How to Identify Raw Shea Butter? Mystery Solved

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Hola my sweet angels, welcome to CA. Today I will talk about such a thing that I was supposed to put down long before. But somehow, I missed it.


We are all aware of Shea Butter. Many of you love to use this natural moisturiser.
Now a days, Cosmetics companies do use Shea butter a.k.a Butyrospermum Parkii in their products and people find the term quite intriguing. I am a big fan of Raw Body butters. Earlier I had discussed Mango Butter benefits. I love these butters because they are pure, more moisturising and no fear of preservatives or harmful chemicals. 
Weird Experience:
Now, there are varieties of Shea Butter available in the market. Not all the shea butters are ideal. I could not write this article right now unless I had noticed something a few months back. 



When my 3rd container of shea butter arrived, at first what I saw was the difference in the usual colour. It was ivory, but earlier I had used off white shea butter. I was surprised again because of a strong nutty aroma it has, which was missing too in the previous formula.
Usually I keep my shea butter in refrigerator becoz it melts too fast. One day, I forgot to keep it in the refregirator after application, and on that day the weather was horribly humid. In the evening when I opened it for reapplication, it was still solid. Oh God! the tiny 100g bottle was totally different from the last two. Then I stopped guessing and took the help of Google…of course my saviour.😊



What I found:

There are varieties of Shea Butter available in the market. Not all the shea butters are ideal. Shea butters can be off white..can be ivory or can be deep yellow in colour. Virgin, raw and unprocessed shea has strong nutty aroma which can be a turn off for customers, so manufacturers bleach the product and make it off white or white. Bleached version melts too fast and comes with reduced benefits of course.
Now between Ivory and yellow shea, of course the winner is yellow one. But it is very very pricey. So I am in the middle..😊😊..

Both Ivory and yellow Shea butters come from Ghana  of South Africa. Yellow one is from East Ghana and Ivory is from West according to the available information. Ivory is more solid, but yellow one is more softer and creamy and also packed with antioxidants.


Final verdict:
If you want to buy Raw, Virgin Shea Butter, check the label. If it says, Grade A then of course unbleached and good one. Though the color may vary i.e. it can be either Ivory or Yellow. 
If the label says Cosmetics grade then the color will be off white or white with reduced benefits. So, better not to spend bucks on those unless no other options left. 
So this is the knowledge I have gathered so far. Anyways, take care my dear friends. Love you all, take care and celebrate womanhood. 

Thank you for reading. Please leave your valuable comments here. Love you all..😊

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