5 Changes that I Have Brought in My Lifestyle in 2023

If you are battling a life-battle just like anyone out there, keep on reading. Know the secrets of making life healthy, happy, and positive.

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Maa, why don’t I have a perfect body? Why do I have an acne-filled bum? Why do my cheek look chubby? Well! From teenage days to my adulthood, I have always asked my mother all these questions. It is

Unfortunately, maa was herself fighting a life battle and thus, she had nothing to say. f you had read my journey on topical steroid cream, then you must know that how hard it was for me to accept myself the way I am. In fact, it was hard for my mother as well to accept this beautiful fact.

How to Stay Happy and Positive in Life

Long story short, we both have travelled a lot and the journey has made us both quite balanced for sure. Past mistakes have made us realize things like never before.

Each year, we mother-daughter duo try to introduce inspiring lessons to our life. This year is no exception as well. If you are battling a life-battle just like everyone out there, then this article can help you for sure.

1. Eat Right, Think Light

Our body is like a temple. No! This is not just my belief but it has been believed since ancient times. Hence, what we eat has a straightaway connection to what we think.

Since this year, I have decided to go for a light diet that includes millet, more green veggies, colorful fruits, nuts, fish, eggs. I try to avoid spicy foods, meat, chicken, etc. Well! I am not a certified person to write you a diet chart nor will I ask you to follow the same diet.

Obviously, this light food eating habit has helped me a lot but that doesn’t ensure anything. The whole point is when I eat such foods that satiate my hunger and are also easy to digest, I stay more focused.

My mind does not get triggered on petty issues. Easy to digest foods should always be on top priority for anyone and this is what my experience says. Trust me! It really helps.

2. Let’s Go for a Walk

I am not a workout person ever. In fact, I have never liked going gym. But, since the beginning of this year, I have introduced post-meal walking to my lifestyle. And, it has helped me a lot.

Right after having my meal, I along with my husband go for milk walking for 10-15 minutes. During that time, we try to discuss about life and all other positive things. It greatly helps our mind and body staying active & relaxed.

Remember, the walking should be light feet. It should not be stressed or fast at all. Otherwise, the effect might be bad as fast-paced walking can induce indigestion. 

Secrets of Living a Stress Free Happy Life

3. Giving Myself a Space

My day never ends without doing this. Right before I close my eyes and go to deep sleep. I always make sure to go through the entire day happenings at a glance.

If I had made any mistake, night is the time when I squeeze out the lesson from my wrong doings. This small habit not only helps me to sleep well but also I wake up the next morning with a hint of positivity.

It feels like a new day, a new beginning. Well! To continue this habit is definitely not easy. On days when I am super tired, it seems pretty hard to keep my eyes open even, forget about self-analysis.

No matter how hard it is, this is is one such habit that I will always try to stick to.

4. Accepting My Flaws with All My Arm Open

Self-acceptance is the key. And, this is not just any proverb but a living truth. Before we want anyone else to accept us the way we are, we have to embrace ourselves.

We all have flaws. Some are visibly bad, while some are moderately bad. But, it is perfectly alright. Life is all about finding the light and these flaws do not matter in long run.

All we have to do is to accept our flaws. Well! This thought has definitely helped me a lot.

5. Let Positive Vibrations Flow

This is something that I have started doing since the last month only. Suppose, your office boss has said something bad to you. Instead of cursing the person in your mind, just say one or two positive/nice things about your boss.

Well! This will create a positive vibration in your mind that will flow from you to your boss. Make it a habit. And, see the magic. It is not only a monumental task but also quite a difficult one. To think something nice about the person who hates you the most or quite a bit.

But eventually, this positive way of thinking will guide you towards a new path; the path of peace. It works, it really works!

All these 5 changes have definitely curved more smile on my face. These have definitely shaped the way I look at life right now.

Thank you for reading. If you feel that this article has the power to change someone’s life, please share it. Take care; celebrate life.

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