You Need to Check This If You are Suffering from Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a serious skin concern that needs to be understood. Random ointments and lotions might not work. In this article, I will share what triggers Psoriasis symptoms, seasonal care to limit the symptoms, and many such important facts that will help you to understand this skin condition more.

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Psoriasis Triggers, Remedies, Management, and More

Introduction: What is Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a serious skin concern that requires a lot of attention. Most of the people who are suffering from the disease do not understand some of the underlying causes and triggers yet want to find remedies.

And as a result, the symptoms e.g. itchy patches, hardened skin cells, thickened nails, etc. keep coming back with a high degree of concern.

In this article, I will share what triggers Psoriasis symptoms, seasonal care to limit the symptoms, some FAQs that people often ask, and how to stay confident with Psoriasis among ignorant people.

8 Common Triggers that can Increase Psoriasis Symptoms

Common Causes of Psoriasis

1. Diet

There is no specific diet when it comes to Psoriasis. But. certain foods can be avoided that can trigger this serious skin concern.

  • Tomato and Eggplant
  • White potatoes
  • Grains with Gluten
  • Foods made with refined flour
  • Pork and pork-made products like sausage
  • Foods with high sugar level
  • Dairy products

According to this study in 2017, people who avoid these foods, have seen massive improvement in Psoriasis symptoms. Especially, symptoms get eliminated if tomatoes, eggplants, white potatoes, and gluten are not taken.

Remember, a low-calorie diet is the best to have if you are suffering from Psoriasis. 

2. Alcohol Intake

Minimal studies and research works have been done on the relationship between alcohol and Psoriasis.

According to a resource article published in 2010, for women who drink a minimum of 5 beers a week, symptoms of Psoriasis are more observed among them.

The researchers believe that starch is present in beer which works as a triggering element for Psoriasis. It is also seen that inflammatory protein production increases due to the consumption of alcohol which can trigger the symptoms.

Hence, people who are suffering from Psoriasis must be cautious about alcohol consumption and its limits.

3. Sunlight

Sunlight can be a major trigger for Psoriasis. Well! Sunbathing in moderation might not affect you but too much of that can cause sunburns which in turn can trigger Psoriasis.

Hence, limit the time you are spending in sunlight. And, the best way of doing so is to avoid the hottest time of the day.

Make sure to apply a dermatologist-recommended sunscreen before stepping outside. A minimum SPF of 30 must be used.

4. Cold Climate

You might have seen that winter makes your Psoriasis worse. As moisture gets snatched from your skin, dry & flaky patches start appearing more.

Instead of getting a heating unit for your household, check out a good quality humidifier that can maintain the moisture balance inside your house.

5. Do Not Stress Out

Psoriasis outbreaks often happen in people who are stressed. Hence, stress relieving is an important thing to do. Go for Yoga or meditation to help you overcome unwanted stress in your life.

6. Smoking and Tobacco Chewing

Tobacco is a serious trigger for Psoriasis. And, Nicotine interacts with Psoriasis medication.

It has been seen in a study that, tobacco chewing and smoking can cause a rare type of Psoriasis that affects both hands and feet only.

Well! Smoking is not the sole risk associated with Psoriasis but it can worsen other Psoriasis conditions.

7. Skin Injuries, Scratches, and Bug Bite

If you already have Psoriasis and you have experienced skin injuries, then you will find Psoriasis lesions near the injured portion. A similar thing can happen due to a bug bite. This is known as the Koebner Phenomenon.

Hence, be careful while you are working outside or even doing indoor activities. Try to limit your outdoor staying time especially when the bugs are active.

Also, wearing full-sleeved clothes helps a lot to reduce such injuries. If you live in a buggy area or your workplace has such issues, use an insect-repellant. Citronella candles are helpful too.

Certain oils like Poison Ivy can trigger the symptoms. Hence, be very careful of those poisonous plants while walking or strolling.

8. Hormonal Issues

As per this study conducted in 2015, low Estrogen can trigger Psoriasis symptoms. This is the reason why girls and women suffer from Psoriasis more during their puberty and menopause.

Is It Possible to Avoid These Psoriasis Triggers?

Well! Tackling individual triggers is not possible. But, if you lead a healthy life with a proper diet, then the outbreak can be limited to a great extent.

    • Make sure to limit your weekly alcohol intake
    • Also try to quit smoking
    • Always apply a sunscreen before going out
    • Carry umbrella & hat
    • Do not go out in harsh weather
    • Make sure to moisturize your skin well to minimize chances of injury

Do Psoriasis Symptoms Get Worsen During Spring?

During spring and fall, Psoriasis symptoms can worsen. It is the time when pollen levels become quite high. As a result, the skin becomes itchy.

And we all know that, if you rub or scratch the skin, Psoriasis symptoms might get flared. Here are some tips that can help you to lessen seasonal allergies.

  • Try to stay indoors when tree pollen levels are high in the air
  • Keep your windows closed no matter where you are
  • Once you enter home from outside, always try to take a shower
  • Always wear a mask while doing outdoor chores
  • Always consult with a doctor rather than taking over-the-counter medicines

Your doctor might use allergy shots to treat seasonal changes of symptoms in Psoriasis. For example, as per a Trusted study, Antihistamines can reduce Psoriasis itching.

Does Flu Season and Saltwater Affect Psoriasis

How Chlorine and Salt Water Exposure Can Affect Psoriasis?

Both Chlorine and salt water in pools & hot tubs can worsen Psoriasis symptoms as skin tends to become dry and itchy.

