Know Why SculpSure® is Preferred over Traditional Fat Removal Techniques

Compared to conventional methods of fat removal, SculpSure® is always preferred. But, why? Know the real reasons here.

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You may have seen some spots or bulges on your thighs, belly, and other places that may not go anywhere, no matter how much you work out or change your diet.

Have you tried everything to reduce weight only to discover that the final few pounds are unachievable? If this describes you, you can consider a ground-breaking new method called SculpSure that is made to target those difficult subcutaneous fat deposits.

Comparison between Sculpsure and Traditional Fat Removal Techniques

Techniques for removing fat have changed greatly over time in the field of cosmetic operations. Non-invasive solutions like SculpSure® Fat Removal in Boca Raton FL have become a popular alternative to well-established techniques like liposuction. Compared to conventional methods of fat removal, SculpSure® uses laser technology to target and destroy undesirable fat cells.

What Causes You to Build Up Stubborn Fat?

Even if you diet and exercise, you may still end up with additional fat deposits for a variety of reasons. Subcutaneous fat cells may gather in one location for several people.

Due to heredity, a greater amount frequently ends up on the belly or the thighs rather than being uniformly distributed, which presents a difficulty for anyone who wants a smaller appearance and tighter skin.

These deposits can be particularly challenging to eliminate through exercise alone. Diet and exercise can help you lose weight, but they won’t truly get rid of the fat cells themselves.

When fat stores are consumed for energy, stubborn fat cells will shrink, but they will remain beneath the skin unless they are eliminated or drained out of the body.

Traditional Fat Reduction Techniques

Numerous methods have been tried by medical specialists to help their patients get rid of this obstinate fat. The majority of people are familiar with liposuction, a type of surgery that uses an incision and a tiny tube to physically remove fat cells from the body.

Although many people have benefited from this, not everyone wants to undergo such invasive surgery to lose their belly fat. Fortunately, the development of laser technology has allowed individuals to find new, more humane methods of achieving the same fundamental objective.

What Makes SculpSure Different?

This innovative laser procedure targets the fat cells that are located right beneath your skin by heating them. The laser’s wavelength is specifically created to avoid the skin itself and just harm the walls of fat cells. The cell walls of these fat cells are broken when they are subjected to heat energy, starting a process known as lipolysis.

Lipolysis is the process through which fat cells disintegrate and are finally eliminated by the body. Slimmer, more contoured skin is the result.

Patients who want this therapy will already be close to their ideal weight because it is more of a body-contouring and shaping procedure than a significant weight-loss regimen.

What Benefits SculpSure Offers?

Sessions are quick

Other methods of fat loss can take many hours to perform. A SculpSure treatment session could take about 25 minutes to complete. This is the entire amount of time needed to start the lipolysis process.

No need to Undergo Anesthesia

Depending on the location and extent of their therapy, many patients who have incision procedures frequently need to get some sort of anesthesia. However, the use of heat energy eliminates the requirement for this as well. You’re in luck if you’re allergic to anesthetic or simply don’t like the way it makes you feel; with SculpSure, you won’t require it.

Often require One Treatment

Each patient will experience this differently. The size and location of the patient’s treatment region (or areas) may necessitate two or even three sessions for them to attain optimal results. A single session will often be sufficient for most folks.

Fat Cells are Eliminated Permanently

We fully disintegrate the fat cells with our heat energy laser. The removal procedure by the body then starts, taking several weeks. Although it takes a little longer than liposuction, the procedure is ultimately kinder.

No Requirement for Downtime

You don’t need to wait to resume your normal daily activities or take extra precautions because of a healing incision, unlike many treatment sessions that call for a recovery time and even bed rest.

You are free to carry out your pre-planned activities after you visit our center. If you had the treatment during your lunch break, you can even resume your work immediately.

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