Aura Vedic Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Review

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Hey my dear angels! How are you all? I know summer is literally and physically roasting us. But that is our mother nature. Anyways, so today I would review Aura Vedic Pure Virgin Coconut Oil. 
Recently I was looking for a virgin coconut oil and this one looked dirt cheap to me. More honestly, I was after Merit VCO, but it was unavailable back then. Now, let me give you an insight of this product. 
**By the way, those immature drawings of coconuts are done by me :P. They look super dull..I know. But I just wanted to draw something and so did I after a very long time :)). 
Price: INR 150 for 100ml
Product Description and Ingredients:
Now, here comes the most irritating part. It says that the key ingredient is 100% pure coconut oil. Whoa! I was wondering that key ingredients are like active ingredients. Whenever a brand does not want to disclose all the ingredients, they just mention active or key ingredients. I was like-what, why? I did not like this part at all. So, I would give maximum 2.5/5 because of the dubious ingredients. 
My Experience with Aura Vedic Pure Virgin Coconut Oil 
Packaging wise I must say that it has a very basic design. A plastic body with a metalic cap. It also has an inner lid which is cheap. You can make a hole in that and then can take the oil out. Otherwise, you have to pull it out and have to pour down the oil on your palm. It is not at all user friendly or travel friendly. Of course a big thumbs down.
Now, the oil has a really light texture unlike Coconut oil. I do not know how is that possible. And it smells way too sweet, the aroma is quite enjoyable. Till today, I have applied this oil only 3 times. Actually I am quite dubious about its quality and purity. The ingredient and light texture can not be ignored. But apart from these two issues, I felt the oil is quite good. It moisturises my hair. It works great as dirt and makeup remover. Overall, the experience was satisfactory. 
***CA IMPRESSION: 3/5***

If you have no problem with the above mentioned things, then sweetheart go for this oil without giving a second thought. I am leaving the choice to my dearies. But I can not recommend such product about which I am not 100% sure. 


I hope this review helps you. Take care beauties. Love you all. And celebrate womanhood. I will come back soon. Stay tuned with me on all my social media pages. 
Thank you for reading. Have you used extra virgin coconut oil? Please share your experiences here. Love you all.

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