Everything You Wanted to Know about Chrysanthemum Tea

Check out the benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea and also how to make Chrysanthemum Tea. Also check out how to use this floral tea in skincare.

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Chrysanthemum Tea

Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea: Everything You Need to Know

I had always been a fan of floral teas. My attention was diverted from the regular tea to floral tea when I took Chamomile tea for the first time. Whoa! It felt divine. And since then, my love for floral teas has only been multiplied.

Lately, Chrysanthemum tea has become quite a popular floral tea. People all over the globe want to indulge in the extensive health benefits of Chrysanthemum tea.

In this article, apart from discussing the health benefits of Chrysanthemum tea, I have also discussed how to incorporate this floral tea into our skincare & haircare regimes. So, are you curious enough to know about it all? Let’s begin the journey.

Chrysanthemum Flowers in Brief

Chrysanthemum Flowers

In Asian and North-Eastern European countries, this flower is widely grown. According to the Greek language, the meaning of Chrysanthemum is Gold Flower.

In China, varieties of Chrysanthemum flowers are found. But precisely, these flowers are found all over the globe. Chrysanthemum flowers are often called mums and chrysanths.

Usually, the flowers come in beautiful bold colours like yellow, bright red, green, and purple. Since ancient times, Chrysanthemum flowers had been used for medicinal purposes.

How to Prepare Chrysanthemum Tea

How to Prepare Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum Tea is quite a popular beverage in Asian countries. Especially, in Southern China, it is used as a summer beverage. It is served not only at homes but also in restaurants. The preparation of Chrysanthemum Tea is similar to the Chamomile Tea. Here are the steps.

  • Take a pan and boil water
  • Let the temperature settle down to 90-95 degree Celsius
  • Once the water is cooled down, pour it in a teapot or glass
  • Now add a few dried Chrysanthemum flowers. The flowers can be dried using a food dehydrator or dried blooms can be bought from groceries too.
  • Let the water soak all the benefits of these flowers. Usually, 5 flowers are enough to make a 250 ml drink.
  • After 5 minutes or so, filter the tea in a cup or a glass
  • And, your Chrysanthemum Tea is ready to drink

It is better to drink this floral tea without any additives. But often, rock sugar or wolfberries are added to the tea. In fact, honey can be added to the drink. If the steps are followed properly, then the resultant beverage would be golden in colour.

Because of the beautiful aroma and taste, Chrysanthemum tea is pretty popular as an aphrodisiac beverage. In China, once the tea is over, the flowers are kept aside. And, boiled water is again poured inside the teapot. In this way, the tea can be made several times.

Well! One thing must be kept in mind that the flowers should be fresh. The Chrysanthemum plant must jot be treated with pesticides or other chemicals. Otherwise, the floral water might not have all the benefits.

Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea

Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea

In alternate practices, Chrysanthemum tea is used extensively. Researchers are still studying the behaviour and the characteristics of this aromatic beverage. So, all the benefits of this floral tea are yet to be known. But, here goes a list of few benefits of Chrysanthemum tea that have been found as of now.

1. A Key to Treat Your Anxiety

The tea has the power to calm the nerves. If you are in good shape and you take this tea religiously, then it would help your nervous system to become stable. After a tiring day, if you take a few sips of this tea, it would definitely make you feel good.

2. Traditional Way to Treat Respiratory Problems

According to ancient Chinese medicines, this tea can be used to treat respiratory problems. Well! Indeed more research is required in that field. But, just like other floral waters, this tea can be used to treat cold, common flu, sore throat, headaches, etc. if taken in earlier stages.

3. A Way to Treat High Blood Pressure Problems

It is said in ancient history that if a patient with high blood pressure takes this tea, then it would help to stabilize the pressure.

4. A Solution to Bone Disorders 

Well! Scientific researches are still ongoing. But, it has been studied that the benefits of Chrysanthemum tea also includes bone disorder treatment. This floral tea can help to treat disorders like Osteoporosis.

In fact, Chrysanthemum tea can be used to treat inflammation as well. As per the Chinese experts, this flower is a source of mild cold energy that finds its path to the lungs, liver, and other organs. Here goes an interesting theory behind the cooling effect of Chrysanthemum.

It is said that those who have excess heat in their bodies belong to the Yang excess category and those who are naturally excessive cold belong to Yin Deficiency category. So, Chrysanthemum flowers help to strike a balance between these two categories in order to bring back the harmony among the organs.

Skincare with Chrysanthemum Tea

How to Take Care of Skin Using Chrysanthemum Tea

In a study done with four varieties of Chrysanthemum flowers,  it has been seen that the water extracts have a strong antioxidant presence. The antioxidant has a structure like Linoleic Acid and Liposome. Linoleic Acid is the functional unit of Ceramides. Sunflower, Rosehip Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, etc. have Linoleic Acid. This element helps to keep the skin moisturized. In fact, it also helps to reduce acne breakouts. And thus, Chrysanthemum tea can be used in the skincare regime too. Here is how you can do it.

  • Every morning, once you clean your face with a mild face wash, take the steam of this floral tea. The steam would not only help your skin to feel rejuvenated but also would detoxify it.
  • Take a spray bottle and pour the Chrysanthemum tea in it. You can mix 2 tablets of Vitamin E too with it to protect the concoction from bacteria and moulds. And, your toner is ready! Use this toner twice a day. Don’t forget to refrigerate it. Otherwise, the efficacy might be compromised.
  • If you are into DIY sheet masks, then you can definitely utilize the antioxidant benefits of Chrysanthemum tea. Soak the sheet mask into the tea concoction. After 5 minutes, take out the mask and place it on your face. Use the leftover tea to wash off your face at the end of the facial session.

One thing is a must to remember. Chrysanthemum is photosensitive. So, make sure that you are using Sunscreen or Sunblock creme before stepping outside. Otherwise, the harmful rays of the sun might damage your cells.

All of these are pretty effective ways to extract the skincare benefits of Chrysanthemum flowers. Trust me! Your skin is definitely going to get a healthy boost.

Are There Any Possibilities of Side Effects or Allergies of Chrysanthemum Tea?

Side Effects of Chrysanthemum Tea

Are you allergic to daisy? Then, you might be allergic to Chrysanthemum flowers too. Because, Daisies, Ragweed, Chrysanthemums, etc. belong to the same family i.e. Asteraceae.

After consumption of Chrysanthemum tea, if you find any allergic skin reactions or respiratory problems, then stop consumption immediately. And seek the help of a doctor.

Overconsumption of natural drinks can cause problems. So, make sure you have read the dosage labeled properly before you start consuming Chrysanthemum tea regularly.

Traditional remedies like Chrysanthemum teas function on their own. And, if these are taken alongside other medicines, there can be problems. So, if you are on serious medications, it is better to consult with your doctor whether you can consume this floral tea or not.

Did you know that Chrysanthemum Oil is pretty strong as it contains Pyrethrins? Pyrethrins can immobilize insects. The immobilization is not something to kill insects.

But, you would get enough time to remove the insect. In industry, this component is used to make pesticides to immobilize wasps. So, if you are handling Chrysanthemum oil, then be pretty careful. Long exposure can cause irritation to your skin, nose, mouth, etc.

In case you are pregnant or a nursing mother, seek the advice of your physician whether you can consume this floral tea alongside or not.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other floral teas, it is not possible to rip all the benefits of Chrysanthemum tea overnight. To see results, you need to consume it continuously. There is no doubt that this beverage is full of benefits. But a lot of studies are yet to be done.

And thus, I would suggest consuming this as a traditional remedy. It is better to not assume this as a replacement for your medicines. And last but not the least, consult with your physician in doubt.

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