The Untold Side of Purified Water: Benefits and Utilities

Purified water is always known to have loads of benefits. It is also considered the best over regular tap water. But, why!! It's time to explore such things in brief.

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That water is the most important element for the human body is well-established news, but perhaps what can be overlooked is the fact that drinking pure water at a constant rate improves brain performance.

Here is the news: pure water, taken regularly, helps to stay focused and avoid dehydration (which alters short-term memory): whether it is adults or children it makes no difference.

The general suggestion from doctors and nutritionists is to drink 7-8 glasses a day – at a minimum – to keep brain activity intact.

Health Benefits of Purified Water

And during periods of record heat? The advice is to drink every 45 minutes, first of all, because it is the interval suggested by the experts to ensure a constant level of lubrication.

In summer there is a constant need to rehydrate the tissues because the high temperatures favour sweating and consequently the loss of essential fluids and mineral salts.

Furthermore – as the rules of daily healthy living – it is important to drink as soon as you wake up because after about 8 hours of sleep the brain needs rehydration (possibly at room temperature to avoid a shock), and it is also important to take pure water in small sips so that the temperature of the brain has time to find balance.

The human organism, made up of 75% of water, is a perfect biological machine, but to remain so, the best trick we can use is to choose to drink healthy and different. Drinking pure water means drinking water that is not contaminated by external agents – pathogens and chemicals – which can affect essential values.

How to Get Pure Water?

Pure water? yes, thanks, obtainable thanks to the best RO water purifiers for drinking water, the only ones able to guarantee purified drinking water, safer and better, directly from the tap at home.

The water purifier is a device designed to eliminate pollutants and impurities of any kind from the water, such as parasites, pesticides, dyes, solvents, heavy metals, fungi, and bacteria which are harmful to human health, obtaining pure water.

Tap water purifiers are devices to be used for domestic use in order to obtain pure water; the water that comes out of the tap generally contains substances to be eliminated and a fixed residue dangerous for the health of the organism, as well as any traces of pollutants such as pesticides or nitrates.

Why Water Purifier is Needed

This is true both for drinking water, directly from the tap, and for the water, we use to wash vegetables, fruit or for cooking.

The alternative can be mineral water, which comes with a considerable cost. Which also contributes to increasing global pollution because of the use of plastic bottles. All those bottles even if eliminated properly, still might contain polluting particles.

Properties and Benefits of Purified water

The water subjected to the purification process offers the following benefits:

1. Diuretic properties

Purified water is particularly suitable for all those who want to naturally remove waste and toxins present in their body, stimulating natural diuresis.

By drinking between two and two and a half litres of water a day, you can remove waste and toxins from your body, expelling them through the diuretic function.

2. Digestive properties

Purified water is able to create a thin protective film on the gastric mucosa, favouring the protective flow of foods ingested during meals and at the same time reducing the time required for digestion.

Always Use Purified Water Over Tap Water

3. A Good Adjuvant for Urinary Tact Related Problems

If you have urinary tract infections, be aware that taking antibiotics is not the only solution to treat inflammation.

Purified water works to reduce inflammation, which occurs when bacteria settle in the urethra, causing problems like cystitis and many other infections to take over.

Drinking large quantities of purified water, for a quantity of at least 3 litres per day, helps to quickly cleanse the bladder and urethra of bacteria.

4. Regulates Uric Acid Levels

Uric acid is a toxin. Food ingestion forms this toxin. Fatty, fried, or foods with high sugar concentrations increase uric acid levels.

If uric acid is present in large quantities in the kidneys, the risk is that very painful kidney stones will form.

Drinking purified water in the right quantities will help you eliminate, through the urine, all harmful waste, not essential for the body.

5. Regularizes the intestine

Drinking purified water is a cure-all for those suffering from intestinal problems such as bloating, pain and constipation.

How Purified Water can Shape Your Health Routine

How Purified Water Helps to Shape Your Health Routine

Using a water purifier daily can bring several benefits. In fact, purified water:

  • It is ideal for preparing infant formula milk. Infants, in fact, need a very low fixed residue. The purifier, therefore, allows you to adjust the number of minerals according to your needs, reducing the percentage of mineral salts present;
  • Reduces digestion time;
  • It represents a valid help to prepare dishes in a healthy way because healthy nutrition does not only involve the preparation of healthy recipes but requires the use of ingredients of proven quality and healthiness.
  • Without realizing it, we use water in all normal daily functions. We have always relied on tap water, convinced that high temperatures can improve its organoleptic properties. It is not so!
  • Saves time, money, and effort. Using a purifier, you will no longer have to buy water bottles at the supermarket, but you can always have water at hand.
  • With purified water instead of tap water, household appliances such as iron, kettles, etc. will work more effectively and last longer.
  • Promotes the overcoming of intestinal disorders in general;
  • It is an excellent adjuvant to counteract urinary tract infections.

As a whole, purified water is not only a source of nourishment but has purifying virtues too.

And, that’s all for today! Share it with your friends and family. Take care; celebrate life.

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