Here are 5 Ways How You Can Stay Calm and Happy Throughout the Day

Who said that it is impossible to stay happy and calm? Well! Allow me to decode some simple life mantras that would definitely help you to stay happy, calm, and composed throughout a day.

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With the chaotic lifestyle, hectic work schedule, these days anxiety has become pretty among us. The fast pace of life hardly gives us any chance to figure out what went wrong. Indeed, it is not easy to stay happy, calm, and composed throughout the day no matter what happens to you.

It would be blunt to blame the lifestyle and workload only. Days feel droopy, irritating, and boring with growing age as well. It’s actually the low energy level that makes you feel that way throughout the day. Obviously, several cups of coffee cannot solve this issue.

How to Stay Happy, Calm, Composed Throughout the Day

All you need is a couple of great habits and a change in lifestyle habits & patterns. So, have a glass of water and jump in to know the secrets to stay happy and sound no matter what.

1. Meditation is a Priceless Medicine

Trust me, I am not preaching this only. I have been doing it in reality for the last 5 years. It has helped me a lot to overcome my anxiety issues.

I had always been a hot-headed girl. Be it a public place or my workplace, I was infamous for getting into brawls or verbal spats easily. Well! Things have definitely improved.

My day would never start without a 10-minute meditation session. It not only gives me a lot of inner peace but also helps me to look at life from different perspectives. And, these are just two of the numerous benefits of practising meditation.

So, if you are a beginner and want to start doing meditation from now on, here is how you can do it.

  • Have a glass of water. Don’t just drink it; savour it rather.
  • Pick up an almost noise-free or peaceful corner of your room.
  • Start with a 30-second breathing exercise to focus your mind.
  • Now, try to focus on something. It is said to focus the mind on the tip of your pen.
  • This concentrated thought makes the session more fruitful.

For the first one/ two months, it might feel difficult. At times, you would feel like giving up. Just don’t ever give up. Keep continue doing it religiously. Gradually, you would see the result.

2. Something Positive Before Hitting the Bed

No matter how bad or worse your day is, always think/read something positive. It can be an inspiring article or a motivating book.

It’s a habit that would actually make your sleep cycle sound. In fact, even if you are a mobile freak, make sure to put your mobile on silent only after you are done reading an inspiring piece.

This works like a charm. In this way, you ensure not only a good sleep but your mind also stays tension/anxious free.

Secrets Tips to Stay Happy in a Day No matter How the Day is

3. Do Not Rush for Everything

Most of us are always in a hurry. Right after getting up to getting ready, we do not enjoy the day. The moment we wake up, all kinds of thoughts and anxieties attack our minds. We are always making life rushy.

The best way to avoid this is to wake up at least 3 hours before getting ready for the workplace. In this way, you get plenty amount of time to settle down both your body and mind. Remember, having bed tea is not the solution. The nature of the mind is to roam around and behave like a rich brat.

So, have some control over your mind. I believe that it’s all in your mind. Thus, if you do not let your mind control your life, you would be doing fine.

4. Do Not Endorse Mindless Eating

Please, don’t kill me. I have actually seen people having sumptuous dinners. Remember, the calmer your digestive system is, the calmer your sleep is going to be.

After sunrise, it’s always better to go for mindful eating. I always had this immense urge to go for a spicy evening snack. But, every time I go for something spicy in the evening or at dinner, it gives me indigestion or bloating. And eventually, my sleep cycle gets disrupted.

In fact, the same thing is applicable for breakfast as well. Try to start your day with something healthy. The punch of oily or spicy food is not good for the stomach.

5. Set a Gentle Alarm

We all have different choices of music. Some love loud music whereas some enjoy soothing tracks. We all love to start our day with our favourite tune or track.

If your favourite tune is something soothing, then it’s good. Otherwise, the extra adrenaline rush is definitely not good for wakefulness. It can disrupt the natural cycle.

Try out sounds like rainfall, waterfall, or anything related to nature. Tranquil music would definitely make your morning blissful and peaceful.

Final Words

All these habits or practices are not something that you can blend into your life within a day or within a week. It might take months of perseverance and practice.

It has been 5 years for me that I am doing these things every day. Yet, often my mind tries to control my life. I try to break the chain of rules only at the cost of my health and sleep.

I eat spicy evening snacks once in a while. In fact, I also end up overeating especially if there is a function or invitation. Definitely, all these things hamper my day cycle and also breaks the sound sleep cycle.

So, the thing is, it might take you some time but it’s worth it. Ultimately, it’s better to strive hard rather than living an uncontrolled life.

That’s all for today. If you like reading this article, make sure to share it with your family or friends in need. Take care; celebrate life.

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