The Time When I was Diagnosed Positive for Covid-19

Yes! It's been 10 days already that I am suffering from the disease. Here is my share of experience with the deadly Coronavirus.

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10 Days of Battle against Corona

Rarely, I talk about my health-related problems. But, we must admit that we are going through a pretty tough time.

Every now and then, people are dying due to Covid-19 symptoms. And thus, it is high time we share our experiences, talk about remedies, and symptoms more & more.

My Experience with Covid 19 and the Deadly Corona Virus

Day 1

On 25th April, after having lunch, all of a sudden, I felt as if my whole body is breaking down. The temperature was close to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

My entire face and body were burning. Without wasting any more time, I took one pill of Paracetamol.

But, the temperature was still in no mood of going down. And, I soon started losing my consciousness.

After a battle of 2 hours, the fever started losing its grip. In between, I vomited at least 4 times. And, I had a faint amount of energy left in my body. It was a tough battle for sure.

I had always been a patient of Gastritis fever. On that particular day, I ate Mutton. So, the first thought that came to my mind was maybe, it is just another worst case of Gastritis Fever or a severely upset stomach. I could not think of Corona even in my wildest dream.

Day 2

The night went on with another stroke of fever and I took another Paracetamol 650. The fever died down for a bit. But, during lunch hour, all hell broke loose.

At that time, the fever was measured as 102 degrees Fahrenheit; the highest ever for sure. By then, I was sure that it is not just another Gastritis Fever. It is definitely something serious.

I called people from a reputed lab to take my swab sample for testing. A guy rushed in and took my sample away.

Another night went by. Paracetamol, Gargle, and Steam Inhalation were my only ammunition.

In the morning, I called a Corona specialist of my locality. He prescribed me a few medicines.

The meds included Antibiotics, Vitamins, Zinc, and a few essential things. I ordered everything online. And, without waiting for the report, I started taking the prescribed medicines.

Medicines are Must to Prevent the Spread of Corona

Day 3

On the third day, my fever settled down a lot. But, there was a huge weakness. I was left with zero energy in my body. Even, walking for 5 minutes, gave me a huge headache.

One thing I have forgotten to mention and it is the constant headache that never left me since the very first day.

On day 3, I barely had any high temperature, but the headache was still there.

Without any mistake, I took all the medicines. I also took good food containing a significant proportion of Carbohydrate, Fat, and Protein.

One thing I can tell straight from my experience that Corona virus can make you extremely weak.

The weakness is much higher than what a cold flu can do to your body.

Good food and proper medications are the only ways to heal fast.

Day 4

There was no fever at all. Nor there was any trace of headache.

I could feel that my body has started responding to the medicines. I felt relieved.

Luckily, in my case, there was no sore throat nor there was any problem with breathing. In fact, in the past three days, my taste and smell were still intact.

But, on the 4th day, my power of smelling started fading. Although, I could differentiate between salty and bitter food.

Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

The report came on day 5. Yes! It was positive. Somehow, I still managed to hope that the report would be negative. Naive me!

During those three days, I did not see any significant improvement regarding smell and taste.

My appetite was intact though. There was no sign of fever, no vomiting, and no uneasy feel.

My body was healing little by little and I could sense that.

I did not lose hope in between. During this time, I used to spritz perfume on my wrist at least 4-5 times a day. Nothing worked!

Proper Diet Containing Vegetables and Fruits is a Must to Overcome the Weakness due to Covid 19

Day 8

The first thing I did in the morning was to spray a signature perfume twice on my wrist. Voila! I could sense a faint aroma.

It was such a happy moment for me that I can not describe it properly even. The happiness I felt at that moment was priceless.

By this time, my body had already gained momentum gracefully. In fact, there was a subtle weakness; it was not prevalent even.

On the subsequent days, I made sure that I am taking proper medicines and maintaining a healthy diet.

It’s been 10 days already that I am trying to recover from the deadly disease. The battle is still on until I diagnose negative.

But, I can firmly say that it’s curable! Don’t panic if you observe some of these symptoms! Go for the Rapid Antigen Test whenever you feel or observe something.

If proper medications are taken just on time, it is easy to defeat the disease.

Guidelines to Protect Your Near and Dear Ones from Covid 19

Considering my time I have spent with the virus, here, I have chalked out a few essential things that you need to keep at home.

  • A Pulse Oximeter from a reputed brand. Keep checking your blood Oxygen level at least once every day.
  • Keep a medicine for Gargle and also one for steam inhalation. Usually, a Camphor based medicine works well for both cases.
  • Multivitamin tablets
  • Healthy fruits and vegetables

Surely, all these things have helped me a lot to heal faster.

This is a tough time for sure. Make sure to share this article with your friends and family if you find it helpful. Take care of yourself and also of your near & dear ones. And, also! Never forget to wear the mask.

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