you are applying on your skin and hair. Now a days, Cosmetics brands sometimes do label their products as pH balanced.  If you are using those, then excellent..😊Here are two more pics of pH strips.


Purple indicates pH value lies within 5 to 8 i.e safe..😊


No color change indicates extremely basic
I hope my article and illustrations help you. Be a logical Cosmetics and DIY lover my dear, do not let your skin pay the price.
That is all for today, love you my angels. Take care sweethearts. Celebrate womanhood proudly..😊

Thank you for reading. Please leave your valuable comments here. Love you all..😊

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