Blue Nectar Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser Review

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Best for Oily Skin

Welcome to CA my dear friends. Today’s review is about Blue Nectar Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser. I had already reviewed their Kumkumadi Serum, which was really amazing.


Blue Nectar believes in contemporary Ayurveda. And they have some amazing collections on their website
Royal blue is one of my favourite colours, so the name Blue Nectar kind of tempts me :). Now, let us talk about the product in details.
Price: INR 395 for 100ml or 3.4fl oz
Shelf Life: 3 years


You can find their products on the website, Amazon, Flipkart, Purplle and also on Zometo.
Product Description and Ingredients:



This is my favourite part. Because this is something which makes a product Hit in the market.
The components are mentioned both on the carton and also on the body. It has 8 vital herbs like Nagkesar, Gulab Ark, Aloe Vera etc. It has Phenoxyethanol as preservative. This paraben free formula is definitely intriguing. 
Another thing I would like to share here that it has 44% herbal ingredients which is quite impressive. Because if I compare with Biotique, I have seen hardly 23 to 25% herbal ingredients there. It also has no added color which I like a lot.
The rest is base material or surfactant base I guess which is mentioned as base qs (Quantum Satis or quantity satisfied).
I find the ingredients quite awesome :)). 
My Experience with Blue Nectar Shubhr Radiance Honey Face Cleanser
I have been using this cleanser for the last two weeks. So, it would be best if I share my experience on the basis of following things.
Scientific and travel friendly. It has a white spray cap which is tight enough and leak proof. The bottle is deep blue in colour. The left over product can be easily seen from outside.


Texture and Colour:
Thicky consistency and the colour is pale yellow. It lathers pretty well. Just one to two dollop is sufficient for an extreme dirt cleanup. 
Very very herbal and pleasant. The best part is it lingers for a long time. It smells cool and calm. Works like a morning charmer :)).

Honestly, I find this cleanser to be very promising. I take one to two dollop and massage it all over my face. It gives me a squirky clean feeling. I think it is a terrific formula for  oily skin. Oily skinned beauties would just love it. I have dry and sensitive skin. So, I usually do not skip my moisturising part afterwards.


This cleanser does not cause me any breakouts. In fact currently, I am facing few acne issues, triggered because of my Biotin supplement. But this cleanser did not irrirate or worsen those tiny bumps. 
So, here goes the best and worst parts.
  • Soothing herbal formula enriched with maximum goodness of herbs.
  • Small quantity is needed, so 100ml bottle would last for a long time. Thus the price is justifiable.
  • Lathers well.
  • Paraben free.
  • Does not cause any irritation or break outs.
  • Cleanse properly and leaves no trace of dirts.
  • Brightens face instantly.
  • Heavenly fragrance.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Honestly none. 
***CA IMPRESSION: 5/5***
Ofcourse I recommend this. Try this amazing herbal cleanser. It is suitable to sensitive skin also. It has already become one of my favourite face cleansers. I love the instant brightness it provides me.


That is all. Love you my sweethearts. Take care and celebrate womanhood all the time.
Thank you for reading. Have you used this product? Please share your experiences here. Love you all.

**PR sample sent by the Blue Nectar team. I am thankful to them. But the review is homest and self opined.

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