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Why I Never Recommend Hair Oils Like Bajaj Almond Drops

The market is filled with hair oils like Bajaj Almond Drops. But, I never recommend this oil. What are the reasons behind that? It’s time to knock the reality.

Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil Experience

Bajaj Almond Drops: Is It Worth Purchasing?

It was near about 10 years ago when I first came to know about Bajaj Almond Drops. My father used to be a big fan of fragrant hair oils. And, he used to purchase new hair oils every now and then.

So, the moment this product arrived on our bathroom shelf, the first I did was to sniff it. Whoa! I must say that the aroma made me felt amazing. And, guess what! My naive mind believed it that almonds smell like this. Only I wish it were true.

Naturally, I applied the oil quite a few times on my scalp and on the length of my mane. At that time, I was too novice to judge the potency and the efficacy of the product.

In all these years, somehow, I did not ever try to purchase this hair oil. Neither did I recommend the oil to anyone. But, one thing I know for sure. This oil is extremely popular in India.

Very recently, while purchasing my regular hair oil, I came across Bajaj Almond Drops. As someone who is an avid reader of cosmetic ingredients, my eyes got stuck at the ingredient portion. And, I felt glad that I never recommended this popular hair oil ever.

What are the ingredients? Are we paying for Sweet Almond Oil only? Is it a value for money product? It’s time to check reality!

1. Percentage of Sweet Almond Oil

Take a close look at the list. Yes! You have seen it right. The sweet almond oil is mixed with Mustard Oil. And, the overall percentage of almond oil mixed with mustard oil is 21%.

I think the name ‘Bajaj Almond Drops’ says it all. It really has only a few drops of almond oil. Almond is nothing but a mere featured component here.

Just to click a few photographs of this oil, I bought it. After today, I am not sure what I am going to do with this. Such aweful is a blogger’s life.

Bajaj Almond Drops Ingredients

2. What is LLP?

LLP stands for Light Liquid Paraffin. And, Bajaj has added 76.8% of Liquid Paraffin to this oil just to make it non-sticky. I agree that most of us do not like sticky and heavy hair oil as it not only weighs down our hair but also attracts loads of debris & dirt.

But, this is absurd! Adding such a high concentration of Paraffin Oil can never add any value to the product nor to the purpose a hair oil serves.

3. The Unnecessary Colour and Perfume

I find it quite strange when I find colours and perfumery agents are added to hair oil. CI47000 is Quinoline Yellow and CI26100 is basically a dye. Both are extremely harmful to human organs and also to the environment.

As usual, the brand has not disclosed the name of the perfume here.

I think, all these three are enough to contaminate the efficacy and potency of the hair oil.

4. What is TBHQ?

TBHQ is Tertiary Butylhydroquinone. It is a multifunctional aromatic compound that functions not only as a masking agent but also as a strong preservative.

TBHQ does nothing but further degrades the value of this oil.

What is more surprising is that sweet almond oil does not require any preservative. But still, the brand has included this one.

I might have felt much ecstatic if the brand had included Parabens instead!

5. Vitamin E Acetate aka The Only Good Thing

Vitamin E Acetate that is also known as Tocopheryl Acetate is an excellent antioxidant and a great skin conditioning agent. Probably, it is the only good thing in this entire bottle.

Is It a Value for Money Product? The Final Verdict

As I have already said that many people adore this hair oil. I have seen families after families using this product. I did not find any particular reason except one.

Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil Good or Bad

This oil is extremely affordable. The cost of 100ml Bajaj Almond Drops is just INR 65 at the time of writing; indeed, awesome!

People love non-sticky affordable hair oil and Bajaj has given them the exact thing. But, amid everything, most of us has missed one thing which is known as ‘value for money’.

Almond Oils are naturally a bit heavy oil. So, it is never possible to come up with non-sticky almond oil. Thus, the brand tweaked the formulation. They added liquid paraffin to make it non-sticky.

Well! Bajaj could have still saved the efficacy of the oil if they had not added all those perfumes, colours, and preservative.

Overall, the brand promised you to give an almond hair oil that is non-sticky yet effective. But, it failed to do so. In my opinion, it is nothing but a perfumed hair oil with no potency at all.

And thus, it is not even a value for money hair oil. That’s why I am never ever going to recommend Bajaj Almond Drops to anyone.

That’s all for today! If you find this article helpful, make sure you share it with your friends and family. Also, follow us on Instagram for more such updates. Take care; celebrate life.


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