4 Medical Issues That Aren’t Just For Teenagers: Ways to Deal With That as Adults

Check out a few medical issues that trouble both teenagers and adults. Also, know-how as an adult one can deal with these.

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Being a teenager is an awkward time with inflictions that we all hope will pass and be forgotten about in adulthood. So, it feels like a cruel trick when these teenage afflictions keep coming back in our 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond.

The great thing about being an adult, though, is we have a better understanding and access to more resources. Therefore, as adults, we can deal with these issues maturely and in style.


Adult acne has several causes, including hormone imbalances, poor diet, and environmental conditions. Most adults who experience breakouts only suffer mild, fast healing spots that are gone after a couple of days.

4 Medical Issues That Trouble Both Teenagers and Adults

Severe breakouts are usually hormone-related and can require medical attention to bring them under control. Antibiotics and vibrating facial cleansing brushes are excellent treatments for adult skin relieving its youth.


There are many reasons adults decide to get braces for their teeth; perhaps their parents couldn’t afford them, or their teeth have become crooked with age. Advances in brace technology mean adults and teens alike can have braces on their teeth that are nearly invisible.

Invisalign is a less invasive yet equally effective treatment option for minor adjustments such as a wide gap between teeth. With various discreet treatment options available, the confidence of a winning smile can be attained by adults of any age.

Aching Legs (Growing Pains)

Growing pains are an infliction of childhood that those who suffered severely are relieved to see the back of when growth slows down. So, it can be a surprise when achy joints and legs still occur after the rapid growth stage has stopped.

Later, when these pains occur, the cause is different and requires further investigation. Most commonly, pains similar to growing pains are caused by bad posture, which puts strain on the surrounding muscles causing them to ache.

After ruling out significant concerns, a referral to a physiotherapist can help correct postural issues.

Bad Hair

Hormonal changes in puberty can change the texture of teens’ hair, making it suddenly challenging to deal with. But wouldn’t you know it, after figuring out how to manage your grown-up hair as you age, it can change again.

Women can notice changes due to hormone fluctuations as menopause kicks in, though men aren’t immune either, with baldness or thinning changing things. Embracing new hairstyles and colourations to suit your unique hair type will have you feeling refreshed, stylish, and self-confident again.

Experimenting with your hair is fun at any age, so teens, retirees, and anyone in between shouldn’t shy away from trying out a new look occasionally. Even small changes can have a positive impact on mental health.

Adults can suddenly feel like they’ve been thrown back into the tumult of their teenage years with acne flare-ups, changes in hair resulting in bad hair days, and pains reminiscent of growing pains. Thankfully, with the resources available to us as adults, we do not need to suffer by seeking treatment and making lifestyle changes.

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