8 Pro Hacks for Inside-Out Skincare

Often it has been seen that in spite of using the right skincare products, skin problems build up. Well! Here goes a bunch of hacks that would definitely help you to build a better skincare habit.

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Skincare looks different for everyone. The products one person uses or the routine one person follows may be different from the products someone else uses or the routine they follow.

But that’s because there are different factors that come into play when finding the right brand or products for your skin.

Pro Hacks to Take Care of Skin from Inside and Outside

Along with skincare products, there are things that people are in the habit of doing or not doing that can lead to the type of skin they have.

Here are some hacks, or tips if you may, to get skin that just doesn’t look good but feels good.

These hacks don’t involve covering your skin or hiding your flaws, but rather doing some things and avoiding other things.

Together, these tips and hacks will help you get skin that you feel good in, from the inside out.

#1 Never sleep with your makeup

The moment you apply your makeup for the day, mentally prepare yourself to take it off at the end of the day.

Even if you skip brushing your teeth before heading to bed, take off your makeup. Leaving on your makeup overnight can cause a lot to happen to your skin which would lead to irritation, breakouts, and more.

So, take off your makeup before you head to bed, and maybe even sneak in your nighttime skincare routine.

#2 Hydrate

Hydrate on the inside as well as outside. Women should drink about 2.7 litres of water a day, and men, 3.7 litres.

Water isn’t just good for your skin but your overall health.

So, be sure to have 11-12 cups of water every day, this will do wonders for your skin and your health.

#3 Moisturise

Just like you hydrate from the inside out, be sure to hydrate on the outside as well. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, or normal skin, always moisturise.

Be sure to find a moisturiser that works best for your skin type especially if you have sensitive skin.

#4 Avoid touching your face

Wherever you are, whatever you do, keep your hands down, and away from your face. Whether you have a clear face or acne, etc, be sure to avoid touching your face or popping any zits.

Your hands, washed or otherwise may contain germs, and touching your face will aggravate your skin condition(s).

Rather than touch your face, do something else like snapping your fingers, spinning a pen, or twiddling your thumbs.

Do anything to keep your hands busy to avoid touching your face.

#5 Exfoliate

Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells which regenerate once a month. If you have sensitive skin, exfoliate once a week, or 2-3 times a week otherwise.

This would help get rid of the outer layer of the skin to reveal the new layer. Pat your face dry rather than rub it, afterward.

#6 Sunscreen is a must

Right after your skincare routine and before you apply your makeup, apply some sunscreen. This is a step a lot of people skip but is very important.

Sunscreen doesn’t only protect your skin from sun damage but all the other negative effects of the sun like premature ageing, sunburn, etc.

#7 Eat a balanced diet

What you put in your body is as important, maybe even more important than what you put on your skin.

Eat food with natural sources of vitamins which can be gotten from fruits and vegetables. For supple skin, eat food with omega-3 fatty acids like mackerel, salmon, etc.

Throughout the day munch on nuts and other natural sources of a well-balanced diet.

#8 Cut back

If you notice your skin breaking out for no reason, be conscious of what you eat and try cutting back on some food to see if it could be the reason.

An example of this is milk; dairy products are known to trigger acne, so cutting back on it for a month might do your skin good. This applies to other things like chocolate, fast foods, some grains, foods you may be sensitive to, and more.

Be intentional about what goes in your body and on your skin. If you notice something you’re doing isn’t working for you, discontinue whatever it may be and find an alternative.

Breaking a habit or developing a new habit can be challenging, but think of how it would benefit you in the long run.

Be your cheerleader and strive to include your new goal in your daily life. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time, and soon, you’ll be glad you went for it.

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