5 Reasons Why You Need to Try Waxing At Home

Are you tired of all the waxing hassles? Well! It's time to try a new waxing at home service. Check out everything about that here.

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You probably would know about At Home Salon turning into the convenient choice over rushing to salons during wedding celebrations. Putting our best self forward for the celebrations ought to be at the highest point of our daily schedule.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of us hardly get time to look into the mirror during these chaotic days. In such cases, We hardly get any time to book an appointment with our regular go-to salon for your desired beauty care services. That’s where at home salons make all the difference.

How Waxing At Home Services Work?

Waxing is a typical process & the experts sent by Swagmee Waxing at Home Services near Delhi NCR will do their best to make sure that you have pain free waxing experience.


1. Arrangement

 In the very first step, what they will do is that they will make a comfortable and clean set-up. Disposable sheets will be used for easy post-waxing cleanup. The experts will carry all the waxing supplies needed for waxing to your doorstep.

2. Application

The Swagmee skincare experts will follow a pre-decided procedure to perform the waxing treatment.

  • They will make that your skin has no moisture and if it is there, they will apply powder/pre-waxing gel on your skin.
  • Hot wax will be applied using a wax applicator towards the direction of the hair growth.
  • Will rub the wax strip on the area where the wax was applied till it sticks to it.
  • Will pull the strip in one go in the direction opposite to hair growth and immediately they will press the waxed skin with a damp cloth to reduce the pain.
  • A post-waxing lotion will be used to moisturize your skin.

The same procedure will be repeated throughout and your body will be wiped with a warm cloth and excess wax if any would be washed off to avoid the stickiness.

Know How to Avail Waxing at Home Services Offered by Swagmee Near Delhi

Here is the list of reasons why one should choose waxing at home services near Delhi NCR.

1. Easy & Convenient

The wedding season is the time of the year when all the beauty parlours are packed with clients. Hence, getting an appointment for a lengthy service like waxing is an impossible task. Miraculously, if you manage to get an appointment as per availability, adjusting your schedule accordingly is another task.

To save yourself from all these hassles, book Swagmee, which is much convenient.

2. Comfort Of Your Home

Our home has always been our biggest comfort zone. Also, waxing is a typical process and generally, it feels uncomfortable to allow another person to see our body hair.

By bringing the Salon to your home, you can avail a comfortable waxing experience while watching your favourite TV shows.

3. Saves You Money

Waxing treatment at home saves you money as well. You no longer need to travel to your regular beauty parlour. Also, you can get other discounts and offers as well.

Overall, waxing is a very practical, efficient, and reliable solution for hair removal. The Swagmee team will help your skin type undergo a specific waxing method & they will make sure that you feel satisfied and happy with your soft radiating skin.

Steps to Follow While Waxing at Home

3. Post-Waxing Tips From Swagmee

Their team of certified professionals not only provide you with the best experience but also with post-waxing consultations. Your Skin will remain safe and irritation-free.

Some tips are shared below:

  • Use A Cold Compress: Apply the cold compress on the area where you are experiencing inflammation or redness.
  • Don’t Pick At Ingrowns: Your skin becomes very sensitive after waxing, picking your ingrown hair can cause redness
  • Use Fragrance-Free Skincare: Fragrance should be in your perfume bottle not in skincare products. They can irritate your skin and make things worse.
  • Skip The Gym: Usually, gym-wear sticks to your skin and working out can result in friction in your outfit and skin.
  • Apply Cold Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera will hydrate and soothe your skin, making it perfect to use after waxing.
  • Don’t Exfoliate: Exfoliating right after waxing will cause micro-abrasions, hence don’t exfoliate for a few days.
  • Stay Out Of The Sun: Waxing strips takes off the outer protective layer of your skin, making it more prone to sun damage.

Book an appointment with Swagmee for a pleasant & luxurious waxing experience at your home, with exciting discounts and offers.

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