Does Shampoo Stop Hairfall? A Brief Insight

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Hiii my dear princesses, how are you all? Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Today I am here to talk about a very sensitive issue that has been haunting me since my childhood days. 
I think most of us are familiar with Anti Hairfall shampoos. From my experiences, earlier I was a big fan of these shampoos. It was not because of their effectiveness, but because of the gigantic product claims by the companies.

Over the years, I have used many anti hairfall shampoos. Some of them accelerated the damage, some controlled it. But one thing never happened and that is a complete full stop to hairfall.

I have read many articles on it and finally have understood one thing, a good anti hairfall shampoo (P.S: without any harmful components) can control hair fall only that means it would stop the hair from further shedding but can not stop it forever.
Many a times, I have heard others saying that xyz shampoo stopped my hairfall completely but as soon as I switched to other brand, hairfall started again.
The root causes of female hair loss are various:
  1. Pollution.
  2. Androgenetic Alopecia A.K.A female or male pattern baldness.
  3. Harmful chemical laden shampoos.
  4. Malnutrition and improper diet.
  5. Excessive use of hair styling products.
  6. Genetic issues.
These are some common reasons, but there are many other things.
If we take point 2 and 6, I suggest for these problems, proper medication under expert’s guidance should be taken. But the other problems can be treated with intense care and with some effective home remedies.
Here I would like to mention one thing, that before trying any DIY at your home, please check whether the solution is pH balanced or not. I would write an article very soon about it to show why pH value is important and how you can check pH value at home easily.
Indian Basil and Aloe Vera are amazing to treat hair problems


I wonder again when I see a shampoo is claiming to regrow hair. Yes hair regowth is possible, infact I have written an effective article on it (read here). But here again I am compelled to say that for a shampoo it is almost impossible.
My dearies, try to think once again in a nutshell of the ingredient list of any shampoo. It mostly starts with water the base..then comes the surfactants, emulsifiers, conditioners, and lastly preservatives. And you will find the herbs at the end or in between somewhere. That means, what we get in a herbal shampoo bottle can never be compared with the herb itself.
Once I remember, I was in a very famous luxurious cosmetics shop. I picked up an item and the S.A told me that madam it is banana shampoo..made of real banana extracts. Yes, banana was mentioned in the list but one needs a great effort to find it…😄😛😛😛
I would like to conclude this article saying that our grannies and great grannies were mostly dependant on oils and home remedies. Probably that is why they had enviable mane.
Many things have left to be covered yet but this article has already become long…😃😃 So, this is it for today. I will cover an article regarding pH value soon. 
I hope you like it. This article is the result of my long term experiences and experimentations as well.
Love you my angels. Take care and cherish womanhood all the time…😊😊😊😊

 Thank you for reading. Do  you have different opinion? Please share your experiences here. Love you all.😊

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