It’s Time to Meet 3 Inspiring Bong Women Entrepreneurs!

Women empowerment is not just another heavy word, it's a mindset that helps to grow every woman out there. In this edition, I have tried to celebrate womanhood with 3 amazing superwomen. Cheers to all the women entrepreneurs!

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Meet 3 Inspiring Women!

Guess what! This week, I am celebrating 5 years of Cosmetic Arena. Yes, I still cannot believe it. The saga started in 2016.

I was always passionate about writing. But, never had I thought that I would write something on cosmetics and ingredients. Well! Destiny I must say.

In my earlier days, I used to talk about how the ingredients of cosmetics play a major role and now, I write about not only cosmetics but also fashion/lifestyle/health.

With more than 55000 visitors around the globe every month, Cosmetics Arena is one of the best beauty blogs in India.

In these 5 years, I have come across a number of amazing women who all have inspired me from time to time. My mother should be the first woman to start with.

The list contains names of a few beauty bloggers as well who all have encouraged me a lot. To be honest, it’s a never-ending list.

Pretty recently, I came to know that there are several buyers and sellers groups on Facebook. And, in one such group, I met some amazing women.

Meet Three Amazing Bong Women Entrepreneurs

These women are not only creative but also are visionaries. They know their dreams and are also extremely hard working. It is highly possible that you have never heard of any of them. But, trust me! You are going to love their work.

Their creations have made me so happy that I want to share them with every one of you. Cosmetics Arena has always been about celebrating womanhood. So, Let’s meet these 3 superwomen.

1. Tanaya Bardhan: The Founder of SunnY16

Tanaya is one of the loveliest chocolate-makers I have ever met. She would make you feel comfortable from the very first day.

I have bought a dozen of chocolates from her at least. All are balanced in sweetness and taste.

Well! It would be a lie if I say that she is the best chocolate maker out there. But, what makes her stand out from the crowd is her passion.

Handmade Chocolates by Tanaya Bardhan under the branding of SunnY16

She understands the needs and demands of her customers. And, she keeps introducing new patterns and twisted tastes which are made perfect for every occasion.

In her own words…..

I had always been passionate about chocolate making. I used to make small bites every now and then at home. After my son was born, I left my job.

Everything went good for sometime and then, I started feeling vacant and aimless. I was planning to hop in something else but then Covid hit. And, the world entered into Lockdown.

So, I started baking cakes and making chocolates at home to keep me occupied. And on a fine day, I thought of branding everything I make. That’s how SunnY16 was born which is named after my son.

Yummy Fruits and Nuts Chocolates by SunnY16

I have tasted a number of chocolates made and curated by Tanaya. The best and the most unique ones are Toblerone Choco Fudge, Choco Bonbon, Truffle Dates & Nuts, Belgium Chocolate Bites, Dark Chocolate made with Ghana Beans, Fruit Fill Bars, etc.

She has tons of customization options so that your taste bud never feels dessertless. Craving for chocolates already? Well! Simply message Tanaya here so that you never run out of chocolates.

2. Sreya Bose Saha: The Owner of Saajkatha

Sreya is another wonder-lady. She is an Acer when it comes to handmade jewellery. She paints beautifully and her creations are not only beautiful but also affordable.

Beautiful Handmade Jewellery by Sreya Bose Saha The Owner of Saajkatha

Sreya says…

It all started since the lockdown. The devastation inspired me to become more strong, more positive, and made me explore myself more.

And I chose to create something elegant yet economical.

Handmade Neckpiece Set with MAdhubani Drawing by SaajkathaI have bought two sets of neckpieces and earrings from her amazing collections, all are eye-catching I must say.

From earrings to bangles, you would find everything in her kitty. All are carefully handmade and beautifully curated.

She has everything for every budget. Curious to try one out? Just talk to Sreya here.

3. Madhumita Banerjee: The Founder of Granny’s Cookies

Madhumita is one such baker who can cheer you up in seconds. She is full of energy. Just like her endless energy, her cakes & cookies are full of life too.

In my 32  years of life, I have tried out varieties of bakery items. I literally adore cakes, brownies, muffins, and cookies. Considering my experience, I can assure you that Madhumita offers the best in class.

Cookies, Brownies, Muffins, and Cakes Made by Madhumita Banerjee The Owner of Granny's Cookies

The affordable price tags would compel you to wonder how the taste and the quality are not compromised. As I always say that when the ingredients are pure, you know that you have found the best in class.

Madhumita says, 

I used to bake cakes and cookies for my son and husband. And, they always used to inspire me to open my own bakery house.

So, just a year back, when I finally thought to give it a go, I did not just randomly start. I waited and researched a lot regarding taste and ingredients.

And when I finally felt that I can satisfy the tastebuds of cake lovers, Granny’s Cookies was born.

I personally can vouch for the walnut brownies; amazing, heavenly!! Are you feeling hungry already? Well! You can contact Madhumita here.

A Concluding Note…

Nope, the article does not end here. As I said, we keep meeting amazing people throughout our lives. Apart from these 3 women, I have come across some more amazing women too.

Kamalika from Kuhutan Art is a garment seller and is a wonderful human being. Jaya Chakraborty, a kind-hearted woman who is actually a perfume maker. And, there are many more names.

All these women are inspiring and visionaries in their own ways. Women entrepreneurs like them want to do something different from everyone else.

Every month, I try to encourage at least 3-4 such small scale women entrepreneurs. I keep buying things from them just like that. Well! I believe that it is just the first step. The next Falguni Nayar is right among us. All she needs is a lot of encouragement and a little push.

And, that’s all for today! Share this article with your friends and family if you find it interesting and helpful. Take care; celebrate life.

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