How Bad is It to Put Body Lotion on Hair? A Brief Insight

Often people apply body lotion on hair. How good or bad effect it thrusts upon the delicate mane. Let's take a look!

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Effect of Body Lotion on Hair

Well! There are many people who love to use body lotion on their hair.

The reason is simple; most of the people are not aware of hair lotion.

And thus, they find it an the body lotion to be the best solution to moisturize hair.

In order to determine whether something is good for you or not, you need to look it up.

You need to find out whether the ingredients of the product suit you, if the product is even meant to be applied to a particular place, whether your skin will react positively to it, and the list goes on.

Coming back to the question, is it bad to put body lotion on your hair?

Actually, it is not a horrible idea to put body lotion on your hair, but it is also not the ideal hair-care product either.

In fact, prolonged use of putting body lotion on your hair can result in some disastrous outcomes. Let us know the adverse effects of body lotion on hair.

Greying of Hair Colour

The chemicals present in body lotions e.g. Lanolin, Fragrances, Parabens, DMDM Hydantoin, BHA, Non water-soluble Silicones are all might suit the skin. But when exposed to hair, they can cause discoloration.

Greasing of Hair

Body lotions contain more moisturizing elements as compared to hair lotions as they are specified to target the skin only. Such elements, when applied to hair roots, will cause hair to become greasy.

Hair Loss Due to Choosing Wrong Haircare Product

Excessive Hair Fall

The prolonged application of body lotion to hair can result in weakening of the hair strands and ultimately breakage leading to excessive hair fall.

Appearance of Dandruff

Greasy scalp tends to invite dandruff and ultimately, a flaky scalp that does not quite look appealing.

Some products are quite function-specific. For instance, hair care products would not give the same outcome if applied to your skin, and neither would be vice versa.

Hence, the application of body lotions should only be limited to the body and nowhere else.

However, if you’re keen on using it, you should look into hair lotions.

What is Hair Lotion?

Hair lotion performs multiple tasks. It can either coat your hair to prevent it from harmful external factors, hence making sure the strands do not dry out, or it can be used in hair styling to preserve it for a longer period of time.

Features of the Best Hair Lotion for Men

A hair lotion’s aim is to keep the moisture locked in your hair in order to protect your strands.

A hair lotion is a far better option than a hair gel because the former feels really lightweight on the hair, unlike the latter, which tends to feel heavier.

For these reasons, hair gels are now replaced by hair lotions to a great extent.

Product safety has never been more important, especially with several hair relaxer cancer lawsuits consolidated and proceeding. It is thus essential to be informed about which products for your hair are considered safe.

Undoubtedly, we all love multi-use products that not only save us a lot of money but also saves the effort given in finding the dedicated product.

But, as we discussed, body lotions have been specifically designed to moisturize your skin. In fact, the formulations vary as per the skin type.

The biggest blunder we make when we think that a person with dry skin must have a dry scalp as well. Which is an absolutely wrong notion.

A person with dry skin might have normal/dry/oily scalp type and vice versa.

Hence, a body lotion formulated for oily skin type will never be suitable for a dandruff-prone & oily scalp.

Moreover, the physical appearance and properties of hair strands are totally different from the skin hair. That’s also another reason why body lotions are not suitable for hair.

And, that’s all for today. If you find this article helpful, make sure to share it with your friends and family. Take care; celebrate life.

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