5 Interesting Things that I am Going to Buy from The Great Indian Festival

Every year the Great Indian Festival on Amazon offers a number of amazing deals and crazy offers. Take a look at my wishlist for this year where I have added 5 interesting things.

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The Great Indian Festival is here. It is already live for the Prime members. Honestly, I miss it almost every year. Either, my stock remains full or my wishlist does not get ready.

But, this year, I have prepared my wishlist way before the biggest shopping festival. A huge number of deals and offers are available this year. And, I am going to buy at least a few things from this wishlist. So, let’s check out.

1. Raw Honey

Raw Honey is in My Wishlist for the Coming Great Indian Festival

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This is something I am definitely going to purchase. Lately, I have started drinking raw honey and lemon water in the morning. Apart from that, I use honey in my face packs and hair packs too. But, the honey I am using is not pure at all.

In fact, there are a handful number of brands only that sell unadulterated honey. Sugar is found in most cases.

Just a week back, I came to know about True Elements Raw Honey. ‎This is honey is free from artificial colours and Preservative. It is also Unpasteurized, Unprocessed, Additive Free. Indeed, amazing! Check out the link to purchase a big tub of 350g honey today.

2. Smart Watch 

Smart watch is in my wishlist for Great Indian Festival

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Guess what! I have already ordered a smartwatch from Amazon. This is something I always wanted to buy. This type of watch not only has a crazy smart appearance but also makes life pretty simpler.

I watch I have bought is Amazfit Bip U Pro. And, I am so happy right now that I cannot tell you properly even. With a smartwatch like this, you can manage your calls, notifications, your regular exercise activity, music, simple commands like setting up an alarm, and there are many more things that you can do with your smartwatch.

Check out the link above to buy one for you today!

3. Micellar Water

Garnier Micellar Water is in My Wishlist for Great Indian Shopping Festival

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I have been using Garnier Micellar Water for the last 2 years now. And, I absolutely love it! My stock of micellar water is almost over. So, I have added this product to the wishlist.

The discount this shopping festival is offering is quite mesmerizing. It would be a sin straightaway if I do not utilize this offer. Are you looking for a Micellar Water too? Why don’t you check out the link?

4. Tea Tree Essential Oil

aroma treasures tea tree essential oil One of the Products I would Buy during the Great Indian Festival

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I always keep Tea Tree Essential at my home. Undoubtedly it is a multi-purpose oil that everyone should keep at home. My stock is almost over this year.

Whenever I talk about essential oils, I cannot trust every brand out there. At present, I am using Aroma Treasures Tea Tree Essential Oil that is unadulterated and is quite pure. The price is reasonable too. Check out the link given above if you want to purchase pure essential oil too.

5. Wireless Earphone

Boat Wireless Headset is in My Wishlist Too

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To cope with today’s super busy lifestyle, the gadgets need to be smart as well. And thus, just like the smartwatch, this gadget has become necessary too.

Whether you want to receive your calls on the go or you want to enjoy flawless music all the time without the hassles of wire, you need it.

I have wishlisted one from the Boat. It has enhanced bass and 30 hours of playback time. Definitely, this is something I am going to purchase from this Great Indian Festival.

Well! My article ends here for sure, but there are endless deals and offers going on every product. Latest mobile phones, smart gadgets, groceries, fashionable clothes, beauty products, etc.

And that’s all for today. Share this article with your friends and family if you find it interesting. Take care; celebrate life. Happy shopping!!

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