Vedantika Herbals Instant Glow Mask Review: Perfect for Any Occasion

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Vedantika Herbals Instant Glow Mask Review|| Know about the Ingredients
Hello beautiful! Welcome. Today I would review Vedantika Herbals Instant Glow Mask. It has been quite a few weeks that I have started using Vedantika Herbals products. Just a few weeks back I reviewed Vedantika Ubtan(Just click the link).
Vedantika Herbals Instant Glow Mask
Instant Glow always sounds very attractive. In this modern and fast era, we want everything to be instant. The mask comes in a powder form, so I must say that Vedantika Herbals has done a brilliant job. After all, No Water equals to NO Preservative and 100 percent natural formula. Another thing is that I have a weakness for powder face wash or face mask. But, I promise to not be biased at all while reviewing this. Now, let us enter the details.
Price: INR 250 for a 70g product. Also available in 5 sachet packs (10g*5=50g) that retails for INR 175. I must say that in comparison to many luxury brands, this mask is quite budget friendly.
What does the Brand Claim?
It is a rare combination of herbs which are traditionally used to give radiant and glow in the skin. This face mask also enhances cell regeneration, and improves skin metabolism, thus leaves our face looking years younger. Wow! Sounds pretty amazing. Right?
Shelf Life: 18 months
Buy from:  HERE
Product Description and Ingredients:
So, it has the benefits of sympiocas racemosa or Lodhra (5%), Ocimum Sanctum or Tulsi (3%), Berberis Aristata or Daru Haridra 5%, Cinnamomum or simply Cinnamon stick 0.5%, Camphor 1%, myristica fragrans or Nutmeg 1%, Santalum Paniculatum or Sandalwood 4%, Rosa Centifolia or Centifolia Roses 3%, Kaolin Clay 2% and rest is Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti. Honestly, the ingredients are so pure that freshens my mind and body. The ingredients deserve a 5/5 separately for the formula.
My Experience with Vedantika Herbals Instant Glow Mask
It comes in a simple plastic bottle. The cap is made of metal and the opening perfectly controls the product flow. One thing is commendable about this container, that you do not need a separate wooden spoon to take out the product which is a common problem for many other masks. It is an absolutely travel friendly packaging.
It has a subtle aroma of Sandalwood and Camphor that is very charming. I am sure that anyone would love that. The aroma does not stay long, it fades away as soon as I wash off my face. 
The texture is absolutely smooth. The granules are all soft and not gritty or harsh at all. The amber color reminds me of Fuller’s Earth.
How to Apply?
The beauty of powdered face mask is that one can customize them as per the need. I have super dry and sensitive skin, so I take one spoon mask, 1 tbsp honey and two tbsp milk. You can use rose water or green tea too instead milk. After making a smooth thick paste, I apply a thick layer over my face and neck. Generally, I keep it on for 10 minutes. And then I wash off with cold water.
I have seen a healthy glow, soft and supply skin after using it. Because of Fuller’s Earth, skin may feel tight afterwards, so it is necessary to follow up with a moisturiser. Overall, this is a perfect mask for all season.

Pros of Vedantika Herbals Instant Glow Mask:

  • Affordable
  • 100% natural
  • Enriched few amazing herbs and two important clay.
  • Smooth texture and beautiful aroma.
  • Makes skin smooth and glowing.
  • Travel friendly and hassle free packaging, no need to carry a separate spoon.
  • This mask can be customized and can be used in many ways.

Cons of Vedantika Herbals Instant Glow Mask:

  • Skin may feel very stretchy after wash off, so it is advised to apply moisturiser afterwards.
 ****CA IMPRESSION:4.8/5****
Final Words:

I would highly recommend Vedantika Herbals Instant Glow Mask to all. It would suit every skin type. This is a great option if you want to use a budget friendly and effective face mask. Just go for it.

That is all for today, I hope you find this review helpful. Take care my angels. Love you all. Let us celebrate womanhood together. Keep smiling.
Thank you for reading. What is your favorite face mask? Please share your points in the comment section below. Love you all. Let us be friends forever on social media too.  


**PR sample sent by the brand. But all my opinions are 100 percent honest and unbiased.

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