Home Made Chocolate Scrub cum Face Mask

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Howdy my dearies? Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. This week I have made a delicious and beneficial chocolate scrub cum face mask at home. Today I feel really happy to share this simple yummy recipe with all of you.
We all love chocolates. I just love the smell of chocolates and I can eat them whole day long..😛😛.
Chocolates are very very benificial to skin and health. But only dark chocolates or raw cocoa beans are good, not the commercially availabel sweet ones. 
Scientific experiments show that dark chocolate reduces sunburns, helps to produce new cells, increases elasticity and also lowers cholesterol level. Now let us focus to the main part.
  1. To make this DIY scrub cum face wash off, I have used Cadbury Cocoa powder which contains 99.9% cocoa solids.


2. Vitamin E tablets. I use Evion 400 mainly which are easy to get and quite inexpensive.
3.Brown sugar or organic sugar or sulpher free sugar for best result. I have used the last one.
4. Sufficient amount of water.
5.Lastly a small container to preserve or usage.
Step by Step Procedure
Step 1: I love to preserve my DIY packs,  it saves me from preparing them now and then. So, here I have used 4 big spoon full of Cocoa powder.
Step 2: Add sufficient amount of water to the bowl so that you can get a smooth texture. Do not make it runny.
Step 3: After making a smooth paste, add Vitamin E tablets. Vitamin E is actually a great moisturiser and surprisingly an awesome preservative too. So, I have taken the advantage here..😜
If you are using tablets, then just cut down the tablets in two halves and pour  the extract. Else you can use Vitamin E oil also.
Step 4:  Mix the ingredients and pour over a small container or bowl.
Step 5: The face mask is ready now, but if you want to use it as a scrub, just add sugar in it according to the requirement. 
If you want to preserve it as a scrub, my dearies, then never add sugar particles at the time of preparation..it will dissolve..😊😊. Add sugar only when you are going to use it. 
A Small pH Test
It is a Blue Litmus paper strip which indicates whether the solution is acid, base or neutral.
It becomes pink or red in contact with solution of pH value 4.5 or less, becomes purple when in contact with pH value of 4.5 to 8.3 and beyond this value it becomes colorless.
As you can see…I have dipped the strip within the chocolate and it has become dark purple that means it is nearly acidic and quite safe for skin…😊😊. Very soon I will share the relationship between Cosmetics and pH values.
***I love this face mask so much that I use it thrice a week. It gives me an instant glow and my skin feels moisturised***
Anyways, my queens..take care..love you. Treat your skin with this yumm yumm recipe and tell me the effects..😊😊. Celebrate womanhood..😄😄

Thank you for reading. Please leave your valuable comments here. Love you all..😊

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