Flower in My Aloe Vera Plant!

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Welcome to Cosmetics Arena my pretty ladies. No, today I would not talk about any products or beauty tips. Here I want to write about such a thing that is giving me tremendous pleasure now a days. And that is blooming of a beautiful flower in my Aloe Vera plant.

Early stage of flower in Aloe Vera plant

About one week ago, I suddenly noticed a flower like thing in my Aloe Vera plant. At a first glance I thought it to be something else.
Then I called my parents and they became convinced after a thorough look that it is the flower of Aloe Vera :)).
Honestly I had never heard of it. Then I Googled it. Aloe Vera blooms once or twice a year. Mature Aloe plants (about 6 years old) bloom in a sunny weather.

Mature Aloe Vera flower

There are less possobilities to bloom for an indoor plant. Most astonishing factor is that no one knows when and how the flower blooms.
I am really happy about this, just wanted to share my joyous moment with all of you.

Thank you for reading. Take care my dear friends. Love you all :).

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