4 Weeks of Hair Care Ritual with Minimalist Hair Serum: Was It Worth Spending Time?

Minimalist hair serum is quite on-trend among netizens. But, what is my opinion about this serum with 5% Maleic Bond Repair Complex Hair Serum? Did I like its formulation? Is It effective for all hair types? Will I recommend and repurchase it? Know all the answers here.

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Minimalist Hair Serum Review with Ingredient Analysis

I have quite a specific haircare routine. It consists of only 3 steps i.e. oiling, cleansing, and conditioning. I keep the routine as minimal as possible as I rarely get time to pamper myself.

Well! Recently when I came across several videos about this particular variant of Minimalist hair serum, I could not resist trying it out. Honestly, I bought it around 4 months back. But, I started testing it in mid-February only.

As I find it hard to manage time. Thus, I chose every Sunday as the most suitable time. Since then, I have tried out this hair serum at least 4 times.

So, what is my opinion about Minimalist 5% Maleic Bond Repair Complex Hair Serum? Did I like its formulation? Is It effective for all hair types? Will I recommend and repurchase it? Know all these answers in the following sections.

Minimalist Maleic Bond Repair Complex 5% Hair Serum Review with Ingredient Analysis

Basic Details about Minimalist 5% Maleic Bond Repair Complex Hair Serum

Price: INR 499 for 50ml

Shelf Life: 18 months from manufacturing date

Minimalist Hair Serum with 5 Percent Maleic Bond

Shop Now|| INR 474

What does the Brand Claim about Minimalist Hair Serum with 5% Maleic Bond Repair Complex?

Introducing a pre-shampoo hair repair serum featuring a Patent Pending blend of Maleic Acid, Transglutaminase, and Amino Acids designed to rejuvenate damaged hair and enhance strength.

Enriched with Argan Oil, Squalane, and Coconut Oil, this formulation deeply nourishes hair, promoting softness and fostering overall hair health from within.

Minimalist Hair Serum Ingredient Analysis

As you can see, Minimalist has tried its best to keep the ingredient list short and simple. With only 21 ingredients, this list of components surprised me a lot. Let’s check out the function of every component of this Minimalist Hair Serum with a 5% Maleic Bond.

Ingredients of Minimalist Hair Serum with 5 Percent Maleic Bond Repair Complex

1. Capryl/Capric Triglycerides

It helps to thicken the texture and also

2. Coconut Oil

One of the best hair oils that moisturizes and nourishes both the hair strands and the scalp.

3. Isoamyl Laurate

It helps to enhance the texture of the product.

4. Pentylene Glycol

A widely used agent that acts both as solvent and texture-enhancer.

5. Maleic Acid

This magical ingredient helps to repair damaged hair strands.

6. 4-t-Butylcyclohexanol

It is a soothing agent that reduces skin irritation & redness.

7. Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

Also known as Argan Oil, has high levels of Oleic and Linoleic which are beneficial for overall hair growth.

8. Squalane

An amazing naturally extracted oil (either from olive or sugar cane), that can tame frizz and also prevent moisture loss.

10. Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil

Just like coconut oil, this oil also nourishes the scalp and the hair strands.

11. Beta-Carotene

Enriched with Vitamin A, it helps to restore the lustre of dry hair by triggering the oil glands on the scalp.

12. Cysteine

A type of hair protein that builds a protective shield around the hair strands and also makes the hair softer.

13. Leucine

Another protein that works the same way Cysteine does.

14. Isoleucine

An important amino acid that prevents hair breakage. and stops premature hair loss.

15. Phenylalanine

It has been seen that products rich in Phenylalanine can reverse premature hair greying and boost hair regrowth.

16. Arginine

By improving blood circulation throughout the scalp, this component helps to promote hair growth.

17. Transglutaminase

An enzyme that acts both as a binder and also as a hair-strengthening agent.

18. Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract

A beneficial herb extract that can provide a natural sheen to the hair strands, improves blood circulation and strengthens the strands.

