Time Management for Beauticians: 6 Ways to Improve It

Beauticians often find it tiresome to run between appointments and clients. Here is a guide how they can manage their busy schedule.

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A busy day in a beauty salon can go by faster than you expect it. Running from one customer to another and taking care of other problems in-between the clients make for a hectic schedule.

Since the work is so busy, it is common to face time-management problems. Even if the work seems to be going well, some beauticians still find themselves overworking or having to get up early to take care of some things before their first client comes.

Spotting the source of lacking time is not that simple if you hardly have a moment to spare. Moreover, it is not necessarily a problem itself but rather your approach to certain stuff that goes in a salon. 

Below, you will find seven solid ways to make time management easier for beauticians. Utilize the information below, and you should notice that there are more minutes in your day.

#1 Use Automation Tools for Appointments

Dealing with client bookings is one of the most time-consuming aspects of working as a beautician. Phone calls and text messages that you cannot ignore as well as random visits to a salon might take longer than expected.

But what if there was a way to reduce wasted time and make booking appointments more efficient?

Getting a mobile app for beauty professionals could come in handy. An application that lets beauticians create a personal page and include relevant information, including available time slots, would allow customers to book directly without needing to get in touch with a beautician first.

#2 Learn to Manage Interruptions

Interruptions are not that common in a beauty salon, but they can still happen. For example, someone might come in and try to sell you various beauty products. Unless you are free or are interested, you should not take too long to chat and get back to your work.

Your work might also get interrupted because you did not check your supplies and ran out of them. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to check everything at the start of the day so that you do not have to panic and waste minutes fixing everything while the customer has to wait.

Know How a Beuatician can Manage Time

#3 Hire Help

Help can come in different forms. One of the first things that come to mind is accounting. Taking care of expenses and earnings requires a certain fiscal understanding, but the issue lies in the fact that a manager or a regular beautician has to do this work. 

You have to prioritize accounting because it is an important aspect of running a business, but hiring a professional accountant would mean more time on the actual beauty work.

Collaborations with various brands and influencers are worth a shout as well. If a beauty business is looking to advertise it, working with well-established brands would mean fewer resources, including time, to come up with a marketing strategy from scratch. 

#4 Avoid Procrastination

It is tempting to spend time on your smartphone and browse social media or play games. Or, you might want to talk to a coworker instead of doing your job. 

Unless you have finished everything you need, it is necessary to avoid procrastination and focus on your work instead. You can relax after you are done. A few minutes every hour or so that you waste on the phone add up throughout the day, and it is to be expected that you end up barely making it on time or having to work overtime.

#5 Relax From Overworking

Even though you are busy, you should not work yourself too hard. Exhaustion and fatigue come from not taking breaks when you need to, and such an approach is not great for your health.

Lacking energy is usually a good sign that you are not taking enough breaks. And if you do not, it is to be expected that the work productivity suffers, leading to more time wasted or utilized inefficiently. 

#6 Take Care of Certain Tasks in Advance

Taking care of some things in advance is a good way to prepare for the week and have fewer worries. Not only is it a good way to save time, but you will also have less pressure psychologically because you will know that some matters are already taken care of.

For example, if you have an hour or so free on Sunday, go through your appointments for the next week and follow up with customers to confirm that they will come. 

If there are some products you are about to run out of, do the shopping on the weekend or early in the morning before work, so you do not have to leave the salon randomly.

And, that’s all for today! Make sure to share this article with all your beautician friends if you find it helpful. Take care; celebrate life.

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