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Hiii my fabulous friends. I hope you are living a rocking life.  Today I will talk about an amazing product which is somehow under rated I think.


Generally I do not buy aloe vera gels rather I love to use my natural aloe plant whenever needed. Somehow I felt that this Aloe Gel would be a great natural stuff.  
Price: Rs. 119 for 100g.
Availability: On the website of BON organics and its outlets. Also available on some e-commerce sites.

Ingredients: Pure aloe vera gel, no color is used.


As you can see from the picture that it is completely gel in texture and is very light. Absorbs immediately. It does not have any powerful fragrance but I have found a medicinal smell. 

Applications: I use it as an after wax care or after threading care. 
But here I would like to add another thing that my mom has found this one to be very effective for first and second degree burnings. I would not claim it to be a effective medicine for burning. But rather it is very handy for regular kitchen burnings. 
So, overall I must say that this one is far better than any other popular aloe gel. I found it to be a real great stuff. I highly recommend it. No cons from my side.
Love you all, take care my dear beautiful readers. Live life to the fullest and celebrate womanhood…😊😊😊

Thank you for reading. Please leave your valuable comments here. Love you all..😊

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