19. Tocopherol

The antioxidants in Vitamin E aka Tocopherol help prevent hair loss and provide a beautiful shine to the hair strands.

20. Fragrance

Well! As always, I believe that fragrance is an unnecessary addition to a brilliant formulation. The brand could have at least mentioned whether they have used an allergen-free fragrance or not.

21. BHT

BHT which is also known as Butylated Hydroxytoluene prevents the oxidation of various ingredients in cosmetic products, which prolongs their shelf life. Additionally, BHT can help protect hair from damage caused by exposure to air, sunlight, and other environmental factors.

However, the safety of BHT is a topic of ongoing debate and research. Hence, I believe that Minimalist could have easily found an alternate solution instead of including this debatable ingredient in the formulation.

Overall, except for the last 2 ingredients, all the other ingredients are more or less safe. The formulation is quite well-researched. Hence, I would love to rate the ingredients of Minimalist 5% Maleic Bond Repair Complex Hair Serum 4.5 out of 5.

Packaging, Aroma, Colour, and Texture of Minimalist Hair Serum

A glass-made container along with a dropper, such is the packaging of this hair serum. The dropper works perfectly fine. The packaging is brilliant to prevent spillage and wastage.

Despite containing several oils, this serum has a lightweight texture that is easy to apply and massage through the strands.

Packaging of Minimalist Hair Serum with 5 Percent Maleic Bond Repair Complex

The aroma is something that I have never experienced before. It is unique and a bit strong. The fragrance would not cause you any headache rather it is manageable.

As the ingredient list says, this hair serum is free from colourants and dyes. Indeed a great product formulated by Minimalist.

My Experience with Minimalist Maleic Bond Repair Complex 5% Hair Serum

According to the brand, this serum should be a part of a pre-shampoo hair care routine. So, here is how I applied the serum.

At first, I applied oil throughout my scalp and roots.

I kept the ends oil-free so that I could apply this serum there. About 10 drops is what I took on my palm and ran my finger through the ends & the strands for an even application.

Texture of Minimalist Hair Serum with 5 Percent Maleic Bond

To maximize the efficacy of the oil and serum, I wore a head mask and kept it in tact for 1 hour.

After that, with the help of a mild shampoo, I cleaned my scalp and washed off the serum.

Well! It’s been 4 weeks now that I applied this Minimalist Hair Serum. Quite easy is its application and washing off is also hassle-free. Here are the things that I have observed so far-

  • Hair strands especially the ends have become easy to comb and detangle.
  • The texture of the hair feels nice and manageable.
  • Frizzing has not stopped as genetically my hair is frizzy and tangled.
  • But, hair definitely looks shiny and bouncy even after 2 days of application. The serum has also strengthened up my hair.

All these things that I have observed are the outcome of applying the serum for 4 times. I am pretty sure that with prolonged application, the breakage will be more minimized.

Has Minimalist Hair Serum with 5% Maleic Bond Any Side Effects?

Absolutely no. My dry hair has responded pretty well to this serum. Often people have sensitive scalp. For them, this is definitely going to be a sigh of relief as this serum has been formulated entirely for the hair strands.

So, anyone with any hair texture can apply this serum. This variant of Minimalist Hair Serum has no side effects at all.

Is Minimalist Hair Serum Good or Bad?

Well! I will definitely vote an ‘yes’ for this serum. Just like popular opinion, this hair serum is truly amazing. It delivers the exact result as it is supposed to. Definitely, Minimalist Hair Serum is one of the best affordable hair serums in India.

Would I Recommend or Repurchase Minimalist Hair Serum?

The answer is a big 'yes' to both the questions. The serum stands up to the promise made by the brand.
It has a great formulation. I could not experience the less breakage claim as I have no split hair ends at present.
But, it is for sure that hair becomes manageable, soft, and easy to comb. Hence, I would love to repurchase and recommend Minimalist Hair Serum to every dry hair beauty.


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