Surprisingly, some people find swimming and soaking quite therapeutic as such treatments can soften Psoriasis plaques.

Well! If you feel itchy or are allergic, always go for a shower post-swimming or soaking session. Make sure to use a clarifying soap & shampoo and a dermatologist-recommended moisturizer.

Does Flu Season Worsen Psoriasis Symptoms?

During Flu season i.e. fall and winter, infection risk rises a lot. Infection affects the immune system and in turn, can trigger Psoriasis symptoms. To reduce such risks, here are some tips that can be very helpful to you.

  • Do not miss the Flu shot which is the required vaccination to prevent such infections
  • Try to limit contact with ailing people
  • always wash your hands properly before cooking or eating food
  • Get enough sleep, lead a healthy stress-free life, and always intake nutrient-rich food

Consult with your doctor to get the required vaccination or medication to avoid complications.

FAQs Regarding Psoriasis Treatments

Psoriasis treatment might require several trials. The efficacy of the treatment depends upon your medical history, the severity of the symptoms, and many other things.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the treatment plan to help you understand the procedure better.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Psoriasis Treatments

Q1. How long the treatment might take to work?

Well! Some treatments work faster while some take longer. Do not give up unless you ask your doctor for the prescribed period of a particular treatment. Your doctor might suggest you wait up to a few weeks or a few months while changing the dosage.

Q2. What are the Other Treatment Options Available for Psoriasis?

Phototherapy which is also known as Light Therapy where the doctor exposes your skin to narrowband UV.

Topical treatments are also available e.g. OTC ointments, gels, moisturizers with corticosteroids, Vitamin A, etc. Remember, never take topical steroids without an expert consultation, otherwise, it might damage your skin barrier forever.

Apart from these two, there are other treatment options available e.g. Oral Medications, Injectionable Medication, etc.

Q3. Is There Any Risk Associated with Treatments?

Always know the potential benefits of a particular treatment before giving it a shot. Ask your doctor questions to remove doubts. Each treatment comes with its own set of benefits and risks. So, know them thoroughly beforehand.

Q4. Is It Okay to Stop an Ongoing Treatment All of a Sudden?

Once again, your doctor’s advice must always be considered first before jumping to any conclusion. As specific medications are involved in such treatments, stopping those abruptly might develop other symptoms which is called Rebound.

Gradual discontinuation is always the best way to avoid any such complications.

Q5. Do I Need to Alter My Lifestyle?

Well! You will be advised to live a stress-free life, minimize scratches or injuries, minimize the chances of infections, and also to stop certain medications.

As you have read certain foods can trigger Psoriasis symptoms. So, you should regulate your diet to make the treatment work.

How Psoriasis Appears on Different Skin Tones: 5 Ways to Stay Confident with Those Patches

How To Stay Confident if You Have Psoriasis

Skin cells build on the skin surface in Psoriasis. On different skin tones, the symptoms appear different.

  • Psoriasis appears Pinkish or Redish with a silver skin scale on Light and Fair Skin tones.
  • Psoriasis appears Light Orangish or Pinkish with a silver skin scale on Medium Skin tones.
  • Psoriasis appears Violet with a Grey/Dark Brown skin scale on Dark Skin tones.

Not only does Psoriasis look scary but might also flare up to worsen the situation. If you are suffering from Psoriasis, don’t worry! You are not alone.

Here are some ways to stay confident with Psoriasis even among the ignorant people.

1. Always Stay Positive

Living a quality life with positive thoughts helps a lot to define a person. Your outer appearance bothers others the most when it bothers you the more.

Let not people overpower your inner beauty with derogatory comments. Such comments will always fly your way, but combat them with your striking sense of humor and glaring intelligence.

The flaring pain of Psoriasis will always try to block your path of life. But, be positive and let negativity not touch you.

2. Feel Comfortable with Your Body

Body positivity is not just a mere trending term but a whole philosophy. Let the scaly Psoriasis not define who you are and what you do. It is just a part of your life.

Be your critic and learn how to love yourself.

3. Do Not Avoid Talking about the Problem

Often people think that avoiding is the best policy. Well! That’s not the case. If you avoid Psoriasis, people will remind you more about the problem.

So, accept the fact that you have Psoriasis and let people ask you questions regarding this. Eventually, the concern will rise and more people will understand the chronic skin condition.

Talking about the issue will also encourage people to talk about taboo and insecure things in life.

You can also join a group or a forum and find people with similar skin concerns. This might also help you find new treatment possibilities.

4. Exercise Daily

An active lifestyle that involves daily exercise, meditation, and playing sports, helps a lot to stay connected with body and mind.

Exercise like Yoga helps to de-stress your mind and helps a lot to manage Psoriasis symptoms.

Improve the overall quality of your life by introducing a daily 30-minute workout session.

5. Wear Anything You Want to

Psoriasis patches often make people body-concerned and it affects their choice of fashion. Well! Stop doing so. Be comfortable around your body and skin.

For Psoriasis, long-sleeved shirts and pants are needed for harsh summer and cold, but it is not fun or comfortable always. On days when you are feeling great, the patches are not troubling you much, do wear what makes you confident and fashionable.

Let Psoriasis not snatch away all the fun and sportiness from your life.

Overall Takeaway

Curing Psoriasis is not viable, at the time of writing. But, you can always manage the symptoms. Observe the symptoms closely during seasonal changes and work on that.

I believe that this article will help you a lot to deal with Psoriasis symptoms. If you find it helpful as well, make sure to share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned to Cosmetics Arena for more such interesting articles. Take care; celebrate life.

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