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Aroma Essentials Butter Drops Hair Mask Review

Happy Friday sweethearts! Today I will review the Aroma Essentials Butter Drops Hair Mask. Aroma Essentials is such a brand that I trust a lot. And I am genuinely a fan of their products.      This hair mask arrived at my doorstep when I was facing serious hair problems. It was the first time I […]

Aroma Essentials Rose Geranium Sorbet Review

Welcome back my dear angels! Today I have come back with another review and that is Aroma Essentials Rose Geranium Sorbet. Weather has started becoming pleasant but not completely. I am still getting sunburns sometimes. But who cares when you have got some natural treatments to cool down your skin.      Seriously guys! Not […]

Aroma Essentials Leave on Serum Review

Hello my beautiful ladies! Welcome to Cosmetics Arena. Today I will review Aroma Essentials Leave on Serum. As many of you know that I have already reviewed one of their shampoos and one hair mask. And obviously I loved both the products.       Honestly, Aroma Essentials Hair Care range has surprised me. Let us […]

Aroma Essentials Hair Revitalizing Mask Review

Welcome to Cosmetics Arena my dear friends. Today I would like to review Aroma Essentials Hair Revitalizing Mask.    The way summer is behaving, it seems this season is gonna be quite painful. And I believe our hair suffers the most because of the pollution, sweat, dandruff and many more problems. So, let us see […]

Aroma Essentials AHA Scrub Review

Skin Type: All skin  Hello sweeties, welcome to CA. Today I am gonna review Aroma Essentials AHA Scrub. Many of you know that I have already reviewed two products from Aroma Essentials and I just loved them.  I love the fact that gradually everyone is trying to adopt a natural way of living. And companies […]

Aroma Essentials AHA Mask Review

Welcome to CA my dear friends. Today I am gonna review Aroma Essentials AHA Mask. I received this beautiful mask a few weeks ago.  I love facial masks. Whenever I get a chance I buy them, sometimes just for trying a new product. Let us dig deeper to know more about this recent addition to […]

Aroma Essentials Chocolate Body Butter Review

Hello lovelies, welcome to CA. Today it is time for drooling over chocolates and that is why I am gonna review Aroma Essentials Chocolate Body Butter. Who does not love chocolates? The aroma of chocolate provides a sensual and calming effect on our body. Cocoa Butter not only helps to moisturise our skin but also depigments skin. […]