Child’s Academic Performance: Affecting Factors and Ways to Improvement

There are many factors that can affect a child's academic performance. Here are some of the most common factors.

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Factors Affecting Child’s Academic Performance

When sending a child to school, any parent would like his child to successfully master the curriculum and be listed on an excellent account with the teaching staff.

Good studies, high grades are what every child should ideally strive for, because the result of work, in the end, will be admission to the chosen university and the start of a successful career.

What Factors Contribute to Academic Success in Children?

School success of any student consists of two main factors: positive learning and good behavior.

As a rule, they go side by side, but there are exceptions when perfect behavior is accompanied by poor academic performance, and vice versa, if the honors student behaves in school defiantly and even aggressively. But such cases are extremely rare.

Not every child can achieve impressive results in school, but with the competent approach of parents and the desire of the schoolchildren themselves, it is possible.

Family and Upbringing

The origins of good studies always lie in the family environment, including what goals and efforts are set by the parents of a schoolchild. In this case, do not confuse the desire to create the conditions for their child to be successful and the desire of adults to translate through his son or daughter unrealized dreams and plans in his youth.

In this respect it is much more effective for the child to see the example of their parents, who are successful, active and enterprising. Subconsciously, children want to be like their fathers and mothers, so following the positive example of older family members will encourage the child to be more diligent in their studies.

The family environment has a big impact on the child. For example, a supportive environment and friendliness help to create an environment in which the student can enjoy learning and developing.

Conversely, unhealthy relationships between relatives, scandals, or indifference, coldness consumes a lot of attention and emotional strength of the child, thereby preventing the learning of the school program. 

Factors of successful learning include material prosperity in the family

Better families have the opportunity to connect to school education qualified teachers and tutors, thereby increasing the level of knowledge of the child and his preparation for the final examinations and works. 

But this does not mean that children from lower-middle-income families are deprived of the opportunity to finish school brilliantly.

But they are often forced to learn difficult subjects and disciplines on their own. Excessive finances, on the other hand, can play havoc with a child by spoiling him.

For those children who are not financially strapped, it is not uncommon for school to be a secondary concern. The attention of wealthy students shifts to interesting leisure and entertainment, which such children can afford.

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It is good when parents find a “golden mean” in this, controlling the child and at the same time supporting his initiative in every possible way, ensuring his studies, but not giving “slack”.

And yet you should not make a cult of getting excellent marks. Both adults and children need to understand why the child goes to school and why he needs to study.

Sometimes students themselves aim to do well in school, just to please mom and dad. That’s why one of the key tasks for parents is to properly motivate their child and give him or her the right guidance.

The Atmosphere at School

Another key factor that affects children’s performance is the atmosphere in the school that the child attends. The way in which the student goes to school has an impact on his success.

It is no secret that a lot depends on the teacher. It is not uncommon when the same child with one teacher reluctantly attends classes, not learning anything (and thus wasting time in school), and with another – easily, even playfully, learns a particular subject.

Teachers who lead a class vividly and with interest are able to infect entire classrooms with their love for the subject.

Conversely, a teacher for whom “teaching” is an unloved profession, but not a vocation, is unlikely to interest a class because he is bored in his classes.

In addition to teachers, the children’s immediate environment – classmates – affects their academic performance.

If there is a tendency to study with the sleeves in class, there is not much hope that the child will be an honors student, especially if the slackers are among the closest friends of the student. Unfortunately, bad influences are a very serious factor in school failure.

It happens that for fear of becoming a victim of ridicule and of being labeled a “nerd”, a child deliberately does not make it to the top, even though he has every opportunity to do so.

Pupil’s Abilities

No matter what kind of environment a student has at home or in an institution, a child’s personality plays a big role: his personality traits, his ability to digest new information, and his personal preferences.

The presence of a predisposition to study certain groups of subjects (technical or humanitarian) and even a general ability to learn make it much easier for a child to stay at school and do his homework. 

Of course, everyone would like their parents to support and control the learning process of the student, teachers to be all-round speakers “on the same wave” with the class, and students themselves to be distinguished by their giftedness, intelligence and ingenuity.

But the combination of even a few of these factors will have a beneficial effect on a child’s performance.

The main thing is the faith of relatives in the success of the growing pupil and his sincere desire to learn.

Then education at school, which should be a stepping stone to university or college, will be accessible. And the child will be able to successfully overcome this important stage on his way to adulthood.

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