Is Rustic Art Serve Clean the Ultimate Vegetable Cleaner in This Pandemic?

Is it truly what it claims? How scientific the ingredients are? Does it clean well? Well! Check out your answers.

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Rustic Art Serve Clean Review

Rustic Art Serve Clean: Ingredient Analysis and My Experience

Honestly, these days my mom has become pretty serious about cleaning. From vegetables to money, she is cleaning anything and everything.

Well! The interesting fact is that using commercial cleaners, everything can be cleaned. But when it comes to food items like vegetables and fruits, such cleaners are not safe at all. The presence of SLS and other harmful chemicals make those products pretty vulnerable.

After trying out (literally) all types of cleansers, I recently came to know about Rustic Art Serve Clean. My past experience with the brand always gives me positive vibes regarding their products. So, I just jumped for this brand new vegetable cleaner.

After trying it out for a couple of times, I am ready to put down my experience. Is it truly what it claims? Does it clean well? Here are your answers.

Basic Details about Rustic Art Serve Clean

Price: INR 225 for 300g

Shelf Life: 4 months after opening the seal

Buy From: Rustic Art Official Website

What Does the Brand Claim about Rustic Art Serve Clean?

Get ready to serve absolutely clean veggies and fruits daily. This vegetable cleaner with Soapnut, Tamarind, and other fruit wash ingredients help to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Not only these, but Rustic Art Serve Clean is also enriched with Colloidal Silver that has strong anti-bacterial properties. The formulation is free from harmful chemicals, preservatives, Sulfates, and other agents.

The vegetable cleaning powder does not leave any residue, colour, or smell on vegetables. The ingredients are entirely food-grade and work perfectly in hard water too. So, get ready to gift your family the touch of purity with this sustainable Make in India product.

Ingredient Analysis of Rustic Art Serve Clean

Rustic Art Serve Clean Ingredients

Well! Reviewing this product would not be complete if I do not analyse the ingredients. The formulation is playing the key role here. And thus, in order to understand its potency and efficacy, it is important to know the ingredients. So, let’s understand the formula in more depth.

1. Sodium Bi Carbonate (Baking Soda)

This is the first and primary component here. Vegetable and fruits available in the market often come with dangerous carcinogens. Baking Soda eliminates such pesticides and also removes dirt from the surface.

2. Sodium Per Carbonate

One of the most basic fungicides ever that helps to keep veggies fresh for long.

3. Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt)

Rock salt is also an amazing cleaner that is naturally sourced.

4. Sapindus Mukorossi (Soapnut)

In order to remove wax and other toxic chemicals, there is hardly anything that can replace soapnut. Well! Indeed it is one of the best natural cleaners out there.

5. Tamarindus indica (Tamarind)

As per research conducted by Kerala Agricultural University, Tamarind is pretty effective against carcinogenic pesticides and dirt. It soaks out all the dirt and dubious elements from the surface of vegetables and fruits.

6. Sodium Gluconate

It is a natural chelating agent that attracts and combines the heavy metals present in a solution. Mind-blowing fact, isn’t it?

7. Potassium Alum

Just like the previous one, this also helps to bind the heavy metals and dirt.

8. Colloidal Silver

Well! Undoubtedly, this is the star ingredient here. The nanosilver particles have an ambit horizon of application. These particles work effectively against all types of fungus, bacteria, and pathogens.

Colloidal Silver combined with other ingredients makes the formula more potent and invincible. The brand has stayed strong on the ground of not including any preservative or colour. I would love to rate the ingredients of Rustic Art Serve Clean 5 out 5.


It comes in eco-friendly packaging. The powder comes in a simple pouch that can be easily transferred into a container. In fact, you can also keep the product in the pouch as well.

Rustic Art Serve Clean Texture

Colour, Aroma, and Texture

The powder has a combination of two types of particles. 90% of the particles are brown in colour whereas there are some white particles too.

The aroma is pretty natural; nothing significant though.

Except for the white ones, the texture of the powder is overall pretty smooth. But, guess what! It dissolves into the water pretty quickly.


  • This product is formulated for external use only. 
  • Make sure to not use it clean chopped or peeled veggies or fruits
  • Do not use it to clean porous or pierced ones like mushrooms

My Experience with Rustic Art Serve Clean

How to Clean Vegetables and Fruits with Rustic Art Serve Clean

My family has already used it a couple of times. All we do is take 1 litre of water in a container. We add a tablespoon of this powder. After that, we add all the vegetable in the container.

The particles in the powder would not get dissolved completely especially the white ones. But, the tamarind, soap nut powder, etc, are easily soluble in the water.

So, we usually keep the vegetables in the solution for at least 10-15 minutes. Once the time is up, we rinse the veggies with cold water. And voila! The veggies look clean and smooth.

It is astonishing how less amount of water it needs to clean the veggies, unlike all those commercial cleaners. In fact, most of the commercial cleaners come with an added fragrance that is not easy to remove from the rinsed vegetables. Here, you would not face such kind of problem.

Overall, I must say that Rustic Art Serve Clean takes away all kinds of impurities and dirt from the vegetables. Take a look at all the plus and minus points before you purchase it.

Pros of Rustic Art Serve Clean

  • Free from Sulfates, Parabens, harmful surfactants, colourants, etc.
  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • The formula is excellent with the goodness of Tamarind, Soap Nut, Alum, Baking Soda, Colloidal Silver
  • Easy to clean; pretty less amount of water is required to wash off
  • Takes away all types of dirt, fungicide, traces of fertilizers, impurities, etc.
  • Once we wash off the veggies, the vegetables or fruits do not contain any specific smell

Cons of Rustic Art Serve Clean

  • Nothing as such. It would be lovely if the brand comes up with a 200g of pouch too.

And, that’s all for today! I hope you like reading this article. Make sure to share this with your friends and family. This product indeed needs more reach!

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My Take on Rustic Art Serve Clean

Is Rustic Art Serve Clean the Best Vegetable Cleanser?

There is absolutely no doubt that this Rustic Art Serve Clean comes with the best formula ever. The ingredients are scientifically inserted here,
In fact, the brand has kept the price affordable too.
Without any additives like colour or preservatives, this vegetable cleaner is indeed the best out there.


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