These 6 Types of Hair Extensions will Transform Your Look Forever

Not all hair extensions are tacky and terrible. It all depends upon what sort of hair extensions you are seeking. Let us tell you about 6 types of hair extensions that attach to natural hair easily and enhance the overall look.

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Who doesn’t like beautiful, long hair that makes you look like a diva? Though not so common, we envy you if you have naturally long hair. The fact is that many girls want long hair but are unable to grow it to great lengths for various reasons. For them, hair extensions are a saviour!

Hair extensions enhance the volume and texture of your hair. If you use dual-toned hair extensions, they also add a highlighting effect.

Almost every celebrity uses hair extensions, from Jennifer Lopez to Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian.

Nowadays, almost every fashionable woman uses it to compliment their style. These extensions help them match any look they want to portray. So what are you waiting for?

Types of Hair Extensions to Give You Natural Yet Gorgeous Look

Hair Extensions

What comes to your mind when you think of hair extensions? Indeed, those tacky artificial knotted bunches of hair refuse to adjust on the top of our heads.

Imagine them slipping off in front of other people—embarrassing! Right? But now comes the twist.

We will tell you that not all hair extensions are tacky and terrible. It all depends upon what sort of hair extensions you are seeking.

In simple language, hair extensions can be synthetic or natural hairpieces—natural or artificial, as the name suggests. They attach to natural hair to increase its length, volume, texture, and overall look.

Human Hair Extensions

You can buy natural human hair extensions, commonly called Remy’s hair. They are precisely what they’re called. This type of hair is made from natural human hair collected from a donor.

The cuticles remain intact with these hair extensions, resulting in zero tangles. This ensures the extensions remain smooth, silky, and frizz-free for a long time.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair is made of blended fibres and various other synthetic materials. Some consider it thin, frail plastic fibres woven together to resemble natural human hair.

Short Hair Options

There are plenty of options when it comes to hair extensions for short hair. You have the freedom to choose from:

  • Clip-ins
  • Tape-ins (also available as highlights for a funky look)
  • Curly hair wig

Let us explore further:

Types Of Hair Extensions

Advantages of Clip-in hair extensions

1. Clip-in hair extensions

Get ready for immediate transformation with these ready-to-wear hair extensions. They will increase your hair’s length, thickness, and volume in the blink of an eye.

If you are using clip-in hair extensions, use 100% Remy hair. You can style them with heat to get the desired look.

And guess what? There is more! This simple hair extension is so effortless to install that you won’t need a professional.

It feels excellent, natural, and smooth on your head! Clip-in hair extensions use pressure-sensitive clips to avoid damaging the scalp or hair.

Clip them underneath your bio hair for a good blend. This will help you easily change your hairstyle to suit any occasion or event.

Things you can do with them easily

  • Take them off
  • Wash them with a regular paraben and sulphate-free shampoo
  • Clip them back on

You can do all this on your own.

2. Tape-in hair extensions

Have you heard of a typical hair extension joke? Still waiting! Let me share one! What did one strand of hair say to the other at the party? “Stick together; we make an excellent combo!”

These semi-permanent hair extensions are ideal for more extended wear without everyday removal. Would you like to know why? They are taped and glued to your natural hair.

Advantages that you can enjoy

Be ready to enjoy these advantages:

  • Lightweight
  • Flawless
  • It lasts 1-2 months and can be readjusted for reuse.

These extensions are ideal for thin or fine hair. The hair’s equal distribution allows you to wear a full head of hair without feeling heavy or bulky.

Things you need to follow with them:

  • Only expert hairstylists can apply them.
  • They require heating and glueing the extensions to your natural hair
  • Never try to do it on your own

3. Sew-in hair extensions

As the name suggests, they are sewn into your natural hair. The best part is that they blend well with your natural hair!

The process to follow for placing sew-in hair extensions

  • First, your stylist will section your hair.
  • A track or a thin line of your natural hair is taken from the bottom of the sectioned hair and braided into a tiny strip.
  • Human hair extensions are then sewn into the cornrow and secured.
  • The stylist will shape and trim the hair for a more seamless and fabulous look.

Unique and flawless, isn’t it?

Advantages of Halo Hair Extensions

4. Halo hair extensions

The major problem with extensions is finding the following:

  • The right one that fits your head
  • Matches your natural hair
  • Sits correctly
  • Blends in seamlessly.

But where do you find the perfect solution to all of these issues?

The answer is Halo hair extensions! Consider them a heavenly hold of hair extensions that make you feel fabulous and divine!

Imagine how long it will take to fit this —in most cases, under 30 seconds! It’s that easy and convenient to apply on your own.

This hair extension, in particular, is an innovative idea to cushion your crown without added pressure.

It is heat resistant, so you can:

  • Curl it
  • Crimp it
  • Work it

5. Fusion or Bonded hair extensions

People call this hair extension with different names. To name a few:

  • Bonded or fusion hair extensions
  • Keratin bonds
  • Nail Tip hair extensions
  • Keratin pre-tipped extensions

Some people regard them as the cream de la cream in the world of hair extensions. This hair extension has a great fan following among many celebrities. Indeed, it is a long-term solution.

So, how do pre-bonded extensions work?

A tiny little pack or some glue is used to bond up the keratin strengths with the help of a heat connector. These bonds are so tiny and relatively unnoticeable. Things to enjoy with these hair extensions:

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • It will last for about 3 to 4 months
  • You have to remove them after this

Use the correct hair extension shampoo or a mild shampoo. It will help the bonds to remain hard and strong. They won’t go soft or sticky with this, or they may loosen up and fall quickly.

6. Micro-link and micro-bead hair extensions

also called I-Tip hair extensions; micro-linking and microbing hair extensions are perfect for women with delicate or fragile hair, especially those who want to add more volume and texture to fill thinning areas. They are also the ideal alternative to sew-ins, clip-ins, and fusion and bonded hair extensions.

Things to enjoy with these hair extensions:

  • Extremely easy to apply and remove
  • Safe and comfortable to install
  • Don’t cause any tension
  • The application doesn’t require any adhesive or chemicals

Why to Use Hair Extensions?

Several reasons may add up to your interest in hair extensions. Let us check them one by one:

  • Hair extensions increase the length of hair; we all know this.
  • It can cover up a bad haircut.
  • Want to look trendy? Try a different shade of hair colour on the extensions without colouring your natural hair.
  • Most people use hair extensions to add volume, making thin hair appear thicker.
  • The hair extensions bridge the gap between the natural hair and all the products you use on them.

Hair health

If your natural hair is damaged, work on restoring it to a better shape. Consult a hair expert first, then opt for a hair extension application.

Also, make sure to do intense research on what could improve the health of your hair. Learn from the hair expert about the right hair extension for your hair.


It is easy to place hair extensions, but the care part is tricky. Start by regularly washing, air-drying, and styling the hair extensions for the perfect look you always wanted. Always use products that are wig-friendly.

Always choose reliable brands like Superhairpieces to purchase the best hair extensions.

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