Khadi Natural: A Good or a Bad Brand?

Is Khadi Natural a good or a bad brand? What do the key ingredients refer? Is it preservative-free? Know all the answers here.

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The Mystery Behind the Key Ingredients of Khadi Natural Products

For a long time, Biotique and Khadi Natural, both the Desi brands have occupied most of the Indian cosmetic market. Most of the people love the products as those come with pretty reasonable price tags. And, such products are also effective to some extent.

Mystery Behind Khadi Natural Product Labels.

But, what the majority of people misses is to check the ingredients of those products. Honestly, during my early days, I used to purchase 2-3 Biotique products every month. The Biotique Apricot shower gel was quite good. In fact, I recommended Biotique products to many.

Everything changed since the time I started reading ingredient lists of cosmetics. I can still remember how I used to walk to the stores to go through the labels of the newly launched products. I used to check the safety and the functionality of the ingredients.

In all these years, I have learned loads of things and I am still learning.

One thing that gave me quite a shock was ‘Key Ingredients’. I found such labels on Khadi Natural, Biotique, and on many other products.

I was taken aback to find how Biotique sells Preservative free products yet never discloses how their products have 2-3 years of shelf life. Check out here to know about the mystery behind Biotique ingredient labels.

The labels of Khadi natural products were quite shocking to me as well. I found that Khadi Natural mention both ‘Ingredients’ and ‘Key Ingredients’ on their labels. But, the real question is whether they reveal the complete ingredient list?

To analyze my point of view, I have analyzed the ingredients of two Khadi Natural products that I have used so far. One is the Shikakai Shampoo and the other one is Mint & Cucumber Toner. So, let’s take the discussion forward.

Ingredient Analysis of Khadi Natural Shampoo

Khadi Natural Shampoo Ingredients and the Mystery Behind Key IngredientsAll the details mentioned above have been extracted from the official website of Khadi Natural. As you can see, according to the brand the ingredients added to the shampoo are only 6.

But, it can be seen clearly that the shampoo is black in colour. It means the colour is added to the shampoo too. But, the brand has not mentioned it.

Moreover, Khadi Natural products usually come with a shelf life of 2 years. That means preservatives are there too. The brand has overlooked this part too.

I think the whole scenario is quite contradictory itself. On one hand, the brand labels it as ‘Ingredients’, on the other hand, they provide an incomplete ingredient list. This is confusing indeed.

Honestly, I love Desi products that are light on the price tag and are effective. In my articles, I have always tried to showcase products that are Made in India. But, an incomplete ingredient list only makes things worse and dubious. Now, let’s take a look at the ingredients of Khadi Natural Mint & Cucumber Toner.

Ingredient Analysis of Khadi Natural Mint & Cucumber Face Spray 

Ingredient Analysis of Khadi Natural Mint & Cucumber Face Spray 

Well! As you can from the picture, the brand has used the term ‘Key Ingredients’ to describe the ingredients put in the formulation.

As per the brand, apart from water, 4 ingredients are used here namely Water, Peppermint Extract, Lemon Peel Extract, Aloevera Extract, and Cucumber Extract are used here. And, the base is used in quantity sufficient (Q.S.).

I am glad that the brand has mentioned the term ‘Key components’ clearly. But, what about the colour, fragrance, emollient, and the preservatives used here. Most importantly, what about the base elements? All questions remain unanswered.

Indeed, Khadi Natural has clearly mentioned that their products are free from SLS, Parabens, and Mineral Oil. But, claiming something is not enough until the brand mentions the ingredients clearly.

Is Paraben the Only Threat?

Whenever we talk about safe ingredients, we always find a list of brands that are Paraben-free. But, is Paraben the only threat?

Through all these years, I have learned that declaring a brand Paraben-free is not enough because there are many harmful components than Paraben such as BHT, BHA, etc.

In fact, the harmful effects of Paraben are yet under study and research.

So, I believe that if you use Parabens knowingly, it is much better than using some other ingredients unknowingly.

Tips to Remember to Choose the Right Product

  • Read the labels carefully
  • It is better to use products where the ingredients are mentioned properly
  • It is also important to know that if water is used in a product, it can never be preservative free
  • Paraben is not the only threat; there are many harmful threats in the cosmetic world
  • Price does not say anything about the product or the brand, it is the ingredients that say everything

Khadi: Is It Good or Bad?

Well! As I have explained so far, I have nothing against the brand. I do recommend some of their products too. Just make sure, you know the ingredients well.

Or, if you find key ingredients on the label, do not end up in believing that the product is made with the key ingredients only.

Rest is assured that if you find the product effective, consider Khadi a good brand and vice versa.

Last but not the least, just the way we check all our food ingredients carefully, cosmetic products must be checked too. After all, cosmetic feed the biggest system of our body and that is skin system.

That’s all for today! I hope you find this article helpful. Make sure to share it with your friends and family. Also, follow us on Instagram for more such interesting contents. Take care.

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